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Transformers 4: This is the Extinction

I don’t know where to start with this movie the latest chapter of the Michael bay Transformers series. Maybe let’s jump off at how the movie is just not what was being advertised in the commercials. If you walk into this expecting to see another Michael bay Transformers triumph that is not the case here. In 30 or so minutes we’re introduced to a black ops style mission hunting down an enemy threat. OK? But little do we realize that the threat is just an autobot, a beloved childhood character too, and then it happens. They try to blow him up, they shoot him endlessly and then finally they kill him, after this you can probably guess whose extinction it is. It also turns out these random completely unheard of robots from space with this crazy bounty hunter whose face transforms into a huge laser launcher is helping the humans kill all the remaining robots.

So if you came to see your beloved robots from your childhood like in the 1960’s cartoon, well they are all gone, replaced by three never before seen autobots. Two of which are somewhat not well hidden stereotypes “as you will see for yourself”. Now the real beginning starts with these giant alien ships flying over planet earth let’s say 60 million years in the past, dinosaur age. So they drop these random spinning rod things that basically transform the area into metal robotic land. You would expect this to be the main villains evil plan “transforming” the earth, same as last time, but no this is only later referenced around the middle of the movie, so bye-bye that huge plot hole. After that it comes to some guy, the main human, Cade Yeager, and his super-hot teen daughter which was the only saving point about her obvious; whiny and rebellious character.

If you were to watch the movie with only the human parts it would seem like a totally different one. Single father and boyfriend try to rescue daughter form evil aliens, right? Now finally the most promised part of this movie, the wonderful dinobots, who you loved ever since you saw them in the 60’s are again a broken promise. Firstly they are only seen at the last 20 minutes of the movie so no time to establish anything like back story, history, how they got captured by robo-hunter cannon-face guy and especially they have no names and can’t talk, not even in their original caveman brain speech. No! It seems they were only brought in so Optimus Prime could ride the T-rex-bot like he did in the ads.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention Megatron is back but with a snazzy new name, Galvatron? To those fans out there who know what will come next, because he was dead and he is reborn, brought in at the last act of the movie with a goal that was never established in the movie until the end and he disappeared after the huge fighting only to swear his vengeance at the end; cliché.

So with none of your beloved characters, except for good old Bumblebee and a darker more hardened Optimus, I don’t have any idea how there could be a sequel but sadly there will be, so really it’s up to you.

Rating: 2.5/5

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