By Sam Peddy (Tucson)


The Town: An Intense and Empathetic Ride

The Town is a movie that has a plot line that may not be the most original; a bank robber who wants to change his ways and leave the life of crime behind and start new with a girl that he has come to love.

The thing that makes this movie a very good one is that it is extremely well written, making the viewers care about characters when in reality they are not good people. As well as the action scenes being very intense and somewhat nerve racking for sure plays a part of it being a worth watching film.

Ben Affleck directs and helped write the film, showing that he is very well versed in this business. His performance is very good as well, making his viewers truly care for him and his hope that he will be able to leave his life of crime behind.

Jeremy Renner steals literally every scene he is in, playing Affleck’s best friend and right hand in the bank crew. He is violent and unpredictable, and lacks empathy for anyone who might get in the way of what he wants. His loyalty to Affleck makes him hard not to like in certain scenes, especially in one involving Affleck asking his help to rough up some punks who were more than rude to his girlfriend. He defiantly deserved the Oscar nomination for his performance.

The movie is a good mix of character development and action, and even has some well written romance in it. The film does a good job of showing the environment that these men grew up in, mostly without fathers and the influence that the fathers did have was not good. Violence and crime seems like a regular thing when it comes to Charles town, and Affleck does a good job of showing how those who inhabit it can let it affect or strengthen them.

Jon Hamm plays the FBI agent chasing Affleck’s crew, and even though he is good at what he does and gives a solid performance in his role, it is hard not to root for Affleck and his crew to get away.

The Town is a good crime thriller full of action and well written characters, I highly recommend it.

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