The Sitter Quotes: Senseless Comedy

(Total Quotes: 85)

Directed by: David Gordon Green
Written by:
Brian Gatewood
Alessandro Tanaka
Jonah Hill – Noah Griffith
Max Records – Slater
Ari Graynor – Marisa Lewis
J.B. Smoove – Julio
Sam Rockwell – Karl
Landry Bender – Blithe
Kevin Hernandez – Rodrigo
Kylie Bunbury – Roxanne
Erin Daniels – Mrs. Pedulla
D.W. Moffett – Dr. Pedulla
Jessica Hecht – Sandy Griffith
Bruce Altman – Jim Griffith
Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith – Jacolby
Sean Patrick Doyle – Garv
Alex Wolff – Clayton
Jack Krizmanich – Ricky Fontaine


This is a predictable R-rated comedy with The Sitter quotes offering a steady flow of crude ludicrous humor. It’s an incredibly fast, senseless and choppy story that provides Jonah Hill with ridiculous misadventures but still seems to inject the right amount of humor for this type of movie.

There really is no point in over analyzing this kind of movie because the moment the movie ends you will completely forget about it.

Verdict: If senseless humor is what you are looking for then this won’t disappoint.

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[after Noah has just done her]
Marisa Lewis: Oh, my God! My mom was so right. Nice guys really do eat the best pussy.
Noah Griffith: I’m not really sure how to interpret that. Thank you!
Marisa Lewis: Oh, my God! Why are you so good at that?
Noah Griffith: I’ll let you in on a trade secret. I actually write a short story with my tongue every time I do it. Uh…it follows this young kid, who uh…finds this alien in the woods with all these Reese’s Pieces and stuff and uh…he learns that aliens are just no different, you just can connect with anyone. It’s kind of like E.T. only with a lot more uh…going down on chicks.
Marisa Lewis: Cool beans!
Noah Griffith: Yeah! Cool beans. Definitely cool little frozen beans.


Marisa Lewis: Thank you for coming.
Noah Griffith: Yeah, we should uh…probably uh…
Marisa Lewis: Yeah, you should probably go.
Noah Griffith: …switch places. What’s that?
[Marisa laughs]
Noah Griffith: I figured…
Marisa Lewis: You have to go?
Noah Griffith: No! No! I just figured because I made uh…mouth love to you, that maybe you could return the favor.
Marisa Lewis: What?
Noah Griffith: Maybe toss a B.J. my way. If you have time?
Marisa Lewis: Um…my stomach is super iffy right now. I think I got food poisoning.
Noah Griffith: Baby.
[he tries to stroke her forehead but she pushes his hand away]
Marisa Lewis: So, I’m just in no condition to blow you right now and all that.
Noah Griffith: No. Yeah. That’s cool.
Marisa Lewis: Okay. Sorry! Next time, sweetie.


[as Noah is leaving her house]
Marisa Lewis: Thank you so much for going down on me.
Noah Griffith: Oh! Yeah! Yeah! You’re really good at um…getting going down on. Getting downed on, so. You should be proud of that as well.
Marisa Lewis: Okay. Cool. You’re the man!
Noah Griffith: You the man.
Marisa Lewis: Thanks. You’re the best, sweetie!
Noah Griffith: You gotta start believing in yourself. Okay, Maris?


[at home with his mom]
Sandy Griffith: So have you started looking for a job yet? I can’t afford to have you sitting around all day. You know, you’re in a period of stasis. Of…a stage of stasis!
[Noah sits down and turns on the TV]
Noah Griffith: Sorry. Why can’t we hit up dad? I mean he owes us ten years of alimony.
Sandy Griffith: Oh! Look kiddo, if you’re looking for a handout, think again times ten.
Noah Griffith: That guy’s a diamond dealer. he has crazy cash. Why did you marry such an A-hole?
Sandy Griffith: That A-hole gave me the greatest gift in the world.
Noah Griffith: Crabs?
Sandy Griffith: He gave me you.


Sandy Griffith: Do I look okay?
Noah Griffith: You look amazing. Why…why are you so concerned with your outfit?
Sandy Griffith: Mrs. Pedulla is introducing me to a surgeon at the…at the fundraiser.
Noah Griffith: Okay.
Sandy Griffith: At that Historical Society. She thinks we’re gonna hit it off.
Noah Griffith: Nice. Well, don’t give it up too easily.
Sandy Griffith: Give what up?
Noah Griffith: What?
Sandy Griffith: Give what up?
Noah Griffith: What did…?
Sandy Griffith: What the hell are you talking about?
Noah Griffith: I don’t know! Have fun. I love you. Okay?


[after getting a call from Mrs. Pedulla canceling her night out]
Sandy Griffith: I’m not going after all.
Noah Griffith: What? Why?
Sandy Griffith: The uh…the Pedulla’s sitter canceled at the last minute.
[she gives Noah a look]
Noah Griffith: What? Do I have shit on my face?
Sandy Griffith: Come on! Don’t tell me you can’t use the money.
Noah Griffith: Are you crazy? No! I’m not Mary Poppins. I’m not gonna be a babysitter. I’m an adult man. Okay, babysitting sucks! Adult men don’t babysit things.
Sandy Griffith: Oh, no. You’re wonderful with children.


[after agreeing to babysit Noah rings the doorbell of the Pedulla residence]
Mrs. Pedulla: Noah.
Noah Griffith: Mrs. Pedulla!
Mrs. Pedulla: It’s so good to see you!
[Noah notices her ample breasts]
Noah Griffith: Oh, my Gosh!
Mrs. Pedulla: My gosh!
Noah Griffith: Get over! Bring it in for a hug, man!
[Mrs. Pedulla gives Noah a hug]
Noah Griffith: What are we doing?
Mrs. Pedulla: God! I haven’t seen you since you were like, fifteen!
Noah Griffith: Yeah! So Dr. Pedulla still alive? Are you two still together?
Mrs. Pedulla: Um…


[meeting Slater for the first time]
Noah Griffith: Hey, how old are you, man?
Slater: Thirteen.
Noah Griffith: Thirteen. What am I doing here? Why are you babysitting yourself?
Slater: I’m not a babysitter, okay?
Noah Griffith: Yeah, neither am I. And if you would just man up and babysit, I wouldn’t have to be here tonight. I could be out having fun.
Slater: I have severe anxiety issues. And my doctor, he’s says that I can’t handle any kind of responsibility or else I could just snap. At any moment.
Noah Griffith: Jesus Christ, man. Relax!


[meeting Blithe for the first time]
Blithe: Are you the babysitter?
Noah Griffith: Well, in fact I am. I’m Noah.
Blithe: Noah. That’s your name?
Noah Griffith: Yeah.
Blithe: That’s a super hot name.
Noah Griffith: What?
Mrs. Pedulla: Honey, it’s not…it’s not hot. It’s just his name.
Blithe: Mom, trust me. It’s a hot name.
Noah Griffith: It’s actually biblical.
Blithe: The bible’s a hot book.


Blithe: Sometimes I like to get dressed up and wear my mom’s make-up, Noah.the-sitter-1
Noah Griffith: That’s cool.
Blithe: I was thinking we could dress you up like a princess.
Noah Griffith: No, I don’t think uh…
[feeling awkward he starts to laugh]
Mrs. Pedulla: No, honey. Maybe not tonight.


Blithe: Hey, Noah. I have a little surprise for you.
Noah Griffith: Cool. Thanks. What is it?
[she takes a bottle of perfume and walks towards him with the perfume bottle at her back]
Blithe: Do you like to smell pretty?
Noah Griffith: Do I like to what?
[he comes closer to her and Blithe quickly sprays the perfume into his open mouth]
Noah Griffith: Aah! Oh, my God! You got it right in my mouth! Why did you do that?
Blithe: You just spit on my carpet!
Noah Griffith: You sprayed perfume in my mouth! What’s your problem?


Blithe: My real babysitter, Nancy, she plays with me when she babysits. She does what I want her to do, Princess Noah!
Noah Griffith: You know what? I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I’m not a real babysitter.
Blithe: Huuhh! Shocking!
Noah Griffith: I’m more of a ‘sit on the couch, eat a burrito, do whatever I say or I’ll kill you’ type of babysitter. That’s my style, blood. Do you understand?
Blithe: Well, I wanna wear sparkly things, shiny things and glittery stuff to my favorite hot night club. Okay?
[mimicking Blithe talking]
Noah Griffith: Muh…muh-muh-muh, muh-muh-muh-muh…
[Blithe sprays perfume into his open mouth again]
Noah Griffith: Aah! Motherfu…!the-sitter
[just at that moment Mrs. Pedulla walks into the room]
Mrs. Pedulla: You guys okay in here?
Noah Griffith: What’s up? Yeah. No. Yeah, I’m just uh…hanging with this little angel, right here.
Blithe: Yeah, we’re just chillin’.
Mrs. Pedulla: Your breath is really flowery.
Noah Griffith: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.


[after she’s introduced Noah to their adopted son, Rodrigo]
Mrs. Pedulla: You kind of have to watch out for Rodrigo, he has a habit of running away. Here hold onto this.
[she gives him a small monitor]
Mrs. Pedulla: We sewed a GPS into his jacket, so we could keep track of him. You know, it’s kind of like a LoJack for kids.
Noah Griffith: Cool. It’s just like a little dot that follow him, like a…like a fugitive.


[as Dr. Pedulla walks into the kitchen]
Dr. Pedulla: Someone smells wonderful!
Mrs. Pedulla: Mm, I believe that’s Noah’s mouth. You remember Noah.
[Noah puts his hand out to shake Dr. Pedulla hand but he ignores it]
Dr. Pedulla: I understand you sited recently for driving under the influence. Needless to say our cars are off limits to you.
Noah Griffith: Okay. No cars. Got it.
Mrs. Pedulla: We’ll be back no later than one o’clock.
Noah Griffith: Earlier is good for me too. So uh…hurry home.
Mrs. Pedulla: And thank you!
Noah Griffith: Thank you, sweetheart.
[to himself as the Pedulla’s leave]
Noah Griffith: What the fuck am I doing here?


Mrs. Pedulla: Can we go to a club tonight? This place is so dead.
Noah Griffith: No.
Mrs. Pedulla: Don’t you just wanna go dancing or something?


Mrs. Pedulla: Do you wanna hear some gossip? I got some hot gossip
Noah Griffith: I’m okay, actually. I’m…I’m trying to watch something. So if you could shhh, best be quite.


[the doorbell rings and Noah answers and two red headed twins]
Noah Griffith: Oh, what’s up twins?
Twin #1: Is Slater home?
Twin #2: Is he here?
Twin #1: Yeah! Oh, my God!
[shouting to Slater]
Noah Griffith: Slater! You got the two Redrum chicks from The Shining here to see you!


[Marisa calls Noah]the-sitter-2
Noah Griffith: What’s cookin’ good lookin’?
Marisa Lewis: You know what? I’m at a party.
Noah Griffith: Party? I thought you had food poisoning.
Marisa Lewis: I did and then Steph called me and invited me to this party. Do you wanna come?
Noah Griffith: Damn! I’m doing something for my mom right now.
Marisa Lewis: I really really wanna see you. I’m actually like super horny for you and I was thinking we could have sex.
Noah Griffith: Like, intercourse sex?
Marisa Lewis: Yeah, like full on vaginal sex.
[Noah clears his throat]
Noah Griffith: Yeah! I think that can…I think I can work something out. Yeah, for sure.


[continuing to talk to Marisa on the phone]
Marisa Lewis: Listen, will you do me a favor and pick up some coke on your way?
Noah Griffith: Yeah, sure. You want anything else? Like beer, mixers?
Marisa Lewis: No. I mean like co-oke!
Noah Griffith: You mean blow? I thought…I thought you were done with that stuff? That stuff is bad news.
Marisa Lewis: I am done with it. It’s not for me, it’s for Steph. It’s her Birthday, she asked me for it, I’m just trying to be a really good friend about it.
Noah Griffith: I don’t even know where I’d get something like that.
Marisa Lewis: Just call Karl.
Noah Griffith: Who’s Karl?
Marisa Lewis: He’s just a super awesome guy that sells me drugs. Use…used to sell me drugs.
[Noah takes a deep breath]
Marisa Lewis: No-ah?
Noah Griffith: I only have a hundred and fifty bucks.
Marisa Lewis: That’s more than enough. Just ask for one ticket and he’ll hook it up.


[when he hears Marisa refer to him as her boyfriend to someone at the party]
Noah Griffith: Did you just call me your boyfriend?
Marisa Lewis: Yeah. I guess I did. So are you coming or not?
[Noah doesn’t answer]
Marisa Lewis: Hello? Are you there?
Noah Griffith: Yeah. Fuck it. I’m in.


[as they open the garage door and the car is revealed]
Noah Griffith: Of course, a minivan.
Blithe: That car’s not hot at all.
Noah Griffith: As much as I hate to do this, we’re goin’ on a little field trip.



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Total Quotes: 85



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