By Jessica Vance (Australia)


Portrayed from the innovative mind of Primetime Emmy and AFI Award, American screenwriter, producer and director, Judd Apatow, uses his incredible talents in the comedic genre, and introduces this astonishing new whimsical film to our cinemas. This brand new entertainment reflects all of Judd’s former accomplishments in the film industry, such as the reputable The Forty Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and This is Forty, all of which had made comedy history. The opening of the film tells the story of a young girl and her sister being told that their mother and father are divorcing because ‘monogamy is not reality.’

Twenty-three years into the future sees Amy (Amy Schumer) as an eager magazine writer, determined on settling with no one man. After the message of her elderly father had remained a permanent factor in her mind, Amy is a woman who is disturbed by the idea of staying with a man and creating a future together. Instead of facing reality, Amy suppresses herself with work and the constant attention of various men.

After being offered the opportunity of a promotion, Amy is given the pitch of writing an article about a sports surgeon and his intriguing line of work. After meeting the doctor who specializes in treating wounded sports stars, Aron Conners (Bill Hader) charms Amy with his dorky personality and good looks, reeling her away from old habits. As their relationship grows, will Amy deceive her father’s teachings that having only one sexual partner is reality? Or will she learn to trust the man who cherishes Amy for who she really is?

Trainwreck may appear as an ‘only one time watch’ type of film, but there is more than just humour to the movie. There is a real sense of reality entwined in the plot that expresses the difficulties the average woman experiences in their hunt for the perfect man and the perfect life. While the film lives up to the expectations of an entertaining, humorous movie, there is always room for improvement.

The film could have used more of a twist within the plot, as most of the scenes were predictable and expected of the characters. The entire plot of the film is based on the idea of love and its many forms, expressing the moral of accepting people for who they truly are. With an average of four stars, the movie could have contributed to the plot an added background to the characters that produced something different and made a statement on cinematic screens.

Overall, the production of the film Trainwreck was a pleasant delight. There have been various comedy movies over the past ten years, but this film displays even more of the funny events that happen daily In the life of a woman, defeating them all. A must-see chick flick that serves new 2015 laughs.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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