By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


2013 has been a year of surprises. Starting with World War Z, to The Heat, to Pacific Rim, to The Lone Ranger. The Wolverine joins that list of “pleasantly surprised”. Not to say the film doesn’t have problems. This movie follows the Frank Miller Japan series and Wolverine having the opportunity to become mortal. With Logan being in a position of living a normal life and experiencing what humans at one time must face… Death. It’s a deep scenario that can provide a lot of development to the character Wolverine and see a new dimension to his persona. However that’s put on the sidelines for a predictable love relationship with character Mariko, who is pretty one dimensional and not very interesting to watch. But to be fair, the relationship between Wolverine and Mariko is actually developed despite its blandness. It’s not sporadic like the love relationship in The Dark Knight Rises. But again, it’s done very similar to a lot of other superhero films, not to say it’s terrible, but it does get old being able to call what’ll happen next.

The film also kind of gets jumbled and lost with its subplots. For example, by the end of the film there are 4 antagonists. While it’s not a problem to have that many villains, you need a little thing called balance to make it work. By the end, everything comes together despite its rushed pacing. Before the ending though you’re kind of lost. The film tries to get complex with their characters and put them in predicaments to attract the audience’s attention to the characters and make them interesting like every other film does. Sadly though they don’t have enough time to develop their stories fully and their stories get lost like a needle in a haystack. Some of their sub plots are done well and their main story with Wolverine is done very well, which it should be. But how all the characters and plots connect with one another isn’t done as well as it could be. With that being said, there are a lot of good things about the film.

The action scenes are done very well and are intense and suspenseful. For the most part, the characters are developed well, interesting and complex. The story is intriguing and you don’t really know how the story is going to unfold. That is if you didn’t read the comic it’s based off of (which I didn’t). The acting is also one of the strong points of the film with Hugh Jackman bringing in his best performance as Wolverine out of all the X-men and Wolverine movies. Along with Tao Okamoto bringing in a good performance as the main love interest. Being able to work with what she has which on a grand scale, isn’t much. The rest of the cast does well also.

The scenery is also very nice having nice shots of Japan that bring out a lot of Japans beauty and also how cool is actually looks. Even when it’s dark outside, they somehow bring in a nice shot. I didn’t see the movie in 3D because I thought I wouldn’t get my money’s worth out of this movie without seeing it in 3D, but after seeing Wolverine, I really wish I did see it in 3D. I don’t know if the film is worth seeing again in theaters but it would be nice to experience seeing the film in nicer quality in 3D.

Altogether, the film is a surprisingly fun ride and very entertaining. Probably better than any X-men and Wolverine film made. This film got me hyped for X-men Days of Futures Past and had possibly the best after credits scene out of all the Marvel superhero films. Anyway, the movie is a fun movie that brings in some solid performances, very well done action sequences and justice to the Wolverine character.

Rating: 7/10

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