Starring: Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, Hayden Szeto, Sophia Taylor Ali



Supernatural horror from Blumhouse Productions  directed and co-written by Jeff Wadlow. The story centers on a group of friends who are haunted by spirits after playing the supernatural version of Truth or Dare. The game turns deadly when someone, or something, begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.


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Male Student: Are you aware that Olivia is in love with your boyfriend?
Markie Cameron: No, she’s not.
Olivia: Will you stop!


Brad: Uh, Penelope.
Penelope: Dare.
Ronnie: Make out with Olivia.
Penelope: Let’s get this party started.
[she goes over and kisses Olivia]


Penelope: Carter.
Carter: Truth.
Penelope: What are your intentions with our sweet Olivia?
Carter: I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here. I could tell Olivia was an easy target. I brought you all up here because I’m okay with strangers dying if it means I get to live.


Olivia: What the hell?
Carter: The game is real. Wherever you go, whatever you do, it will find you.


Carter: [to Olivia] Refuse to play, and you die.


Lucas: Are you okay?
Olivia: Yeah.


Olivia: Something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico.
Ronnie: Oh, come on.
Olivia: I’m serious. I’m seeing things.


Olivia: I know it sounds insane.
Ronnie: Just a little.


Olivia: Carter said, “Do the truth or you die. Do the dare or you die.”
Ronnie: You know, screw this!


Female Bar Patron: Truth or dare?
Ronnie: Dare!


[standing on the pool table at the bar]
Ronnie: This fine young lady dared me to show you my business.
Female Bar Patron: Seen it before, not impressed.
[as Ronnie gets distracted, his foot slips on a billiard ball, he falls and cracks his head on the next pool table]


Olivia: We’re not playing the game, it’s playing us.
Markie Cameron: So what do we do?
Lucas: Only choose truth.


Entity: Truth or dare?
Olivia: Markie’s constantly cheating on Lucas!
[everyone in the library hears, Lucas starts to walk out]
Markie Cameron: Lucas wait.
Olivia: I’m sorry.
Markie Cameron: Touch me again and I’ll break that hand.


Penelope: Truth.
Entity: That’s not how this works. Only game decides.


[reading her dare message from her phone]
Markie Cameron: “Break Olivia’s hand.”
[offers the hammer to Markie]
Olivia: You have to do it.
Markie Cameron: Look as pissed as I am at your right now, there’s no way I’m going to break your hand.
Olivia: Well you don’t really have a choice.
[Markie takes the hammer and breaks Olivia’s hand]


Olivia: This game is too smart. Half the people in this photo are now dead.


Markie Cameron: We need to find what started all this.


Markie Cameron: How do we get out of this game alive?
Entity: You can’t. This only ends when all the players are dead, and your turn’s next.


[to Olivia and Markie]
Lucas: It dared me to choose which one of you to kill.

Total Quotes: 19


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