Starring: Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Alessia Cara, Terry Crews, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski, Ricky Gervais, Vincent Tong


Netflix’s animated comedy directed by Kris Pearn and Cory Evans. The story follows the Willoughby children, who make a sneaky plan to send their selfish parents on vacation as they are convinced that they would be better off raising themselves. The siblings then embark on their own high-flying adventure to find the true meaning of family.


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[singing to herself]
Jane Willoughby: Through the glass. Over the hedge. Follow the rainbow to…
The Father: [yells] Quiet!
[pause, she begins singing again]
Jane Willoughby: Where my dreams begin…
The Father: [yells] Shush your shusher!
Jane Willoughby: I will be free.
[she hears knocks on the wall]
The Mother: I can’t knit!


Barnaby Twins: Hi, mommy.
The Mother: They’re creepy.
Tim Willoughby: Barnabys! Would you stop!


The Cat: All the Willoughby children ever wanted was to have a normal family. But their loving parents had no love left over for them.


The Cat: So that’s why the Willoughby children are sending their parents on a trip to die for.


Jane Willoughby: Our parents are the worst! Just think about how great our family could be if they were gone!
Tim Willoughby: How do you propose we discard of two insidious grownups?
Jane Willoughby: Easy.
[she points to the butcher, who at that moment hacks some meat]
Tim Willoughby: [horrified] No!
Jane Willoughby: No, not there. There!
[she pulls his face to look at the Travel Agency]


Tim Willoughby: We shall craft a dangerous adventure.


Tim Willoughby: Ghastly!
Jane Willoughby: Ruthless!


[referring to the travel brochure]
The Mother: What does it say?
The Father: “See the world.” And you know what else? “No children allowed.”


[as they watch their parents drive off]
The Mother: To adventure!
Jane Willoughby: We did it!
Barnaby Twins: We are free!


[bursts through the front door]
Nanny: Hello!
Barnaby Twins: Stranger danger!
Nanny: I am your nanny! I cook, clean, sing!
Jane Willoughby: What?! You sing?
Nanny: Yeah!


Nanny: Family services?
Social Worker: We’ve received reports of children without parents.


Nanny: Kids, we have to go!


[as they go on the run]
Nanny: As long as they think you don’t have a family, they’ll keep chasing you.
Tim Willoughby: We have to stay together.


Jane Willoughby: We’re going to find a new family!


[to the children]
Nanny: My duty is to look after you guys.


Tim Willoughby: All I wanted was a great family.
Nanny: You have a great family! They need you, and you need them.


[as they arrive at Melanoff’s]
Barnaby Twins: It’s a candy factory.


Commander Melanoff: Well, life’s a bitter treat without someone sweet to share it with.


[to Melanoff as a baby eats all the candy on the conveyor belt and vomits rainbow]
Nanny: What are you feeding her?!


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