Starring: Tye Sheridan, Alden Ehrenreich, Toni Collette, Jason Patric, Jack Huston, Jennifer Aniston


War drama directed by Alexandre Moors, the story follows two young men, Daniel Murphy (Tye Sheridan) and Brandon Bartle (Alden Ehrenreich), who enlist in the army and are deployed to fight in the Iraq War. After an unthinkable tragedy, the returning soldier struggles to balance his promise of silence with the truth and a mourning mother’s, Maureen Murphy (Jennifer Aniston), search for peace.


Best Quotes: 

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Daniel Murphy: [to Brandon] Hey, man. Are you from Virginia?


Captain Anderson: Mrs. Bartle, is Brandon home?
Amy Bartle: He’s out.
Captain Anderson: I’m just following up on a few things from Brandon’s last post. Has your son ever mentioned the name Daniel Murphy?
Amy Bartle: So whatever you’re selling, mister, we don’t want any.
Captain Anderson: Oh, I’m not a recruiter or anything like that, Mrs. Bartle.
Amy Bartle: You had him already. You don’t get to take him again, do you understand?


Maureen Murphy: Thanks for looking out for him.
Brandon Bartle: You bet, we look out for each other.
Maureen Murphy: Promise me you’ll take care of him over there.
Brandon Bartle: Yeah, of course.


Maureen Murphy: [to Brandon] God forbid if something were to happen, I would like to hear that from you first.


Sergeant Sterling: Now you guys have to promise what I say.
Daniel Murphy: Yeah, sure thing, serge.
Sergeant Sterling: Don’t give me that, no sure thing this time. You do what I say, I’ll take care of you. Now they’re going to kill some of us, we’re going to kill some of them.


Sergeant Sterling: Look, you guys are my guys, right?
Daniel Murphy: Yes, sir.


Daniel Murphy: I don’t want this to be a part of me.


Amy Bartle: CID, what is that?
Brandon Bartle: Criminal Investigation Division.


Amy Bartle: What happened over there?


Maureen Murphy: I’m not accusing the army of anything. I just want to know where my son is.


Captain Anderson: You’re only as sick as your secrets.


Amy Bartle: Oh, I can’t take it! Who are you?!


Captain Anderson: [to Brandon] Who do you think you’re helping by keeping quiet? It’s time, son.


Brandon Bartle: You said you wanted to, uh, hear it from me first.
Maureen Murphy: Here I am.


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