By Devin Casey (Lincoln, NE)


Debauchery? Please. I’ve seen far too much HBO to be offended by the likes of this.

Let me tell you a story. When I was in high school I worked at the local country club. My job was to caddy for the obscenely rich members of the community. The sort of people who didn’t mind spending $80k plus for the exclusive privilege of eating, swimming, and golfing behind ten foot high rot iron gates. The majority of the men who made up this elite grouping were the most prestigious of the community. The doctors, the lawyers, the brokers. They were also the most crude, vulgar, lecherous men I have ever met. As a fourteen year old my job was to stand by and measure distance while the players expressed in detail how great it would be to take turns with the college twins on 17. The alcohol flowed freely and the morals were nonexistent. And this wasn’t even big time. Needless to say, perversion is nothing new to me.

As for the film, what I can say is that the sanctimonious killjoys who spend all their time in bubble closed off from the world should focus less on pretend moral indiscretions of a movie and more on the piece of entertainment that it is.

For those of us whose minds don’t explode at the notion that a person on film can say and do insane things with no regard to your own personal disposition, I welcome you. This is your film. It is a world of greed and excess. A world of overindulgence on drugs, alcohol, hookers, and… well… more hookers. It is a world in which the bounds of your depravity are known only by the limits of the money available for things depraved. Where ambition is rewarded by yachts and helicopters, and anything less is rewarded with a mop and a McDonald’s hat. This is Wall Street.

You can try to look for meaning within this film. There is no point. The Wolf of Wall Street, AKA Jordan Belfort, doesn’t go in for that sort of thing. He simply wants. He wants to be rich. He wants to be high. He wants to have sex. Why does he want these things? Because not having them sucks, and having them is awesome. Unfortunately for him, his method for obtaining these things has been deemed illegal. Apparently selling cheap stocks to idiots too lazy to do any research is frowned upon in this country. But that really doesn’t matter, that’s not what the story is about. And, as Jordan tells us, we aren’t going to understand any of that anyway. The only thing that matters in this film is the ride. A sentiment I think Jordan Belfort would agree with.

You might ask why, if nothing matters, should we care enough to watch. Because he’s rich and extravagant that’s why. Nobody wants to watch the life story of the bum on the corner who never did anything interesting. What everybody wants to see though, is mindless entertainment from a man with the means to continually keep himself mindlessly entertained. And that includes me.

Rating: 9/10

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