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[to Cade after he smashes through the glass windows of Joshua’s office]
Bumblebee: Come on! Let’s get out of here.
[as two guards ride in the elevator with Joshua]
KSI Security Chief: We’re moving. Basement.
Joshua Joyce: They’re here.
[Optimus, Hound, Drift and Crosshairs start shooting inside the building]
Optimus Prime: Get out! All of you!
Hound: Science fair’s over, meatbags!
Optimus Prime: Destroy the lab!
[everyone in the building starts panicking and running]
KSI Guard: Move, move, move, move! Look out! Look out!
Optimus Prime: Destroy it all!
Robot: Danger! Security breach! Danger…
Brains: Guys! It’s me! Break me out of this Frankenstein box!


[to Optimus as they destroy the lab]
Joshua Joyce: Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop! That’s company property!
Optimus Prime: They’re not your property! They were my friends.
[Hound points his weapon at Joshua and Brains pops up on his arm]
Brains: Oh, you ain’t talking so much now! You got Hound in front of you, huh?
Joshua Joyce: Go ahead. Show us your true colors, once and for all.
Hound: Just give me the word, I’ll splatter him.
Joshua Joyce: Why don’t you tell Itchy Fingers here that this is all the spoils of war. Dead metal. Innovation. What we do here is science, because if we don’t do it, somebody else will. Because you cannot stop technology!
Optimus Prime: We’re not your technology!
[Optimus kicks some of the monitor screens in anger, smashing them to pieces]


Hound: Let me vaporize his ass.
Joshua Joyce: I broke the code. I own your whole genome.
Optimus Prime: The world will know what you’re doing here.
Joshua Joyce: The world? The world will approve. We can make you now. Don’t you get it? We don’t need you anymore.
Hound: That was cruel.
Optimus Prime: Autobots, we’re done.
Brains: We’re done? We’re not gonna kick a little bit of ass?
Hound: I’ve been itching to kill something lately.
[they all start turning to leave]


[Joshua meets with Attinger and some of the scientists]
Joshua Joyce: This is our chance, we have to stop him.
Harold Attinger: You have to stop him.
Joshua Joyce: It’s never been tested in the field. Labs, military bases, but not on civilian streets.
Harold Attinger: Down there a Defense Department contract was just attacked in a terrorist attack. This is now a CIA military op. You’re indemnified. Respond!
[Joshua looks at Gill]
Joshua Joyce: Let’s go.


Harold Attinger: KSI Chicago, closest live sat, patch it in. Been an unprovoked Autobot attack.
Joshua Joyce: Bring up Galvatron.
KSI Robot Controller #1: Transforming Galvatron.
Computer: Galvatron coming online.
KSI Robot Controller #1: Bring up Stinger.
Computer: Stinger coming online.
[Galvatron and Stinger are released to pursue the Optimus and the rest of the Autobots]
Joshua Joyce: Let’s show these alien terrorists what an upgrade looks like.
Computer: Galvatron and Stinger are moving to intercept targets.
KSI Robot Controller #1: Reapers. Five targets in the open. Good picture.
KSI Robot Controller #2: Two miles to intercept.


[they all watch on the monitors as Galvatron and Stinger approach the Autobots]
KSI Robot Controller #2: Two hundred meters.
Joshua Joyce: Engage. Transform.
[Galvatron transforms but starts hitting out at nearby vehicles driving on the road]
Joshua Joyce: Woh. We are programming this, right?
KSI Robot Controller #1: Yes. Mostly.
KSI Robot Controller #2: Systems seem to have malfunctioned. Targeting five bogeys. Engaging rockets. Missiles away.
[Galvatron releases the missiles to target the Autobots]


[as Galvatron’s missiles hit near them]
Cade Yeager: Gotta haul ass, Bee! Come on!
KSI Robot Controller #1: Stinger is in pursuit.
[Stinger starts chasing after the Autobots and releases it’s missiles]
KSI Robot Controller #1: Misfire, misfire, misfire, misfire!
KSI Robot Controller #2: System failure. Galvatron just fired four rockets.
Shane Dyson: Woh! They’re shooting at us!
[the missiles explode near the cars on the road causing accidents]
Cade Yeager: Woh, woh, woh, woh! Watch out! What are you doing?
[suddenly Bumblebee and Optimus transform, Cade, Tessa and Shane fly through the air with them but Optimus manages to catches them, Bumblebee tries to shoot at Galvatron but he watches in shock as Galvatron misses being hit and transforms into its truck form]


[after Galvatron causes mayhem after malfunctioning and causing civilian casualties]
KSI Robot Controller #2: We need a full medical team now. Possible civilian casualties.
Joshua Joyce: I mean, you got a lot of people in the crossfire here. I don’t like…
Harold Attinger: You’re making history here. For your country, for the world. Human freedom is at stake. Innocent people die all the time.
[the trio are riding in Optimus as he’s trying to get away from Galvatron]
Cade Yeager: Come on, Optimus!transformers-4-12
[Galvatron throws missiles at Optimus making Optimus transform and causing the trio to fall out and Tessa gets caught in the middle of Optimus and Galvatron]
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
[Optimus and Galvatron start fighting; to Galvatron’s controller]
Joshua Joyce: Make him fight. Don’t let him go down. Make him fight!


[as Optimus and Lockdown are fighting Shane helps Cade]
Shane Dyson: Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Cade Yeager: Tessa! Tessa! Tessa, run to the field!
[Tessa tries to run to the field by gets caught in Optimus and Galvatron battle]
Optimus Prime: You have no soul!
Galvatron: That is why I have no fear! You die!
[Tessa gets hit by the rubble caused by the Optimus and Galvatron’s battle]
Tessa Yeager: Help me!
[a missile suddenly hits Optimus and injures him and we see Lockdown arriving on the scene]
Darcy Tirrel: What is that?
Harold Attinger: That’s my asset. Pull Galvatron back.
[to the KSI worker]
Joshua Joyce: Do it.


[Lockdown shoots another missile at Optimus and knocks him down, Cade and Shane watch as Lockdown slowly makes his way to the injured Optimus]
Cade Yeager: I gotta go get her.
[Tessa manages to get inside one of the cars nearby and Cade goes to get her]
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
[Shane knocks Cade down]
Shane Dyson: Don’t go out there! He’ll kill you!
Cade Yeager: She needs my help!
Shane Dyson: She’s hidden!


[to Optimus who’s lying on top of the car she’s hiding in]
Tessa Yeager: Optimus! Optimus, get up, get up!
Optimus Prime: I can’t. Get out of here.transformers-4-13
Lockdown: I feel sorry for you, Prime. Your allegiance to these humans. The trouble with loyalty to a cause is that the cause will always betray you.
Optimus Prime: Who sent you here?
Lockdown: Where do you think you came from? You think you were born? No. You were built. And your creators want you back. We all work for someone.
[Lockdown brings his ship down which scoops up Optimus who’s lying on top of the car Tessa is hiding in and this also gets unintentionally scooped up as well]
Tessa Yeager: No, no.


[Cade starts running towards Tessa as she gets taken by Lockdown’s ship]
Shane Dyson: No. It’s got her! She’s in the car!
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
Shane Dyson: No!
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
Tessa Yeager: Dad!
Cade Yeager: Tessa, get out! Get out! Tessa!
[Cade reaches the car as the ship is scooping it up]
Cade Yeager: Get out! Tessa!
[Tessa tries to grab hold of Cade’s hand]
Tessa Yeager: Dad, help me!
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
Tessa Yeager: Help me, help me! Dad! Dad! Dad!


[as the car is being pulled up Cade jumps up and holds onto the net]
Tessa Yeager: Dad!
Cade Yeager: Tessa! Break the glass! Break the glass to get out!
Tessa Yeager: I’m trying!
Cade Yeager: Tessa, I can’t hold on!
Tessa Yeager: Dad!
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
Tessa Yeager: Help me!
Cade Yeager: Just break it! Break the glass! Tess…
[suddenly Cade drops to the ground as Optimus and the car get close to the ship]
Optimus Prime: Cade, warn the Autobots!
Tessa Yeager: Dad, help me! Don’t leave me!
Cade Yeager: No!


[as Optimus and Tessa are brought into Lockdown’s ship]
Lockdown: Take that human to the trash.
[talking on the phone as he walks through the city as Lockdown’s ship causes mayhem]
Harold Attinger: My team is on the way. This is a CIA operation. This is my asset. Tell the military to stand down. Hang on, I have the White House.
Chief of Staff: Agent, hello! Oh, my goodness. Boy, is it a flurry of excitement over here at the White House. Everybody is super, super mad, at me. So, I went over my notes from our last meeting, and I’m not sure when you said anything about a “giant alien warship over Michigan Avenue.”
Harold Attinger: Tell the President this is not an attack.
[back in Lockdown’s ship]
Lockdown: Remember this ship, Prime? Built for all you Knights, you great crusaders, to explore the universe. Well, I commandeered it. It’s my personal prison now.
[Tessa then manages to get away from Lockdown’s minions]
Tessa Yeager: Optimus?


[after Optimus is taken to the trophy room in Lockdown’s ship]
Lockdown: Welcome back to the Knights’ Temenos, Prime.
Optimus Prime: You have disgraced it.
Lockdown: Join your fellow rebels, fugitive scum. It’s for the rarest of specimens, the worst of the worst. It’s taken centuries, but I’ve collected all the Knights but you.
[Optimus is hurled up by his legs and held upside down]
Lockdown: The creators want to sweep their chessboard clean.
Optimus Prime: I’m slave to no one.
Lockdown: All this species mixing with species, it upsets the cosmic balance. The creators, they don’t like it. They built you to do what you were told.
[at the same time Cade and Shane are riding in Bumblebee through the city to get to Lockdown’s ship]
Shane Dyson: Why hasn’t it taken off yet?
Cade Yeager: Come on, Bee, it’s descending. You gotta get on it!


[talking to Savoy on the phone whilst he’s in a helicopter]
Harold Attinger: Savoy, mission accomplished. Lockdown has Prime. The deal’s going down now.
James Savoy: Picking up the Seed at the recon point.
[Savoy’s helicopter makes it way towards Lockdown’s ship]
Helicopter Pilot: Nest, Talon. L.Z. appears clear.
[Savoy’s helicopter lands inside Lockdown’s ship and Savoy meets with Lockdown]
Lockdown: Much as I’ve enjoyed the hunt, I won’t miss your wretched planet. Our deal is done. One Prime for one Seed.
[Savoy’s men start to pick up the Seed, a bomb that can cyberform any area of land]
Lockdown: Handle it with care. I trust your species is ready.
James Savoy: Don’t worry about our species.
Lockdown: Farewell, Earth.
[Lockdown turns and starts walking away]


[meanwhile, Bumblebee drive Cade and Shane as close as they can get to Lockdown’s ship then Cade and Shane start rushing over to the ship]
Cade Yeager: Come on, come on!
[the rest of the Autobots then join Bumblebee as they watch Cade and Shane jump onto the ship]
Cade Yeager: Bee, come on!
Hound: It’s a bad idea. But I’m all about bad ideas. Let’s go!
Crosshairs: Well, let’s rock.
[the Autobots jump onto the ship and join Cade and Shane as they look for a way to storm the ship]
Shane Dyson: This is crazy.
Cade Yeager: Look, you wanna cut and run, you better do it now. I’m gonna die trying.
Shane Dyson: Hey, I’m not here to help you get your daughter. You’re here to help me get my girlfriend.
[inside the ship Lockdown orders his crew]
Lockdown: Engage dark-matter drives. Full power.


[as they start entering inside the ship]
Hound: We’re behind enemy lines now. Lockdown’s ship has booby traps. Eyes open.
Crosshairs: Beware of his bone grinders, brain blinders, flesh peelers, chromosomal inverters, catatonic sludge, black hole trapdoors, and, of course, radiation.
Drift: We must be quick, we have the element of surprise. Let’s try to use violence as a last resort.
[suddenly Lockdown’s minions start attacking and Drift uses his swords to kill them]
Hound: Oh, get it!
Drift: I kill you! Kill you!
Hound: Ugh! I hate those things.
Cade Yeager: That’s freaky.
Drift: He’s not alive anymore.
Crosshairs: Well, we looked. They’re not here. Let’s go.
Cade Yeager: What? Hey, I’m not going anywhere without Tessa.
Crosshairs: I’m unclear. What’s in it for me?
Cade Yeager: What’s in it for you?
[Crosshairs takes a step in anger towards Cade but Hound stops him]


Crosshairs: Easy. Let’s use words.
Hound: What’s in it for you is I don’t kill you. We’re getting the boss back, and the girl. Copy?
Crosshairs: Okay, okay. Very persuasive. Textbook machismo. Well, then. We’ll need to sabotage something.
Drift: Better hurry. Because dark-matter drives are preparing to take off.
Crosshairs: Oh, wonderful.
Drift: I give us ten minutes.
Shane Dyson: Is that what that sound is? The engines filling up? Are you telling me that thing’s gonna be… this is gonna be flying out of here in ten minutes?
Drift: Uh-huh.
Shane Dyson: Ten minutes?!
Drift: Could be nine. Worst case, seven.


Hound: Humans, search the cell blocks.
Cade Yeager: We’re wasting time, let’s go.
Drift: We’ll find the center core.
Hound: Let’s move.
Crosshairs: We’re gonna stop this nightmare ship.
[Cade and Shane start searching one part of the ship]
Cade Yeager: We’re never gonna find her in this huge ship. Like a needle in a haystack.
Shane Dyson: Tessa!
[as Shane shouts his voice starts to echo across the ship]
Cade Yeager: Great. Great. Well that was smooth. No, that was really smooth, letting everybody know we’re here. Now they’re gonna be looking for us.
[at the same time the Autobots are searching another part of the ship]
Drift: Better hurry, Crosshairs, before we go into space!
Crosshairs: Ah, here’s the little jujube right here.
[he takes something out from the controls]
Crosshairs: Hello, Mama.
[we see that Crosshairs has released the ships anchors]
Lockdown: Who fired the anchors? Who’s on my ship? We have a loose prisoner.
[he sends his hounds to investigate]


[as they continue to search the ship]
Cade Yeager: Hurry up, we got like six minutes.
Shane Dyson: We’ll find her. Hold up.
[they notice Lockdown’s crew making their way towards them]
Cade Yeager: Back up. Come on, these things are gonna find us. Hurry, hide.
[they back up to find somewhere to hide, at the same time Lockdown’s mechanical hounds find Tessa and start chasing after her but she manages to get away]


[back with Cade and Shane who enter the weapons room, Cade accidentally touches lever which releases the weapons]
Shane Dyson: Woh!
Cade Yeager: Weapons! Come here, help me. Hurry, hurry!
[Shane rushes over to Cade]
Cade Yeager: Help me up.
Shane Dyson: There are some weird sounds out there.
[Cade picks up one of the weapons and drops it down to Shane]


[referring to the red flashing lights scanning near them]
Shane Dyson: What is that?
Cade Yeager: I don’t know. You ready? Run!transformers-4-14
[as they start running they get shot at by Lockdown’s crew until they find a place to hide]
Cade Yeager: Alright, we’re not going down without a fight. They turn that corner, and we’re gonna take them. You ready or you gonna bitch out on me?
Shane Dyson: No, I got your back.
Cade Yeager: Are you ready?
Shane Dyson: Absolutely.
Cade Yeager: Don’t bitch out on me. Are you ready?
Shane Dyson: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


[as they start getting shot at again Shane suddenly stands and raises his arms]
Shane Dyson: Woh, okay! I surrender! I surrender! I surrender!
[he drops his weapon to the ground which accidentally sets it off killing one of the crew that was after them]
Shane Dyson: I’m so sorry! I’m so, so, so sorry!
Cade Yeager: What’d you do? How’d you do that?
Shane Dyson: I have no idea!
Cade Yeager: You no-good, chicken shit little rat!
[Cade pulls at something on the weapon in his hand which activates it]
Cade Yeager: Look at that. You see that? Oh!
[suddenly it shoots exploding the wall opposite them]
Cade Yeager: Woh!
Shane Dyson: You stay here, Lucky Charms!
[Cade steps out from their hiding place, shooting his weapon and manages to kill the other crew that was after them]
Shane Dyson: Oh, man. I am so gonna patent this shit.


[after managing to kill a creature that had caught her as she was trying to hide, Tessa hears Cade calling out]
Cade Yeager: Tess!transformers-4-15
Tessa Yeager: Dad! Help me!
Cade Yeager: Hey!
Shane Dyson: Tess?
Cade Yeager: Tess!
[they start looking to find Tessa]
Cade Yeager: Come on! Move, move!
[they suddenly see Tessa running over to them]
Cade Yeager: Tessa!
Tessa Yeager: Shane, I love you! I love you! You saved me! You saved me!
[Tessa runs into Shane’s arms ignoring Cade]
Shane Dyson: I know. I know.
Tessa Yeager: Thank you! Thank you so much. Thank you, you saved me.
[Cade looks at them, looking clearly put out]
Cade Yeager: Oh, yeah, he saved you. Yeah. Yep. I think you and Mr. “I Surrender” have a lot to catch up about, sweetie. He saved me, too. You should have seen him in there. I mean, our hero. Let’s go. Now.


[as they try to break into Lockdown’s trophy room]
Hound: Eyes open.
Drift: I almost got it.
[Drift manages to break into the entrance]
Hound: Big boy coming through! Move, move, move.
[they enter the trophy room]
Crosshairs: Woh.
Hound: This has got to be the Supermax. Watch the corners.
Drift: There’s a lot of cages.
Hound: Oh, yeah. Creepy critters in here.
Crosshairs: I don’t want to know what’s in the big cage.
[looking at one of the creatures in one of the cages]
Hound: What’s this?
Crosshairs: Hound, don’t do it.
[Hound moves closer to the creature in the cage]
Hound: Aw, you don’t look very dangerous in there.


[the creatures starts snarling]
Hound: Oh, that’s festering ugliness.
[the creature suddenly spits a green substance onto Hound’s face]
Hound: I’m hit! I’m down! It’s melting! It burns! Ah, I think it’s acid!
[after a few moment he realizes he’s not melting]
Hound: Ah, nuts. It’s just shizzle.
[he wipes his face]
Crosshairs: I hope that’s not contagious.
[to the creature]
Hound: I gotta hurt you now. You’re just too disturbing to live.
[he points his weapon at the creature]
Hound: Take that, bitch!
[he shoots and kills the creature]
Hound: Oh! You’re dead.


Optimus Prime: Hound!
Hound: He’s alive!
Crosshairs: Hold on, boss, we’re coming!
Hound: Optimus, sound off!
Optimus Prime: In here, quick!
Hound: Hang on, we’re coming for you!
[they find Optimus hanging upside down and break into his cell]
Optimus Prime: The arms of this Knight Ship detach! We can break free! It’s a separate ship! Hurry!
Hound: Where’s the cockpit? Right or left?
Optimus Prime: Right!
Hound: I’m on it, boss.
[Hound heads off and Crosshairs help Optimus free from his shackles]
Optimus Prime: Hurry, we have no time.
Drift: Sensei.
Hound: Let’s rock! I always wanted to fly one of these things.
[Hound sits at the controls chair]
Hound: I’m there, boss!


[as Cade, Tessa and Shane try to find a way out of the ship]
Shane Dyson: Hey, Yeager Technologies, you gonna invent us a way out of this one?
[they head out outside and see the ship anchored to buildings]
Tessa Yeager: Oh!
Shane Dyson: Woh.
Tessa Yeager: Oh, my God. I am not doing this. I am not doing that.
[Cade steps onto the anchors to cross over to the building on the other side]
Cade Yeager: Yes, we are. No, it’s good. It’s stable. Come on.
Tessa Yeager: No way.
Cade Yeager: Sweetie, you know why I’m here? I’m here to protect you.
Tessa Yeager: You’ve done great at that.
Cade Yeager: I want you to trust me right now. We’re getting down, let’s go.


[all three of them start walking on the giant anchors]
Cade Yeager: Don’t look down, okay? Step. See, it’s easy. Come on.
Shane Dyson: Careful, these cables are starting to get thinner here!
Cade Yeager: Step, step. There.
Tessa Yeager: Oh, my God!
Cade Yeager: See, don’t look down! Alright? Don’t look down. We’re gonna be at the building in no time!
Shane Dyson: You okay, Tess?
Cade Yeager: Keep stepping.


[as they all make their way across the massive anchor cables Tessa stumbles and nearly falls off]
Tessa Yeager: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Dad! Oh!
Cade Yeager: Alright, sweetie. You need to keep moving here, okay? Come on!
Tessa Yeager: I can’t! I’m freaking out.
Cade Yeager: You need to move now!
Tessa Yeager: I’m not moving! I’m going back to the ship!
[Tessa starts moving backwards towards the ship]
Cade Yeager: Oh, shit! You can’t go back to the ship, honey!
Tessa Yeager: Watch me!
Cade Yeager: You are not eighteen years old yet and you’re gonna do what I say! Now let’s go!
[at the same time Lockdown’s mechanical hounds notice them]
Cade Yeager: We need to go this way, okay? Not that way.
[to Shane]
Cade Yeager: Talk to her, Romeo! Now!
Shane Dyson: Come on, for God’s sake.
Tessa Yeager: Do not start with me.


[the mechanical hounds start to come after Cade, Tessa and Shane on the anchor cables]
Tessa Yeager: Oh, my God, what is that?
Cade Yeager: Alright, Tessa. Don’t look back.
Tessa Yeager: Well, don’t say that to me. Now I want to turn around.
Cade Yeager: It’s nothing major, sweetie.
Tessa Yeager: Well, that means it’s totally major!
Cade Yeager: I’m gonna have to point this gun in your direction. It’s gonna feel like it’s in your direction, but I’m not.
Shane Dyson: You better hurry.
Tessa Yeager: Are you trying to kill me?
Cade Yeager: I had to bust my ass to get up here on this spaceship!
Shane Dyson: Shoot it!
Cade Yeager: Get down now!
[Tessa lowers her head down, Cade suddenly points his weapon at the hounds and shoots them off the anchor cables]


[the remaining hounds start biting at the anchor cables and manage to tear one off]
Cade Yeager: Tessa, wait! I’m coming for you! Tessa! Oh!
[just as they are about to fall off the cable Bumblebee suddenly appears and starts killing the remaining hounds but the anchor cables are start swinging from side to side]
Tessa Yeager: Oh, my God!
Cade Yeager: I’m coming! Hold on!
[as the cable comes off the ship and the three are about to fall to their deaths Bumblebee jumps in and captures them in mid-air]
Cade Yeager: You’re the best, Bee! You are the best.
Bumblebee: You damn right! And don’t ever forget it.
[to Shane]
Cade Yeager: You see that? Look at me! We’re off the ship, right?
[just then Crosshairs appears in one of Lockdown escape pods]
Crosshairs: Bumblebee! Bumblebee! Friendly! Enemy ships are coming in hot. Get on! Get on!
[Bumblebee, Cade, Tessa and Shane get onto the pod]
Crosshairs: Hold your knickers, I’m punching it!
[their pod quickly takes off as Lockdown’s crew comes after them]


Cade Yeager: They got three ships on them!
Crosshairs: I’m giving it the juice!
[Crosshairs makes the pod speed away faster as Lockdown’s ships shoot at them]
Crosshairs: Come on, Bee, take them out!
[as the ships are shooting at them Bumblebee manages to bring taking one of them down]
Cade Yeager: Good move, Bee!
Crosshairs: This one’s for you, A-holes!
[Crosshairs sends off two missiles which hit the drawbridge as that explodes it takes down of the ships but more come to chase after them]
Shane Dyson: If you’re gonna do something, you better do it!
Cade Yeager: Come on!
Crosshairs: I’m sick of this crap.
[to Bumblebee]
Crosshairs: You fly. I shoot.
[he moves over to the pod’s machine gun]
Cade Yeager: Hey, you better let me fire this big-ass gun and make this ship go faster!
Shane Dyson: Woh, woh, woh!


[showing them how the machine gun works]
Crosshairs: Listen up! Crash course. Tracer guns. Punch forward to fire, slide back to reload.
Cade Yeager: What?
Crosshairs: Punch, hold, slide, repeat. Punch, hold, slide, repeat.
Cade Yeager: Wait! What-what are you talking about?
Shane Dyson: I don’t know what he means.
Crosshairs: Good luck.
Cade Yeager: Where are you going?
Crosshairs: To lay some hate.
[Crosshairs jumps off and using his weapons start shooting at Lockdown’s ships]


[Cade and Shane struggle to use the machine gun]
Cade Yeager: Say it!
Shane Dyson: Okay.
Cade, Shane: Punch, hold, slide, repeat! Punch, hold, slide, repeat!
Cade Yeager: Go!
[they start shooting and manage to shoot one ship down]
Shane Dyson: Yeah, I got one! Wooh!
[they carry on shooting]
Cade Yeager: These alien guns kick ass!
[the other ship continues to follow them]
Cade Yeager: Come on, he’s on us! Bee, you gotta move! Duck!
[suddenly they head into an underpass]


Cade Yeager: Bee, fire the gun!
Bumblebee: Uh-oh!
[they suddenly crash through above onto the street above destroying the street, crashing into a Bud Light truck until finally coming to a halt]
Shane Dyson: That was insane!
Cade Yeager: Tess, you okay?
[as they get out of the ship Cad notices bottles of Bud Light all over the street]
Dorky Driver: Okay. Sir? You better have insurance!
Cade Yeager: Insurance? It’s a freaking spaceship.
[Cade grabs the man’s collar in anger]
Cade Yeager: You go get insurance on a freaking spaceship. Good luck with that, buddy. Is this your car? Huh?
[he picks up a bottle of Bud Light, breaks it open, takes a swig and smashes into the man’s car]
Cade Yeager: Sweetie, hand me my alien gun.
Tessa Yeager: Here you go.
[as Tessa hands the gun to Cade, the driver runs off in fear, Cade then helps Tessa get off the ship]
Cade Yeager: Come here. Trust your dad.
Tessa Yeager: Okay.


[back in Lockdown’s ship]
Lockdown: Prepare for interstellar launch. We’re almost ready to separate.
[over to Hound, Optimus and Drift in the trophy room as Hound tries to detach the smaller ship]
Hound: We’re almost there.
Optimus Prime: Hurry, he’s launching!
Hound: All over it, chief.
Optimus Prime: Lockdown will be in deep space before he realizes I’m gone.
Hound: I’m a sucky pilot, but let’s give it a whirl.
[Hounds manages to detach the ship and take off]
Hound: Hell, yeah!


[talking on the phone]
Joshua Joyce: You CIA guys are really subtle. What a deft hand. I’m sure nobody noticed all that. Look. In a few minutes, there are gonna be feds all over this place, and I don’t want them finding our Holy Grail. So we’re gonna take all our R&D, we’re moving it to our China facility. Yeah. I want you to bring me the Seed, but I want you to bring it to me there.
[Joshua ends the call and Su comes over to him]
Su Yueming: Mr. Joshua, I would not describe your product testing as perfected.
Joshua Joyce: We have plenty of time for improvements in China.
Gill Wembley: Sir, Galvatron. He was…
Joshua Joyce: A fiasco. A farrago. An embarrassment. And he spoke. How did that happen? Do you know what a flaw is, Wembley? A flaw? A flaw is a total failure. I did not have control over my prototype, and I want to know why!


[Bumblebee drives, Cade, Tessa and Shane to meet up with the other three Autobots who have now landed the ship they stole from Lockdown’s ship in a deserted road]
Crosshairs: Let’s give Bumblebee the good news. We got a ship now, we’re leaving.
Optimus Prime: You humans. After all we have done. You don’t know what you’ve wrought upon yourselves.
Cade Yeager: What? What is it now? What are you talking about? I mean, I’m doing stuff out of my league here!
Optimus Prime: You don’t see who’s controlling who. Within that manmade prototype I fought, I sensed the presence of Megatron.
Cade Yeager: What, the Decepticon that started the Chicago war?
Brains: How do you think KSI built those bots in the first place, hm? They had a whole mess of dead Decepticon heads and they were downloading their minds! And I was in charge
of autopsy duty. No union, no benefits, no nothing. They hooked me up to Megatron, and that mind wasn’t as dead as they thought. He fed them the science and specs! All so they could build him a brand-new body.
[we see flashback to KSI giving Megatron a new vehicle body which is in fact Galvatron]
Brains: Then he infected it with his evil, nasty chromosomes. They had red, beady eyes. They got all in my lovely locks. Oh, I can smell it right now. Total inside custom job! KSI might have named the body the snappy name like Galvatron, but that’s just Megatron reincarnated!


Tessa Yeager: You knew this and you didn’t warn them?
Brains: Little girl, you can go to a pretty dark place when you on death row. He’s been playing KSI all this time, all so that he could manipulate them into going after the Seed.
Shane Dyson: Wait. The Seed?
Tessa Yeager: Those nasty soldiers that were chasing us. I saw them board the ship and they took something that they called the Seed.
Hound: Listen. Sixty million years ago, give or take an eon…
Optimus Prime: Thousands of planets were cyber-formed with Seeds. They turned your organic life into our elemental metals. Our creators destroyed your world to make us.
Brains: And that’s what Galvatron wants to happen again. He wants to detonate that Seed in the biggest city and kill millions! He’s gonna show the world, “Baby, I’m back.”
Optimus Prime: The blast wave will incinerate that city into molten metal. He’ll have enough to build a massive army and annihilate your species forever.
Brains: You dumb, greedy bastards just brought extinction to yourself. Not my problem, though. I’m free at last. Whole thing worked out good for me. I’m walking.
Cade Yeager: We gotta get the Seed before Galvatron does.


[Joshua and Su arrive in Beijing, China]
Joshua Joyce: The Seed is going to be the salvation of our company. We take delivery tonight, and next month, we detonate safely in the Mongolian desert. And we’ll create enough Transformium for a hundred years.
[back with Cade, Tessa and Shane, Cade breaks into a train yard]
Tessa Yeager: Dad, I’m tired of running and stealing.
Cade Yeager: Well, a place to sleep.
Shane Dyson: Yeah. Just another break-in.


[they use one of the train carriages to rest and sleep, as Tessa sleeps Cade talks with Shane]
Cade Yeager: You know, when I was your age, I liked to get a little wild. I liked cars, girls. But then there was Tessa. And when she was born, all I ever wanted out of life was for her to be happy and healthy and safe. Somehow I thought I’d always be enough to protect her. But I won’t be, I’ll never be. So somebody better be.
[he looks over at Shane]
Cade Yeager: Thanks for being here today, Lucky Charms.
Shane Dyson: Well, thanks for not shooting me when you had the chance.
Cade Yeager: Oh, I’ll have more.
Shane Dyson: Yeah, I can see that.


Drift: We’ve intercepted the encrypted communications. Joshua Joyce is headed to his factory in Guangzhou, China.
[Cade calls Joshua]
Cade Yeager: Hey, big shot. Your company’s in serious trouble.
Joshua Joyce: You better have a damn good lawyer.
Cade Yeager: Really? Well, you better have a great one cause you’re about to be responsible for the annihilation of a city. Now, you listen to me. Your tech has been hacked. Your prototypes are infected. And now Galvatron is after that Seed. Look. I know you have a conscience because you’re an inventor, like me. Do not let Galvatron anywhere near that Seed.
Joshua Joyce: I control Galvatron, I created him.
Cade Yeager: Deep down, I know you know. Your prototype’s been controlling you.
[Joshua looking worried ends the call; referring to the stolen ship]
Cade Yeager: How fast can that thing get us halfway around the world?
Drift: Very. It’s a spaceship.


[they notice helicopters and police cars heading their way]
Hound: If we’re traveling, now’s the time.
[to Tessa and Shane]
Cade Yeager: All I want is to have our life back. It’s your call, whatever you want. Are we safer on our own, or are we safer with them?
[Tessa turns and heads towards the Autobots]
Shane Dyson: She’s a keeper. Must take after her mom.
Cade Yeager: I can’t argue with that, kid.


[to Cade, Tessa and Shane as they board the spaceship]
Optimus Prime: Move. We’re retrieving the Seed, but then we’re done defending the humans.
Cade Yeager: What, done? What do you mean, you’re done?
Crosshairs: Means “finished,” “see ya,” “good-bye.”
[back on Lockdown’s ship]
Lockdown: Hijacked part of my ship? How did you let this happen? Shut down dark-matter drive, reverse course at light speed, and get us back! Prime’s taken my trophy case, and he will feel my wrath!
[Joshua and Su arrive at the KSI Chinese Facility]
KSI Greeter: Welcome to China.
Joshua Joyce: Put Galvatron in containment. Tell the techs do not activate him.
KSI Greeter: Absolutely, sir.
Su Yueming: [subtitled] I want security on high alert.


[inside KSI Chinese Facility Joshua meets with Attinger and Savoy]
Harold Attinger: Joyce. I cannot tell you how enthused I am to deliver this.
[shows Joshua the Seed]
Harold Attinger: Top of your alien wish list. It’s yours, or rather ours.
[Attinger laughs softly]
Harold Attinger: I will need to see my advance. Five million shares of the company. Together, we’re gonna end human warfare. We’re about to build a fully automated U.S. Army. Just think of all the American lives we’re gonna save.
[on the KSI factory floor]
KSI Factory Executive: [subtitled] All of these cars are KSI’s newest civilian prototype robots.


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