Starring: Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Dixie Egerickx, Edan Hayhurst, Amir Wilson, Isis Davis, Maeve Dermody


Family fantasy directed by Marc Munden. Set in 19th century England, the story follows young Mary Lennox (Dixie Egerickx), who after becoming an orphan in India, is sent to England to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven (Colin Firth), in the English countryside. Once there, she begins to uncover many family secrets, particularly when she meets her sickly cousin, Colin (Edan Hayhurst), who’s shut away in a wing of the house.


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Voice Over: Shall I tell you a story? It’s the story of an orphan girl from a faraway land, who was sent to live in a mysterious house. And what if I were to tell you, she discovered something magical, something secret. Would you believe me? But let me start at the beginning.


Voice Over: This garden, it’s capable of extraordinary things. Now will you believe in the magic?


[as they are being driven towards the house]
Mrs. Medlock: There you have it, Mary. That’s Misselthwaite. That’s home.


Mrs. Medlock: [to Mary] You stick to your rooms, and your rooms only. No exploring. No poking about.


Mary Lennox: I didn’t ask to be here!


Lord Archibald Craven: [to Mary] If you cause me trouble, I’ll have you sent away in an instant. Do you understand?


Lord Archibald Craven: If you cause me trouble, I’m obliged by law to have you sent to school.
Mary Lennox: Then we’ll need to break the law, won’t we.


Martha: This house was filled with light, laughter, happiness.


Colin Craven: I saw you. Who are you?
Mary Lennox: My name is Mary Lennox, and my uncle owns this house.
Colin Craven: I’m Colin Craven, and the uncle you speak of is my father.
Mary Lennox: We’re cousins.


Colin Craven: Now my father wants me locked in this room.
Mary Lennox: It’s unforgivable.


[referring to Colin’s wheelchair]
Mary Lennox: When was the last time you used your chair?
Colin Craven: I’ve never been able to walk.
Mary Lennox: We could go outside, and how knows, you might feel better.


Mary Lennox: I need you to keep a secret. I know a magical place, where the birds sing for you. You need to see it.


Mary Lennox: Are you Dickon?
Dickon: Hello.
[they shake hands]


Mary Lennox: I need you to keep a secret.
[Dickon spits on his hand and holds it out for Mary to shake]
Mary Lennox: Why did you just spat on yourself?
Dickon: If you’re too much of a lady, then there’s no…
[Mary spits on her hand]
Mary Lennox: I’m no lady, sir.
[she extends her hand and they shake hands]


Mary Lennox: What if I were to tell of you of a magical place, capable of extraordinary things.
Colin Craven: I’d say that you were lying.
Mary Lennox: Do you trust me?
[they shake hands]


Martha: You know what you risk?
Mary Lennox: It’s worth the risk.


Mary Lennox: This is our garden, and it could be whatever we want.


Mary Lennox: There are even more secrets in this garden.


Mary Lennox: [to Colin] Our mothers made this place magical.


Dickon: This garden needs to cure Colin.


Mrs. Medlock: [to Mary] I knew you were hiding something.


Lord Archibald Craven: [to Mary] Stay away from my son!


Lord Archibald Craven: You’re excitement could kill him!
Mary Lennox: Colin needs to live, and this house is a prison.


Mary Lennox: [to Archibald] Your son needs you!


Mary Lennox: I was trying to make things better.


Mary Lennox: This garden, it’s capable of extraordinary things.


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