By JJ (Cincinnati, Ohio)


Be that it is promoting tons of teasers for upcoming Halloween debut. I am all about Indies and shorts. It is the trend in filmmaking. This film stars MTV newest Artist Traci Kochendorfer AKA Traci K. You might know her from MTV, CWTV reality shows or mostly her as a big fitness star and model. She takes and starts dabbing in filmmaking.

The reason I think she deserves a global mass media review cause her first short film SafeLink about craziness of PTSD and WAR was a Oscar qualifier and this year got invited to be nominated for Emmy. Although due to health issues she was not at the Emmy’s but hopes to be coming up. So I really think that it is great that artists are showcasing their arts in an experimental way. Hell they have been doing that!

The three things I see about this film is that first it does have a staring type of response from the viewer and needs better cinematography. Or better yet just GET ONE. I know budgeting for film is much. The only thing I thought was worth it was the music just was perfect and went well with the artistic yet sex discriminating, a bit parental advisory display.

Many times you see a lot of those who served not really getting their stuff seen in the civilian end like they should. Only to be displayed in with another actor like American Sniper. Be that it may now there are huge short categories in film festivals that are finally allowing artists to come forth.

So I say HATS off to her for trying and self-improving.



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