By Lauren Coombe (Kent)


Mark Wahlberg plays a small time Texan inventor Cade Yeager (not anything related to the film Pacific Rim which I am sure somebody somewhere would get confused as both films are about giant robots). We first see him on the lookout for scrap in an old theatre where he comes across an old beaten up truck. He is particularly interested in this truck as it is covered in “war wounds” and in turn buys this truck and takes it home with him. This truck obviously turns out to be a Transformer. His 17 year old daughter Tess (Nicola Peltz) is not all happy with the purchase and Cade says: “I’m asking you to look at the junk and see the treasure.” I’m sure Bay would be asking us all to do the same.

I believe the plot was as follows: Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammar), a corrupt government agent who wants all alien Transformers good and bad gone, however conspires with Lockdown a ruthless transforming bounty hunter to do so. Attinger gets together with an extremely wealthy tech head/inventor Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) to build replacements for the Transformers which can be controlled. He uses “Transformium” (the space metal that the Transformers are made out of) to do this. He transfers information taken from the minds of dead Decepticon onto these transformers which undoubtedly means that eventually these robots will and do turn evil, to make matters worse they add a “space bomb” into this mix and “Galvatron” the recreation of Megaton who wants to detonate the space bomb in the most populated of places Hong Kong and the autobots are left to clear up the mess as per usual yet of course they are completely hated by all except the Yeager family and Tess’s boyfriend Shay, the Irish rally driver (random). Optimus lists in the help of the Dinobots eventually in which were nothing like they actually are and were written like major disappointment for everyone who requested them to be in the film (a sure winner for toy manufacturers all over though) and it all goes from there.

The film seemed to be full of advertisements and I personally found it all really sickling. It seemed there was always some sort of product placement. There was a scene where an alien spaceship crashed into some sort of road and there was debris and smoke everywhere and there was bottles of beer all over the place completely undamaged and he cracks open a bottle and drinks some, most people’s last reactions during such a time. There was another scene that I thought was really cringeworthy where Joshua Joyce is demonstrating the uses of transformium to a colleague or employee, wasn’t sure at all what the relationship was there, and he turns this “transformium” into a Beats by Dre Pill and so many more scenes like that.

Transformers: Age of Extinction was completely unnecessary and really there was no point in creating a forth movie except to just grab people’s money. The Transformers lacked basic character that we all saw as children and were completely changed “for the better” – I disagree. They were given uncanny human like characteristics and personalities that differed from the originals. It was unclear who the main character was (which isn’t always a bad thing) perhaps it was Tess in her tiny shorts! However there seemed to be too many stories going on to fully understand the plot and Bay seemed to cram in a lot of unnecessary scenes to keep up with the humor like the scene with Boyfriend Shay and the Texan Romeo and Juliet law which explains why his and Tess’s relations were legal…

Rating: 2/5

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