Starring: Paula Patton, Omar Epps, Roselyn Sanchez, Laz Alonso, Dawn Olivieri, Missi Pyle, William Fichtner, Luke Goss

Story: Thriller drama directed and written by Deon Taylor, the story centers on a couple, Brea Stephens (Paula Patton) and John Wilson (Omar Epps), who go off for a romantic weekend in the mountains  joined by their two friends, another couple, Darren (Laz Alonso) and Malia (Roselyn Sanchez).

After a chance encounter with a suspicious gang at a secluded truck stop, they find themselves unknowingly in possession of a phone containing proof of the gang’s sex trafficking exploits. When the gang turns up and begins to torment them the foursome are forced to fight for their lives against a gang who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.


Best Quotes: 

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John: [to Bea] You have been nothing but a positive force in my life.


[referring to Brea]
John: She’s the one.


John: [to Brea] Let’s get away from the city.


[as they drive up to the house]
Brea: Oh, my gosh.
John: It’s miles away from everything.


Darren: It’s a celebration!
Brea: I did not know you guys were coming.


[to Darren; referring to Brea]
John: I’m trying to create a moment. I want to give her something she can remember for the rest of her life.


Brea: What are you looking at?
John: You.


Billy: That is a hot rod.
John: Built it myself.
Billy: Where did you learn that, in prison auto shop? A sweet ride, a smoking piece in the store. Are you a ballplayer?
John: I’m not looking for any trouble.
Billy: Trouble? You can’t hold a polite conversation?


[Cara enters the ladies and puts her phone in Brea’s bag; they are interrupted]
Pony: Cara, get your…
Cara: Give me a minute.
[to Brea]
Cara: Sorry.
Pony: What are you doing in here? Let’s go, now!


Pony: I’ve got a big problem. I can’t find the phone.
Red: The people I work for do not accept mistakes!


John: Hey, baby, your phone is ringing.
Brea: That’s not my phone.


Brea: [to John] Babe, that girl, something in my gut was telling me that she needed help.


[their doorbell rings and Brea opens the door to Cara]
Cara: I think I put my phone in your bag by accident.


Brea: Let me help you.
Cara: Just give me the phone. Just give me the phone, okay? They will kill you.
[she runs off]
Brea: Hold on!


[to John; on the phone]
Red: Hey, you got something that belongs to me.


[to John, Darren and Malia]
Brea: They want to kill us.


[calling the police]
John: I need help right now, please! I don’t know where I’m at.


[to Brea who’s hiding in her car]
Red: Where are you, little lady?


Red: [to Brea] I’ll keep you just for me. Just for me.


Red: I will find you!


John: Just hold on, alright?


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