By Asa Smith


Trolls: World Tour was released by Universal on digital rent on the 10th April 2020, starring Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and Rachel Bloom.

This family film was another average animated film to be released into the whirlpool of an overcrowded market of family musicals. It was a harmless film released for the sole purpose of banking on any leftover money from its prior film Trolls

Its sole premise is about there being more than one type of Troll and a Rock Troll is going to steal their magical string and destroy all music other than rock. I think it is kind of dumb, like why are there magical strings? It felt like a quick add-on to when they were stuck for ideas. Why can they be so easily destroyed? I swear in the previous film there were lots of different types of music even though it was a pop troll. The first half of the movie was boring. The main thing about this film is music and yet I can’t think of a good song. There was one where all the trolls were singing exactly like the previous film and yet I can’t remember a single thing about it and that was the second biggest song. Songs are meant to be catchy and after only four hours I can’t remember it.

Now Anna Kendrick being the main character Poppy she didn’t do anything. Her performance was really bland and after a while I just wanted her to be quiet. She didn’t provide anything special for the film and gave a rather forgettable performance.  Justin Timberlake being her co-star also provided nothing to the film whatsoever to the point where I don’t even know if they had any interest in the project itself. Rachel Bloom was actually really entertaining as Barb she really was the highlight of the film. Just she was such an interesting performance. 

The directing was okay… Like there weren’t any standout scenes but it was sufficient enough to keep me watching as the acting wasn’t doing the trick. The animation was splendid I always thought the previous and this film had great animation it wasn’t like Pixar’s hyper-realistic animation but it didn’t want to be which was great as it brought a unique style to the table and it felt like I had just opened up a scrapbook and was reading out of it. 

This film used a tired story plot and I almost cried in anger that this was being used again. Just last year in Frozen II the plot of Kristoff trying to tell Anna he wanted to marry her was being used again in this film. Blanch spent the film trying to tell Poppy that he loved her. It is so overused it is unbearable. 

It seems I have been very harsh on this film but it was enjoyable for the most part. There was nothing standout about the film it was just another film in the genre. Would I recommend this film? Yes if you have kids but if not I would say give it a miss you won’t be missing much at all. 

Rating: 3/5



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