Starring: Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Yvonne Strahovski, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey


Sci-fi action horror sequel directed and co-written by Shane Black. The universe’s most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy, Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay), the son of a former Marine and Special Forces commando, Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a crew of ex-soldiers, led by Quinn, and a disgruntled scientist, Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn), can prevent the end of the human race.



Best Quotes: 

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Will Traeger: May we have a world?
Emily McKenna: Let me guess. He’s done something crazy.


Will Traeger: Predators. They exploit weakness. Track its prey, like a game. It seems to enjoy it.
Casey Bracket: That’s not a predator, that’s a sports hunter.
Will Traeger: Well we took a vote. Predator is cooler, right? Fuck, yeah.


Will Traeger: Do you know what my job description is? I’m in acquisitions. I look up and I catch what falls out of the sky.
Casey Bracket: What’s on the ship?


Will Traeger: [to Casey] Predators just don’t sit around making hats out of ribcages. They conquered space. But that’s not what’s on the horizon.


Will Traeger: [to Casey] I think you know what is on the ship. The ultimate predator.


VA Psych: Tell me about the mission. Did you see anything unusual?
Quinn McKenna: Like an alien you mean?
[as they’re watching the Quinn being interrogated via the surveillance video]
Will Traeger: He saw something.
Sapir: Oh, yeah.
Will Traeger: Yeah.


[as he’s been interrogated]
Quinn McKenna: Can I get a cookie now?


VA Psych: [to Quinn] And your men, someone or something tore them to pieces.


VA Psych: We need to know if you pose a threat.
Quinn McKenna: We’re assassins. Isn’t posing a threat kind of the point?


Quinn McKenna: Look, I get it, something went down in Mexico. Nobody wants any witnesses.
VA Psych: We need to know if you and your men pose a threat.
Quinn McKenna: We’re rangers. Isn’t posing a threat kind of the fucking point?


Quinn McKenna: [to the Bus MP] Shove me again, I’m going to break your neck.


Nebraska Williams: Welcome to the loony bus.
Quinn McKenna: McKenna.
Nebraska Williams: Nebraska Williams. That’s Coyle. That’s Lynch.


Nebraska Williams: Why are you here?
Quinn McKenna: I don’t think you’d believe me.
Nebraska Williams: Come on, man.
Quinn McKenna: I had a run in with a space alien.
Coyle: Oh, shit. This fucking guy is crazier than the rest of us!
[the hear an explosion]
Lynch: What the fuck was that?
[they look out the bus window to see the Predators]
Quinn McKenna: That’s the thing that killed my men.
Baxley: Alien.


Casey Bracket: [to Quinn] I think they’re attempting hybridization. They’re upgrading on every planet they visit.


Nebraska Williams: It’s above our pay grade.


Coyle: Hey, Baxley, if your mom’s vagina were a video game, it would be rated E for everyone.


Quinn McKenna: Should I be worried?
Nebraska Williams: Probably.


Baxley: We may die.


Quinn McKenna: We’re still here. So come and get us, motherfucker.


[referring to Quinn]
Casey Bracket: Ex-sniper with PTSD and a team that’s mental. You’re insane, right?


Will Traeger: Gentlemen, they’re large, they’re fast, and fucking you up to their idea of tourism.


Baxley: I figured something out, I think we’re going to die! Just pointing it out.


Will Traeger: Our big boys are hunting. He brought his dogs with him.


[the larger predator communicates with the other smaller predator]
Large Predator: [subtitled] Tell me where it is?
[Quinn and the rest of the group watch in horror as the larger predator kills the smaller one ]
Coyle: What’s the big one?! What’s the big one, doc?! Is that like the male?!
Casey Bracket: Are they hunting each other now?


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