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Twilight In The Mind of a Bookworm

In the quirky tale of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight you will find Bella, a relatively normal 17 year old and Edward also a relatively normal “17” year old, blood sucking vampire. This story revolves around the troubles the star-crossed lovers encounter in trying to keep their relationship afloat. A couple of vampire throw-downs here and there, intense attraction and a modern day romance it’s no wonder the book was so successful. It is definitely an entertaining read, especially for teenage hopeless romantics.

In 2008 Twilight the book turned into Twilight the movie. For many of the book fanatics the outcome of the movie was for the most part successful, myself included. For readers the primary things they were looking for and expecting from the movie revolved around the actors who are portraying the characters, the story line, the time crunch of the movie in the midst of the book and the special effects used in the movie in certain scenes compared to the description in the book.

When you read a book you have mental images about how you think a character will look like, their habits, their personality and attitude. The way readers see and imagine the characters in the book is the way they want to see them on screen. A reader wants to be able to look at the actor and their acting techniques and come to the conclusion that the actor is indeed the perfect person to play the role. The actor must complete all of the criteria listed in order to gain the readers acceptance of them playing the character in the movie.

When it came to Twilight the most important character roles to fill were actually Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Most people would think that Bella Swan would be one of the most important character role to fill but in reality Bella Swan is a very open character. Stephanie Meyer doesn’t give much background or personality traits on her. As a reader I feel that the purpose of that is so that the targeted audience, being teenage girls, would have the opportunity to picture themselves and put themselves in the character’s spot. Most readers were wildly pleased with the actors that were chosen to play Edward and Jacob. Not only did the look of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner fulfill reader’s expectations but the way they played the characters was also very satisfying. As for the rest of the cast, they also did an amazingly good job at choosing the actors the only character readers could complain about was Bella Swan which then again was very open for interpretation.

The most important thing about a book being transformed into a movie is that the movie will still follow the books story line. Readers want the same story because that is what makes them fans in the first place. Changing things from the book can really be one of the most angering things for readers. We expect everything to be the same from the book to the film.

Catherine Hardwicke the director of Twilight did a decent job at sticking to the story. There are some parts in which she changed the scenes or added scenes to try and make the movie more entertaining however, for example having Edward take Bella up to the very tops of the trees to gaze at the beautiful view. Things like that were petty. The main thing was to stick to the story line of Bella Swan meeting Edward Cullen and their struggle with acceptance of a vampire-human relationship as well as the rivalry with blood thirsty vampires James and Victoria. The actors, setting, and storyline were quite perfect compared to the book. Hardwicke included the main points, the discovery of Edward being a vampire, the oh so enticing encounter of the Cullens with James, Victoria and Laurent as well as capturing their special vampire powers and the fight scene with Edward and James.

As readers we understand that a movie cannot be five hours long which is crucial when it comes to making a book into a movie because you have to cut out certain parts of the book all the while keeping the most important scenes. As mentioned before Hardwicke did a very good job in choosing what parts of the book were most important to have in the movie in order to complete the time crunch they had of one hundred and twenty-two minutes.

Twilight being a fantasy, paranormal book is bound to have some special effects included. While readers know what they are reading is fake they still want to get the sense of reality on film to be able to capture the attention and self-placement. Readers want to believe something like this is actually capable of happening in real life. Filling this criteria when using special effects in a movie can be extremely difficult, especially a movie that includes vampires with super powers.

Hardwicke completed the criteria fairly well in the film when it came to the scene of Edward saving Bella from a car crash, the Edward-James fight scene and the famous Cullen baseball game. Even though the scenes were executed as described in the book there was still room left for improvement. The facial expressions could have changed in the save scene actually may relate back to the actor. The fight scene could have used less jumping around because it was almost quite obvious they were using cords. The best special effect scene was the Cullens baseball game. Their ultimate immortal power came across very flawlessly.

At the end of the day Twilight the movie was a hit in the box office and teenage girls all over the word fell unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen. If you’re a lovesick teenage girl this is the perfect movie for you.

Rating: 3/5



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