By Alexandra Esposito (Los Angeles, CA)


Thor: The Dark World is a vibrant tale like no other; it ties humor, sadness and action all in one, which is hard to do nowadays! This box office destroyer smashes in at over $300 mil world-wide in only the first weekend. Tom Hiddleston in particular shines brighter than any star in this film.

This film raised my expectations of what I thought it would be! My boyfriend and I saw it together, and in Loki’s “death scene”, Hiddleston’s acting was extraordinary. I’m only an 18 year old girl, and I found his performance to be outstanding. He truly saved this film from being a disaster. You can easily see that Hiddleston is enjoying himself. That scene was just…wow. It really was a tear jerker, and I have to admit that I cried a bit. His acting, as I have to stress once more, was superb. I have no clue why Marvel titled this film Thor: The Dark World; it should’ve been Loki: And His Brother. Loki’s character development is truly brilliant, and he shows that not every villain is bad.

Tom made Loki come to life! He conveyed that Loki isn’t a bad guy, just a shattered soul who was lied to and misunderstood his entire life. He added just a proper hint of humor to make himself seem both serious and sarcastic. He made himself seem both strong and vulnerable; both compassionate yet wickedly bad. I believe that Loki isn’t a bad person, he just does bad things. I don’t blame him, Odin always favored Thor, and you can see that Loki was just another object to him. I’d be mad too. Ugh, Loki is just amazing! Hiddleston is one of the best actors of this generation!

Okay, now back to the story: the Elves plot was bland and basic, great action scenes, poor development. The Aether part was a good idea, but even though Natalie Portman usually is a fantastic actress, Jane just seems empty, bland. She didn’t help the story at all; my boyfriend actually said in the middle of the movie, “Please, kill that b*tch.” I was disappointed that she WASN’T killed off. Chris Hemsworth does a decent job as Thor, and is quite easy on the eyes to say the least (Hiddleston gives him some competition in the looks area, but there is NO competition between the acting ability). Hiddleston is also quite easy on the eyes…ha-ha.

The ending is just MARVELous! I LOVED it! Classic Marvel right there. But all in all, Hiddleston stole the show with his contagious smile and fantastic acting, without him, the Thor franchise would crash and burn. Cheers to Hiddleston! Love you, Loki! Overall, an enjoyable film.

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