Starring: Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, Clifton Collins, Jr., Michael K. Williams, Teresa Palmer, Gal Gadot


Story: Crime-drama heist directed by John Hillcoat in which the story follows a group of dirty cops who find themselves in trouble when they get blackmailed by the Russian mob into performing a seemingly impossible heist that involves the murder of a rookie police officer.

Impossible as it may seem, however, they eventually hatch a plan: on one side of town, half of the crew will plan the murder of the rookie cop Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), while the rest of the force is distracted by a 999 call (police code for “officer down”), and the other half of the corrupt cops will pull off the job. This all seems like it’s going to work until Allen winds up surviving the attack and fights back.

Verdict: Contains a great cast of characters but sadly the plot never lives up to it’s true potential. It’s very much a slow burner but contains some great actions sequences. It’s not terrible but with this caliber of cast and director it just comes of as mediocre.


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 17)


Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: How’s your job going?
Chris Allen: You know, spend my time trying to make a difference. I know how that sounds.
[Allen laughs]
Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: You’re gonna make a difference. You ain’t gonna make a fucking difference. Forget about that. Your job: out-monster the monster then get home at the end of the night.


Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: [to Chris] Out here there is no good, there is no bad. To survive out here you gotta out-monster the monster. Can you do that?


Smith: Marcus, you’ve got a new partner. Allow me to introduce Chris.
Marcus Atwood: Hey, Sarge, can we talk about this?
Smith: Hell, no.


Marcus Atwood: The rules around here are different, you better learn fast!


Terrell Tompkins: [to his team] Don’t make me regret pulling you cops into this.


Irene: I was not sure you could pull it off. We are not finished, Michael.
Terrell Tompkins: This wasn’t the deal!


Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: What you got for me?
Cop: We’re dealing with a four man team.


Jeffrey Allen: Walter? Detective Allen. First time being robbed? No fun, right?
Walter Sims: They got pictures of my family, my daughters, where we live, my daughters’ school…
Jeffrey Allen: Walter, you’re a bank manager. You should be smart enough to know that the monster has gone digital. Be careful what you Insta-goo-Tweet-Face.


Terrell Tompkins: There’s another job. She said she’d kill every last one of us if we don’t get this thing.


Chris Allen: This guy is the leader.
Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: You gotta ask yourself, who’s that fourth guy.


Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: Four man crew. Who’s that fourth guy?


Chris Allen: You alright?
Marcus Atwood: Yeah, I’m good. Are you?
[Chris looks at the gun Marcus is holding down on his leg]


Jorge Rodriguez: We could pull a 999.
Terrell Tompkins: Triple 9? What is that?
Belmont: It means that a cop’s been killed. Every cop in the city runs towards that call. We’d have all damn day.


Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen: Does anyone believe maybe something very big is about to go down?


Chris Allen: I’m going to find out what you’re fixing to do.


Belmont: There’s got to be a different way.
Jorge Rodriguez: I don’t have a problem taking out a cop. I’ll do a cop just like…
[he snaps his finger]


Irene: There’s no limit to what desperate men will do when pushed.

Total Quotes: 17




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