Starring: Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Gabriel Bateman, Kunal Nayyar, Minghao Hou, Bryan Callen, Janet Montgomery, Julia Jones


Family comedy written and directed by Gil Junger. The story follows 12-year-old tech prodigy, Oliver (Gabriel Bateman), who after his science experiment goes awry, forges a telepathic connection with his dog, Henry. The duo join forces and use their bond to comically overcome complications of family and school.


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Oliver: With today’s technology, we should be able to hear another person’s thoughts.
Xiao: It would be better if we had a human.
[we see he’s hooked himself to his dog, Henry, via his computer]
Oliver: Henry’s human enough for me.
Xiao: Three, two, one!


[after Oliver’s experiment]
Ellen: Must have been a power outage last night.


[Oliver hears Henry’s thoughts]
Henry: Make way for the total package, brains, personality, and good looks.
Oliver: It worked! Henry, I can hear what you’re thinking!
Henry: You can hear what I think! Wooh!


[as Henry is licking Oliver’s face]
Henry: You taste like a genius.


Oliver: So all dogs can understand all humans
Henry: Duh! But you can’t tell anybody.


[as he’s playing chess with Oliver]
Henry: That’s checkmate, sucker!


Oliver: How did you get so smart, Henry?
Henry: You smell as many butts as I have, you tend to pick up a few things.


Lukas: [to Oliver] Are you talking to the dog?


Ellen: [to Oliver] This science fair is big for you.
Lukas: Good luck at the fair!


[referring to Oliver during the science fair]
Mr. Mills: This kid is special.


[referring to Oliver’s technology]
Bridget: Oh, my God! It works. He did it.


Mr. Mills: [to Oliver] I would do anything to acquire this technology.


Xiao: [to Lukas] I fear for Oliver’s safety.


[after Oliver and Henry have been taken by some agents]
Henry: Let us out! Let us out right now!
Mr. Mills: [to Oliver] Sit. Are you sure you’re not hungry?
Henry: Wait. What? No one said there would be snacks.


Henry: [to a dog] My human is in trouble and I need your help.
[the dog barks]
Henry: Oh! I didn’t know you were having an awesome party


Henry: [to the dogs] We are going to save Oliver.


Oliver: We make a good team, Henry.


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