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[after the SHIELDS Agents have taken all her equipment]
Jane Foster: Years of research. Gone.
Darcy Lewis: They even took my iPod.
Erik Selvig: What about the backups?
Jane Foster: They took our backups. They took the backups of our backups. They were extremely thorough.
Darcy Lewis: Just downloaded like thirty songs onto there.
Jane Foster: Could you please, stop with your iPod!


Sif: All-Father, we must speak with you urgently!
[they suddenly see Loki sitting in Odin’s throne]
Loki: My friends.
Fandral: Where’s Odin?
Loki: Father has fallen into the Odinsleep. Mother fears he may never awaken again.
Sif: We would speak with her.
Loki: She has refused to leave my father’s bedside. You can bring your urgent matter to me.
[he stands]
Loki: You King.


Sif: My King, we would ask that you end Thor’s banishment.
Loki: My first command cannot be to undo the All-Father’s last. We’re on the brink of war with Jotunheim. Our people need a sense of continuity in order to feel safe in these difficult times. All of us must stand together. For the good of Asgard.
[Sif stands to say something, but Fandral stops her]
Fandral: Yes, of course.
Loki: Good. You then awaiten for my word.
Volstagg: If I may, beg the indulgence of your majesty to perhaps reconsider…
Loki: We’re done!


[walking into a pet shop]
Thor: I need a horse!
Pet Store Clerk: We don’t have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds.
Thor: Then give me one of those large enough to ride.


[as Jane is taking Thor to get his hammer]
Jane Foster: I’ve never done anything like this before. Have you ever done anything like this before?
Thor: Many times. But you’re brave to do it.
Jane Foster: Well, they just stole my entire life’s work. I didn’t really have much left to lose.
Thor: But you’re clever.
Jane Foster: Thanks.
Thor: Far more clever than anyone else on this realm.
Jane Foster: Realm? Realm?
Thor: You think me strange?
Jane Foster: Yeah, I do!
Thor: Good strange, or bad strange?
Jane Foster: I’m not quite sure yet.


Jane Foster: But who are you? Really?
Thor: You’ll see soon enough.
Jane Foster: You promised me answers.
Thor: What you seek, it’s a bridge.
Jane Foster: Like an Einstein-Rosen Bridge?
Thor: More like a rainbow bridge.
Jane Foster: God, I hope you’re not crazy!


[as they watch Odin sleep]thor-9
Loki: I never get used to seeing him like this.
Frigga: He has put it off for so long now. But I fear.
Loki: How long will it last?
Frigga: I don’t know. This time it’s different. We were unprepared.
Loki: So why did he lie?
Frigga: He kept the truth from you, so that you would never feel different. You are our son, Loki. And we your family. We mustn’t lose hope that your father will return to us. And your brother.
Loki: What hope is there for Thor?
Frigga: There’s always a purpose to everything your father does.


Thor: Now stay here. Once I have Mjolnir, I will return the items they’ve stolen from you. Deal?
Jane Foster: No. Look what’s down there? You think you’re just gonna walk in, grab our stuff, and walk out?
Thor: No. I’m gonna fly out.
[he leaves her]


[after Thor was caught by the SHIELD agents when he failed to get his hammer]
Erik Selvig: He committed a crime! He’s in jail!
Jane Foster: I can’t just leave him there!
Erik Selvig: Why?
Jane Foster: You didn’t see what I saw!


Darcy Lewis: Look! Look! It’s Meowmeo.
[she shows the picture of Mjolnir from the book]
Jane Foster: Where’d you find this?
Erik Selvig: The children’s section. I just wanted to show you how silly his story was.
Jane Foster: But you’re the one who’s always pushing me to chase down every possibility, every alternative!
Erik Selvig: I’m talking about science, not magic!
Jane Foster: Well magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet; Arthur C. Clarke.
Erik Selvig: Who wrote science fiction.
Jane Foster: A precursor to science fact!
Erik Selvig: In some cases, yes.
Jane Foster: Well, if there is an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, then there’s something on the other side. And advanced being could have crossed it!
Erik Selvig: Oh, Jane.


[interrogating Thor]thor-10
Agent Coulson: You made my men, some of the most highly trained professionals in the world, look like a bunch of minimum wage mall cops. That’s hurtful. In my experience it takes someone who’s received similar training to do what you did to them. Why don’t you tell me where you received your training? Pakistan? Chechnya? Afghanistan?
[Thor just sits silently staring ahead]
Agent Coulson: You know, you strike me more as the soldier of fortune type. Where was it? South Africa? Certain groups pay very well for a mercenary like you.


Agent Coulson: Who are you?
[Thor just looks at him silently]
Agent Coulson: One way or another we’ll find out what we need to know. We’re good at that.
[his beeper goes off]
Agent Coulson: Don’t go anywhere.
[he leaves the room]


[Loki appears in front of Thor in the interrogation room]
Thor: Loki, what are you doing here?
Loki: I had to see you.
Thor: What’s happened? Tell me? Is it Jotunheim? Let me explain to father.
Loki: Father is dead.
Thor: [in shock] What?
Loki: You’re banishment. The threat of a new war. It was too much for him to bear. You mustn’t blame yourself. I know that you loved him. I tried to tell him so, but he wouldn’t listen.


Loki: So cruel to put the hammer within your reach, knowing that you could never lift it. The burden of the throne has fallen to me now
Thor: Can I come home?
Loki: The truce with Jotunheim is conditional upon your exile.
Thor: Yes, but…couldn’t we find a way to…
Loki: Your mother has forbidden your return. This is goodbye, brother. I’m so sorry.
Thor: No. I…I am sorry. Thank you for coming here.
Loki: Farewell.
[he turns and leaves just as Agent Coulson enters the room again]
Thor: Goodbye.
Agent Coulson: Goodbye? I just got back.


Agent Coulson: His name is Donald Blake?
Erik Selvig: Doctor Donald Blake.
Agent Coulson: You have dangerous co-workers, Doctor Selvig.
Erik Selvig: He was distraught when he found out that you’d taken all of our research. That was years of his life, gone! You can understand how a man can go off like that. A big faceless organization like yours, coming in with their Jackbooted thugs and…
[Coulson gives Erik a look]
Erik Selvig: That’s how he put it.
Agent Coulson: That still doesn’t explain how he managed to tear through our security.
Erik Selvig: Steroids! He’s a bit if a fitness nut.


[looking at the screen with Thor’s picture on Donald Blake’s ID card]
Agent Coulson: It says here that he was an MD.
Erik Selvig: Well, he is! Or he…he was. He switched careers and became a Physicist. A b-b…brilliant Physicist. He’s a…he’s a wonderful man. He’s a man in pain.


Thor: You know, I had it all backwards. I had it all wrong.
Erik Selvig: Was that a bad thing, finding out that you don’t have all the answers? You start asking the right questions.
Thor: For the first time in…in my life, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.
Erik Selvig: If anyone is ever going to find his way in this world, you have to start by getting it that he doesn’t know where the hell he is.


Thor: Thank you, for what you’ve done.
Erik Selvig: Don’t thank me. I only did it for Jane. Her father and I taught at University together. He was a good man. He never listened.
Thor: Neither did I. My father was trying to teach me something. But I was too stupid to see it.
Erik Selvig: I don’t know if you’re delusional or if you’re putting some kind of con. I don’t care. Just care about her. I’ve seen the way she looks at you.
Thor: I swear to you, I…I mean her no harm.
Erik Selvig: Good. In that case, I’ll buy you another round. And you leave town tonight.
[Thor nods his head]


[to his Frost Giant guards as Loki walks up to him]
King Laufey: Kill him.
Loki: After all I’ve done for you?
King Laufey: So you’re the one who showed us the way into Asgard.
Loki: That was just a bit of fun really. To ruin my brother’s big day. And to protect the realm from his idiotic rule for a while longer.
King Laufey: I will hear you.
Loki: I will conceal you and a hand fold of your soldiers, lead you into Odin’s chambers and you can slay him where he lies.
King Laufey: Why not kill him yourself?
Loki: I suspect that the Asgardians would not take kindly to a King who had murdered his predecessor. Once Odin is dead I will return the casket to you. And you can return Jotunheim to all its, uh…glory.
King Laufey: I…accept.


[after he’s returned from seeing King Laufey in Jotunheim]
Loki: What troubles you gatekeeper?
Heimdall: I turned my gaze upon you in Jotunheim but could neither see you or hear you.
Loki: You were shrouded from me like the Frost Giants had entered this realm.
Perhaps your senses have weakened after your many years of service.
Heimdall: Or perhaps someone has found a way to hide that which he does not wish me to see.


Loki: You have great power, Heimdall. Did Odin ever fear you?
Heimdall: No.
Loki: And why is that?
Heimdall: Because he is my King. And I’m sworn to obey him.
Loki: He was your King. And you are sworn to obey me now. Yes?
[Heimdall give him a long look]
Heimdall: Yes.
Loki: Then you’ll open the Bifrost to no one. Until I have repaired the damage that my brother has done.


[sitting around a camp fire]
Jane Foster: I come up here sometimes when I can’t sleep, or when I’m trying to reconcile particle data or when Darcy’s driving me crazy. I come up here a lot actually, now that I think about it. I’m really glad you’re safe.
Thor: You’ve been very kind to me. I…I have been far less grateful than you deserve.
Jane Foster: Well, I hit you with my car a couple times, so I think that kind of even things out.
Thor: Perhaps I had it coming.


[he returns her research notebook to her]
Jane Foster: Oh, my God! I don’t believe it!
Thor: It was all I could get back. I’m sorry it’s not as much as I promised.
Jane Foster: No! No! This is great! This is…I don’t have to start from the scratch now.
Thor: Thank you.
[she goes quite as she stares at her notebook]
Thor: What’s wrong?
Jane Foster: SHIELD, whatever they are, they’re doing everything in their power to make sure this research never sees the light of day.
Thor: No, Jane. Listen to me, you must not give up. You must finish what you started.
Jane Foster: Why?
Thor: Because you’re right. Here, look?
[he takes her notebook and opens it]
Thor: You’re ancestors called it magic, and you call it science. Well, I come from a place where they’re one and the same thing.


[watching as Thor draws in her notebook]
Jane Foster: What is that?
Thor: My father explained it to me like this, that your world is one of the nine realms of the cosmos. Linked to each other by the branches of Yggdrasil. The worlds tree. Now you see it every day without realizing. The images glimpsed through uh…what did you call it? This…uh this hooble telescope.
Jane Foster: Hubble.thor-11
Thor: Hubble telescope.
[they both laugh]
Jane Foster: Tell me more.
Thor: So the nine realms. Now there is Midgard, which is earth. There’s Alfheimr, Vanaheimr, Jotunheim and Asgard. And that’s where I come from.


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