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The Town: An Overrated, Over-hyped-up Movie

The Town is a hyped-up, cheap, overrated cartoon-like movie that’s much more like a made-for TV, feature-length soap opera than a regular movie. The cast is paltry, the Boston accents overdone, and the Doug/Claire romances immature, compounded by an immature-sounding script. Ben Affleck is too pretty-boyish to be a convincingly hard-scrabble Doug MacRay, and Claire, imho, is too much of a Plain Jane to be believable.

The stereotypes of The Town are all too blatant; the slobbering Bostonian Red Sox Fans, the “everybody in Charlestown’s in the bank robbery business” outlook, the women who’re either slatternly, cheap and work as prostitute drug mules (i.e. Jem’s drugged out sister, Krista, a single mother), and the fair and good pure of heart damsel in distress (i.e. Claire Keesey the bank manager who quits her job after Doug traumatizes her), who tends a little community garden and does voluntary work for the kids in Charlestown, and who steals the heart of the leading thug with her unattainable beauty and sedate, lady-like manner.

Both images of woman portrayed in The Town make no sense. They’re exploited; Krista for sex by many men, including Doug, her ex-boyfriend, and the yuppie woman, Claire Keesey, the well-paid bank manager, who is exploited and manipulated by Doug at every turn, especially when he leaves her the money he stole from Fenway Park, so that Claire could do what Doug could not/would not do himself; have the C-town hockey rink renovated for the local kid’s use.

Imho, Doug, despite his sweet, gentle veneer and his supposed kindness towards Claire, is very deceptive to her, as he pretends to be an upstanding citizen, when, in fact, he’s an armed felon and wanted fugitive on the lamb from the law. What most people don’t realize is that, after his friends are killed by SWAT and FBI people in a shootout, due to Krista’s having ratted out Doug and his men to the Feds in fear of losing her daughter, and partially in anger at being spurned by Doug, Doug leaves for Florida without Claire because he’s gotten a promise from her not to turn him in, and he’s on the lam from the law, especially after gunning down Fergie, the crime boss, and Rusty, his henchman, in their own flower shop. Claire also warns Doug away with a “Sunny Days” code, right when the Feds are on the verge of catching Doug and putting him behind bars for his crimes.

Claire, imho, has acted irresponsibly by keeping in contact with Doug, thereby becoming an accessory to his crimes, and by obstructing justice by tipping Doug off to the Feds with a “Sunny Days” code. If a woman is so desperate to get a guy that she’d take up with and stay with a known armed felon, thief, thug and murderer, then it’s pathetic, but Claire, like Doug, is undeserving of sympathy.

I only wish that Doug had either been gunned down by the law, or been caught and put in prison, possibly for life, and that Claire had been criminally prosecuted herself, or at least put on probation for being an accessory to Doug’s crimes and obstructing justice by tipping him off, and for receiving stolen goods.

Rating: 3/5



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