Starring: Steven Yeun, Aidy Bryant, Keegan-Michael Key, Kristin Chenoweth, Anthony Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Ving Rhames, Delilah, Kris Kristofferson, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan, Christopher Plummer, Patricia Heaton, Kelly Clarkson,

Story: Animated comedy directed by Timothy Reckart which centers on a small but brave donkey named Bo (Steven Yeun), who yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day, he finds the courage to break free, embarking on the adventure of his dreams.

On his journey, he teams up with Ruth (Aidy Bryant), a lovable sheep who has lost her flock, and Dave (Keegan-Michael Key), a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three camels, Deborah (Oprah Winfrey),  Cyrus (Tyler Perry) and Felix (Tracy Morgan ), and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become accidental heroes in the greatest story ever told: the first Christmas.


Best Quotes from Trailer:

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[we see the camels transporting the three Wise Men in the hot desert]
Felix: Hang on! Cyrus! Deborah!
Cyrus: I expected a left turn two deserts ago.
Felix: These Wise Guys are lost. That’s it, I’m biting through their reins!


Deborah: It’s the Wise Men.
Cyrus: Quickly!
Felix: Watch out!
[the Felix and Cyrus jump onto Debora’s back and try to balance]
Deborah: The other way.
Cyrus: The other left.
[the fall down]
Felix: Deborah, are you okay? How many hooves am I holding up?


Deborah: King Herod is up to something!


Bo the Donkey: Mary, you’re in danger! You need to listen to what I’m about to say extremely carefully.
[we see as Mary and Joseph are looking at Bo and all hear are his Donkey howls]
Mary: Do you want a belly rub?


Bo the Donkey: If you want to get to my friends you’re going to have to get past me first.
[Rufus comes running over barking to attack]
Bo the Donkey: What is that?
[Bo tries to distract Rufus]
Rufus the Dog: What’s what? I wasn’t supposed to look, was I?
Bo the Donkey: Donkey kick!
[Bo suddenly kicks Rufus]


Bo the Donkey: [to Dave] You jump off and create a distraction.
Dave the Dove: Hey, scary dogs!
[the dogs look over to Dave who starts to do a little dance for the dogs]
Joseph: There is something seriously wrong with those animals.


Dave the Dove: I’m going to find someone to poop on.
[flies down and encounters a massive man]
Dave the Dove: No, too big! Too big!


Ruth the Sheep: Almost down. One more chasm.
[Ruth uses her legs to slide down the chasm, Bo tries to copy her but just falls down and lands on Dave]
Ruth the Sheep: Well, you didn’t exactly hit the landing, but that was good.
Bo the Donkey: Dave?
Dave the Dove: I’m under you and in a lot of pain!


Deborah: The new king is in danger.


Felix: Run for your lives!


Dave the Dove: Wait a second, are they eating chicken? Ladies, run!


The Star is set to open in the US 11/17/2017 and UK 11/24/2017.



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