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[Claire and Doug are in her apartment and they’ve just kissed]
Doug MacRay: Hey, actually can we go into your room? Cause my uncle, a bus driver, lives right across the way and he can see right into this apartment.
Claire Keesey: Yes.


[on their way to the robbery just before they put on their masks]
Gloansy: Say your prayers. Here we go. Here we go.



[Doug is in the FBI interrogation room when Frawley comes in]
Adam Frawley: You and your boys didn’t just roll a star market over in Malden for a box of quarters. No, you decided to bang it out at The North End at nine o’clock in the morning with assault rifles. You fucking dummies shot a guard. Now you look like half off sales big and tall, every cop is in line. Fortunately though, for you, this guard who is two thirds from retard has miraculously clung to life. Now, if it were up to me and they gave me two minutes and a wet towel, I would personally asphyxiate this halfwit so we can string you up on a federal M-1. End of story with a bag on your head and paralyzing agent running through your veins. This isn’t fucking Townie hopscotch anymore, Doug. But I did wanna say one thing.


[Frawley leans over the table and looks Doug right in the eye]the-town-12
Adam Frawley: You’re here today so that I can personally tell you that you’re gonna die in federal prison and so are all your friends. No deal, no compromise. And when that day comes and when you start trying to be my hero collaborator so hard that I have to slap you to shut up, and it will come, despite your pitiable misguided Irish ‘Omerta’. When your code of silence finally gives way, the fear of trafficking and cigarettes to prevent sexual enslavement…I just want you to know that it’s gonna be me who tells you to fuck yourself.


[to Frawley and Ciampa]
Doug MacRay: Hey, next time you guys wanna take pictures of me, just call ahead. You know, we can do better than a barbecue. A calendar shoot…you know, maybe topless, lubed up. Whatever you guys are into. The FBI car antennas are half inch mat black about three quarters way down the rear windshield. Statie a pigtail, BPD half and half. Every pewee in town knows what an FBI rear antenna looks like. So in the future you guys need try to be slick, be slicker than a six year old. I gotta get back to work. Can I go?
[he gets up to leave the interrogation room]
Doug MacRay: Good luck with that print.


Doug MacRay: Why didn’t you tell me you quit your job at the bank?
Claire Keesey: I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me what’s in the box?
Doug MacRay: What, this?
Claire Keesey: Uh-hmm.
Doug MacRay: Anybody, uh…call you or, uh…say anything to you or anything like that? After?
Claire Keesey: Nope.
Doug MacRay: Well, what are you gonna do?
Claire Keesey: You know what, I don’t know. I can, uh…teach, volunteer full-time. I have a little saved, so.
Doug MacRay: What if I told you I was gonna quit my job too?
Claire Keesey: Ah, well then I guess I’d have company.
Doug MacRay: We do it together. Here…
[gives the box to Claire]
Doug MacRay: It’s just a necklace, that’s all. Why don’t we go, uh…away together, take a trip from here or something like that? You know just…for fun.
[Claire looks at the necklace]
Doug MacRay: Is it alright? It took me forever to pick it out. You know the lady at…
Claire Keesey: It’s beautiful, but tell me you know…you didn’t sell your truck?
Doug MacRay: No. Someone took over the payments.


Doug MacRay: You know people get up every day, tell themselves something’s gonna change their lives. They never do. I’m gonna change mine. Why don’t you do it with me?
Claire Keesey: Okay. Well, where would we go?
Doug MacRay: Come with me, I don’t care. We can go wherever you want. I mean, you know, there’s things…a few things you still don’t know about me. Uh…
Claire Keesey: What do you mean?
Doug MacRay: I’d just understand if you have some reservations…you know. Between the kind of things people say about me and, uh…things I’m not proud of, leave a lot of room.
Claire Keesey: I know who you are.
Doug MacRay: You do?
Claire Keesey: Yeah, I do. Yeah.
Doug MacRay: Does that mean you wanna go with me?
Claire Keesey: Yeah. Let’s start now.
Doug MacRay: Okay.


[at the FBI offices]
Adam Frawley: What is it?
Dino Ciampa: Phone conversation between Claire Keesey at a burner cell about an hour ago. See if you can recognize the voice.
[he turns on the taped call and Frawley recognizes Doug’s voice talking to Claire]


[at Claire’s apartment]
Adam Frawley: I didn’t realize you left your job at the bank.
Claire Keesey: Uh…oh yeah. Yeah. Last week. I’m sorry, was I supposed to notify someone?
[Frawley shakes his head then picks up the box with the necklace that Doug gave to Claire]
Claire Keesey: Yeah. It was a gift.
Adam Frawley: Fancy.
Adam Frawley: We have our suspects. I came by to share this with you.
[takes out the photos from the envelope he’s holding]the-town-17
Adam Frawley: James Coughlin. Albert Magloan. Desmond Elden. Part of the crew that we tied into the bank job at North End and at least three other armed car robberies.
[he shows her the next photo which is a mug shot of Doug]
Adam Frawley: Look familiar? You opened the safe for him. He left you unharmed. And now the two of you are carrying on a relationship about which you lied to the FBI. I was wrong, you do need a lawyer.


James Coughlin: Florist.
Doug MacRay: Florist, what?
James Coughlin: Came through.
Doug MacRay: Ah…Jesus Christ!
James Coughlin: It’s large Dougy. It’s large.
Doug MacRay: We’re smoked. Punt it. Look, pick up an extra guy. Alright. We’ll go with three guys. Fuckin’ be smart and boot it.
James Coughlin: Are you sure you’re not goin’?
Doug MacRay: No.
James Coughlin: And why’s that?
Doug MacRay: Because we got a ton of heat on us for one thing.


Doug MacRay: You know what, forget it. Do what you wanna do. I’m done.
James Coughlin: What?
Doug MacRay: I’m done.
James Coughlin: You’re done?
Doug MacRay: What does it sound like?
James Coughlin: I don’t know. What…what does that mean?
Doug MacRay: What the fuck do you think it means?
James Coughlin: Does that mean ‘you’re done’? Sounds like a bunch of fucking bullshit.
Doug MacRay: Let me put it to you this way, I’m putting this whole fucking town in my rear view.
James Coughlin: There’s people I can’t make you walk away from.
Doug MacRay: What? Woow!
James Coughlin: Come on.
Doug MacRay: Are you serious, Jimmy? She’s not my kid.


Doug MacRay: Cut it out. All you give a fuck about is coke and X-Box. Now you’re trying to play it off like you care about Shyne. Come on now!
James Coughlin: You know what your fucking problem is?
Doug MacRay: What?
James Coughlin: You think you’re better than people.
Doug MacRay: Uh-huh.
James Coughlin: Mr. Fuckin’ Clean. Mr. Perfect Goddamn Highty Mighty, right?
Doug MacRay: [sarcastically] Yep. I’m better than all these people. You’re right.
James Coughlin: Yeah. That’s what you think.
Doug MacRay: I’m better than anybody in this fuckin’ project.
James Coughlin: You grew up right here. The same rules that I did.
Doug MacRay: Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re not lettin’ me…lettin’ me do shit. Alright. Here’s a little chee-chee for you, it’s never gonna be me and you and your sister and Shyne fuckin’ playing house up there. Alright? You got it? Get that in your fuckin’ head! I’m tired of your one way fuckin’ bull shit! If you wanna see me again come down and visit me in Florida.
[suddenly Jem hits Doug and they start to fight]


[after having a fight]
James Coughlin: They told me Brendan Lee, he was coming down here to roll up on you with a Glock twenty one. So I came over here and I put him in the fuckin’ ground. It’s been nine year, bro. Now you don’t got to thank me, but you’re not walking away.
Doug MacRay: I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’re family took me in when my father went away. You’re like a brother to me, but I’m leaving. You can shoot me, go ahead. But you’re gonna have to shoot me in the back.


[Doug visits Fergie in his florist shop]the-town-16
Doug MacRay: How you doin’, Fergie? Listen, uh…I just wanted to stop by and tell you myself, whatever this thing is you got going on…I think my guys can handle it without me, Fergie.
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: I wouldn’t hire them without you. I wouldn’t hire you without them. You’re a unit.
Doug MacRay: Look, with all due respect I didn’t come here for a debate. I’m not doin’ it, so…you know, work it out however you can. I, uh…
[Doug reaches in his pocket at the same time Fergie’s bodyguard, Rusty, starts to stand]
Doug MacRay: [to Rusty] Calm down. Okay.


[Doug Rusty a package which looks like money]
Doug MacRay: This goes against my better judgment but…just out of respect, smooth things over. Take this, Fergie. Alright.
[Doug puts the package of money on the table]
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: Not gonna cut it. Do you think I’m gonna put Joe flipper-head on this? You’re gonna do what I ask.
Doug MacRay: Okay. Let me ask you somethin’, who the fuck do you think you are? The only guy in Charlestown with a gun? You guys run numbers and pump dope. You’re an old guy with a fucked up face who don’t know his glory years are behind him. I ain’t fuckin’ workin’ for ya. Got it? You gotta problem with that I live at Five-Five-one, Bunk Hill Street. Stop by anytime. You know where to find me.


[just as Doug is about to walk out of the shop]
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: You’re gonna do this for me or I’m gonna clip your nuts like I clipped your daddy’s.
Doug MacRay: Don’t talk about my father.
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: Son, I knew your daddy. He worked for me for years. Years. Then he wanted his own thing. Play the Horses? You know how they geld the horse? With a knife, or with the chemicals. Cause your daddy said no to me, I did him the chemical way. Gave your mother a taste, put the hook into her. Ah…she doped up good and proper. Hung herself with a wire down on Melnea Cass. And you, running around the neighborhood lookin’ for her. Your daddy didn’t have the heart to tell his son that he was looking for a suicide doper who was never comin’ home. If there’s a heaven son, she ain’t in it.
[Doug doesn’t say a word. Rusty reaches under the counter for his gun]
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: So, I hear you got a nice sweet new girlfriend. Lives on the park. I don’t want to send her funeral arrangement to your house. But I will if I have to. Now I know where to find you.


[Doug goes to Claire’s apartment]
Doug MacRay: Claire? Claire?
[Claire doesn’t answer, he goes over to the bathroom and sees the door slightly ajar, he pushes it open and sees Claire sitting on the floor she’s been crying]
Claire Keesey: Get out.
Doug MacRay: You okay?
Claire Keesey: Get out.
Doug MacRay: Hold on one second.
[she indicates her cell phone]
Claire Keesey: I have this on 911.
Doug MacRay: Alright, you need to give me a chance to explain myself first. Okay?
Claire Keesey: No. You had a chance.
Doug MacRay: Who talked to you?
Claire Keesey: The FBI, Doug.
Doug MacRay: You have to…you have to listen to me. You have to let me explain this. You understand? There’s a lot goin’ on here, Claire. You…
Claire Keesey: You go to fucking hell! Fucking hell!


Claire Keesey: Why did you do this to me?
Doug MacRay: Claire, I’m sorry. Okay. I was gonna tell you. I came over here that night to tell you.
Claire Keesey: What? The night you fucked me? Is that your thing? It’s not enough to terrorize someone you have to…you have to fuck ’em, too?
Doug MacRay: Listen to me. Calm down.
Claire Keesey: No! No!
Doug MacRay: Claire…
[Doug comes close to hold her but she pushes him away]
Claire Keesey: Get out! I never want to see you again. Never. Never.
[Doug walks out]


[Doug walks into the Florist’s shop just as Fergie and Rusty are about to close shop]
Doug MacRay: Alright, I’m in. But if anything happens to her if I think anything might happen to her…I’m comin’ back here and I’m gonna kill both of ya in your own shop.


[Doug heads to Claire’s garden plot where she’s sat working silently]
Doug MacRay: Claire, I just wanna talk to you…just for two minutes. Okay? Come on.
[Claire gets up to leave]
Doug MacRay: Wait, I would never hurt you.
Claire Keesey: I don’t know what you would…
[Doug goes to grab her arm and she flinches away]
Claire Keesey: Don’t fucking touch me.
Doug MacRay: Alright. I’m sorry. Just listen to me for a second, alright? I will never lie to you again, okay.
Claire Keesey: Really?
Doug MacRay: Yes, I promise you. Ask me anything you want. I’ll tell you the truth.
Claire Keesey: Why? I won’t believe you.
Doug MacRay: Yes, you will.
Claire Keesey: Why?
Doug MacRay: Because you’ll fucking hate the answers.


Claire Keesey: You knew I was the manager at the bank, right?
Doug MacRay: Yep.the-town-14
Claire Keesey: Were you following me?
Doug MacRay: Yes.
Claire Keesey: How many banks have you robbed?
Doug MacRay: Six trucks, two banks.
Claire Keesey: Have you ever killed anyone?
Doug MacRay: No. Think about it, alright? I will never lie to you. I will never hurt you. And if I lose you, I will regret that for the rest of my life. Just wait for me.
[he walks away from her]


[to Doug, Jem, Desmond and Gloansy]the-town-10
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: You know it’s funny, I can see your daddy’s faces in you. All of you’s. Reminds me I’m still in the ring. Still taking the punches. Still ahead on point. Now, I have a fella on the inside there, he likes to play the ponies. It’s a gambling sickness. He couldn’t pick a horse to save his fuckin’ life. But courtesy of this sick man I have this…
[holds up an envelope]


[showing the boys a diagram of how the cash is brought out of the safe]
Fergus ‘Fergie’ Colm: Cash is brought out and stacked fifteen minutes before the van does the pickup. That is when you hit. On Monday morning, before game stands in New York, sixty thousand beers, food, merchandise. Total call; three and a half million. Taking down the cathedral of Boston? Priceless.


[at the baseball stadium]
Doug MacRay: How long do you think it’s going to take for Rusty dumps the inside man when this thing is over?
James Coughlin: Ah…we should have picked our horses.
Doug MacRay: It’s gonna be a motherfucker you know that, right?
James Coughlin: Well, if it were easy kid, everybody would do it.


[Frawley walks up to Krista whose sitting at the bar]
Adam Frawley: Seems we’re having a bit of a staring contest over there.
Krista Coughlin: What can I say the boys like me.
Adam Frawley: I bet they do.the-town-11
Krista Coughlin: What are you doing down here? Slummin’?
Adam Frawley: I work with the FBI.
Krista Coughlin: Me too.
[Krista starts to laugh]
Adam Frawley: Well, you must be new.
Krista Coughlin: Yeah, alright. Doesn’t mean you’re gettin’ fucked though. You gotta kiss the rabbit if you want the tail. My mom taught me that.


Adam Frawley: You used to hang around with Doug MacRay a little bit, huh?
Krista Coughlin: How do you know Dougy?
Adam Frawley: We sort of worked together.
Krista Coughlin: Sand and Gravel?
Adam Frawley: No. No.
[he pulls out some money]
Adam Frawley: You a pretty decent judge of size?
Krista Coughlin: Depends. Size of what?
[Frawley holds up some money]
Adam Frawley: How big would you say this is? Six inches? Over or under.
Krista Coughlin: Under.
Adam Frawley: Wrong. Six point one four inches exactly. I know everything there is to know about money. Thickness? Point O-O-four three inches. Weight? About one gram. Which is interesting because that means that this twenty dollar bill isn’t even worth its own weight…in oxy.


Adam Frawley: So how’s it work? Bartender gets a call? You pick up a package at Point A, deliver it to Point B, Florist gives you C. You’re thinking on runnin’ out on me. It’s not that simple, cause you see I start waving this around in here…
[shows her his badge]
Adam Frawley: … bad for you.
Krista Coughlin: I want a lawyer.
Adam Frawley: Good, get one. It’s all about protecting yourself, right? Not even yourself. Your daughter.
Krista Coughlin: Don’t talk about my daughter.
Adam Frawley: How long were you with MacRay?
Krista Coughlin: All my life.
Adam Frawley: In all those years that you were together…how many diamond necklaces did he give you?


Doug MacRay: You know if this thing goes right, could be your turn to step away, too.
James Coughlin: Yeah. Sure. What am I gonna do? Dougy, huh? Go down to Margaritaville, drink half a yard and fall of the fuckin’ bar stools?
Doug MacRay: Do me a favor, the weight of this thing…pack a parachute at least.
James Coughlin: You know the funniest thing about being in prison guys pretending they wanna get out. I can’t do any more time, Dougy. So if we get jammed up, we’re holding court on the street.


[Doug’s in his hotel room when there’s a knock on the door and Kris walks in holding her daughter]
Doug MacRay: What the fuck you doin’ here, Kris?
Krista Coughlin: I need to talk to you.
Doug MacRay: Not a great time, hon.
Krista Coughlin: I know.
Doug MacRay: You know. Okay. Well, what do you want?
Krista Coughlin: Dez told me you were here. I miss you, beautiful.
Doug MacRay: Kris, you could do thirty years for walkin’ in through the door. Okay? Do you understand that? For being here. You can’t be bringing the kid in here. You got it?
Krista Coughlin: I don’t fuckin’ care.
Doug MacRay: You can’t stay.
Krista Coughlin: I don’t wanna stay. I wanna go with you.


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