By Danelle So (United Kingdom)


Since we have watched a screening of a film in Ultimate Picture Palace, I will be reviewing The World’s End for my film critique. The movie is a mix of comedy, science fiction and action genre which features famous British stars such as Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman. The location is set in a small village in England called Newton Haven where it involves various pubs. The time is set in the present, where they predict the world’s going to end.

In summary of the film plot, Gary (Simon Pegg) and his five friends are all childhood friends and grew up together in the small town of Newton Haven. Although, as they grow older and become mature, they have parted ways into their own lives to become successful men. All of Gary’s friends are successful except for him as he still continues to live in the past which consists of him being carefree and reckless. After 20 years, he decides to reunite his friends in attempt to recreate a pub trip, back from their teenage years. He has a specific target which is to finish ‘The Golden Mile’ and in every pub they stopover, each of them (including Gary) has to drink a pint of beer and possibly get drunk. If Gary finishes this task, he will feel very accomplished and please with himself. However, unexpectedly their town is not what it seems to be, in comparison to what it was before, it is very different now. The people from the village are different and act very weird; it is not humane because they seem to act like a slave or a robot. Technology appears to take over the town.

In terms of aspect of filmmaking, I have noticed that they have used a lot of non-diegetic sounds as well as diegetic sound. Firstly, the non-diegetic sound that they used are natural and is heard in everyday lives for instance, car doors shutting, seatbelt buckling, horn beeping etc. It is very sharp to hear and the camera shots are quite swift moving. Secondly, the diegetic sounds are used for background music such as an old rock band song and sound effect for explosion, bombing and destruction of the world.

Another aspect of filmmaking that caught my attention is the different locations that are used. The number of locations seems to be shot in only one place yet it is very systematic for instance the locations they have used are their school, newton haven, job location: office, landlord, car seller, etc. and the different pubs. Location is very important in order for the audience to establish where the characters are and it gives a sense of background information that they might have not known of. Furthermore the camera shots are mostly quick and close up to portray facial expressions of the characters; most of them display a funny or shocked face.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie because I think it is one of the funniest and humorous films I have seen. It definitely has some British humour which might be a struggle for other nationalities to pick up but still it is worth to watch. Especially if you’re the type of person who likes sci-fi genres in relation to aliens and unrealistic things. It is very entertaining to watch as it had me crying with laughter throughout the whole movie. It never failed me to laugh which is a very good thing.


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