By William Netherly (Cleveland, Ohio)


The critics would have you believe Transformers: Age of Extinction is the worst film ever made. In truth Michael Bay does manage to keep telling the same story different ways and still get loads of our cash come opening weekends. Is Transformers: Age of Extinction fine cinema? Should it be compared to Academy Award winning films like LOTR: Return of the King, No Country for Old Men, or The Pianist? NO. But is it traditional summer blockbuster fun that entertains? YES.

There is some suspense, there is even more action, explosions, and hot girls. I would say this to critics who hate this latest installment of Transformers, you have to take this film for what it’s worth. If fine cinema and art is great food for the soul, then this film is fast food at best. Is that a bad thing? Not when that is what the movie set out to be from the start.

The dialogue can sometimes be too silly at times, and with a whole new cast of Auto-bots, besides Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee it’s hard to get super invested in any of them. All that said the movie delivers on the simple requirement of being entertaining. I was never bored while watching this movie, though it is maybe 20 minutes longer than maybe it should be, you get your money’s worth. There is nothing wrong with being able to turn off your brain and just enjoy the movie and escape the burden of life. That is why we go the movies in the first place especially this time of year. Heaven forbid anyone go to the movies for just a good time. We go to see Oscar winners later in the year anyway.

Ignore critics who say Michael Bay needs to change it up. Thing is this franchise rocks. The formula is the same since Transformers in 2007, but thing is we as the audience LIKE IT. As Bay said he makes his movies for the audience NOT the critics.

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