By Sana Ray (U.S.)


I recently went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and I must say I was quite disappointed at first. From the trailer I expected a fast moving rom com of some sort. However the movie ended up being a lightweight comedy with a very slow moving plot line and made it very hard to connect with or sympathize for any of the characters.

The movie is about a lonely man with a hyperactive imagination. This man needs to find an important photo to keep his job and in the process he ends up finding himself as well. It’s an interesting and new story that seems promising; however the presentation of the story in the film was done very poorly. We learn that Walter’s father’s death is the cause of Walter’s feeling of loneliness however we don’t learn much about his father or their relationship which makes it very hard to feel sorry for him or to understand the depth of his loneliness shown in the film.

Also there is some unclear seriousness to the film and some random romance that seemed to be there solely to have romance not because the story called for it nor needed it, at least not in the way that the romance was given. Some of the scenes in the film weren’t explained well enough with detail or depth yet the audience is expected to react strongly. In the beginning I did get a little bored in fact I was sitting in my seat wishing I could get a refund however some pros did show up towards the middle that actually helped me enjoy the movie and not feel like I wasted my money, like the jokes and the amazing cinematography, in fact the camera men deserve a hats off because they did a wonderful job with portraying the background sceneries.

I do not regret going to see this movie though because overall the film was decent due to the good acting, however I would say this is one of those movies where I’d recommend you wait and watch it on DVD.

Ratings on a scale of 1-10 (my opinion):

Acting – 8.5
Plot – 4
Cinematography – 10


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