Starring: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed, Rutger Hauer, Carol Kane, Rebecca Root, Ian Reddington


Dark comedy western directed and co-written by Jacques Audiard. Set in 1850s Oregon, the story follows two hitmen brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters (John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix), who are hired to kill a prospector, Hermann Kermit Warm (Riz Ahmed), who has stolen from their boss.


Best Quotes: 

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Charlie Sisters: Hey, this is the Sisters brothers! You don’t stand a chance!
Eli Sisters: Charlie?
Charlie Sisters: Huh?
Eli Sisters: We’ve had a good long run. We need to get out. We can open a store together.
Charlie Sisters: A store? This is nonsense!


Charlie Sisters: You walk out the front door and finish the job.


Charlie Sisters: Alright. You’re not going to like what comes next. Open your safe.
Mayfield: No. Never.


[to the bartender]
Charlie Sisters: We’re the Sisters brothers. S-I-S-T-E-R-S, like sisters.
Eli Sisters: We’re looking for a man named Warm.
Charlie Sisters: He stole something from our employer.


Eli Sisters: We have enough money to stop for good.
Charlie Sisters: Stop what?
Eli Sisters: Killing people.
Charlie Sisters: [laughing] Yeah, right.


Charlie Sisters: Do you realize that our father was stark raving mad and we got his foul blood?
Eli Sisters: Our father drank, Charlie.
Charlie Sisters: Touché.


[writing a letter to Charlie and Eli]
Morris: Gentlemen, I have found him. I will try to hold him until your arrival.
[reading the rest of Morris’s letter]
Eli Sisters: “Make haste.”


Eli Sisters: [to Charlie] What does this Warm have that’s so interesting?


Hermann Kermit Warm: [to Morris] What’s a great challenge that all prospectors face, and how do I get the gold just beneath my feet? I told you I’m a chemist.


Charlie Sisters: [to Eli] Warm has a formula. You pour it into the river, it lights up all the gold.


[to Warm; regarding his finding gold formula]
Morris: Have you ever tested it?


Hermann Kermit Warm: You think it’s them?
Morris: Yes. We’re going to have to fight. Is your gun loaded?


Eli Sisters: Eventually you’re going to get us killed.
Charlie Sisters: You’re forgetting something. We are the Sisters brothers. We’re good at what we do.


Charlie Sisters: Are you upset?
Eli Sisters: I’m leaving.
Charlie Sisters: What’s wrong with you?
Eli Sisters: You hit me in public, Charlie.
Charlie Sisters: After I slap you, you slap me back. We’re even. So go ahead, hit me. Hit me.
[suddenly Eli punches Charlie in the face really hard]
Charlie Sisters: Ow! You hit me! What is your goddamn problem?!


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