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Unbreakable, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, staring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson is a Drama/Mystery film that revolves around a man (David Dunn) who learns about his extraordinary abilities with the help of a comic book enthusiast who goes by the name Elijah Price.

The concept of the movie is fantastic. It depicts a superhero as someone whose abilities just about surpass a normal human being’s and at the same time, it refutes the possibility of an actual comic book hero, which is considered an exaggeration of what exactly is possible. The outcome is a much grounded, somewhat believable, exciting, thrilling suspense that keeps the audience engaged and at the edge of their seats.

The movie is paced quite slowly, yet it manages to deliver a very well written origins story of a superhero within a runtime of about one hour and forty-five minutes. This feat alone, in my opinion is phenomenal.

The storytelling in this film is one of the best yet. The slow pacing throws the audience into a fit of foot tapping and nail biting. As every second passes by, the audience are left in constant thought of how the movie is going to end. Every scene is so disconnected that it is hard to predict where exactly the movie is going. This keeps the audience completely immersed throughout the runtime, constantly looking for answers. The movie is paced and written so well that the criticism the movie receives is almost entirely dependent on the final scene and in my opinion it does not disappoint.

The characters in the movie are excellently developed and the film manages to build the story of all the main characters equally well. All characters have a well-defined role and they are clearly supported by their actions in the film. That being said, the characters are simplistic in nature shown dealing with their personal problems and nothing else, this makes the characters so realistic, grounded and relatable.

The acting in the movie is excellent. The actors portray their characters so well that you easily empathize with them. On one hand, you empathize with the realization of responsibility that comes with Dunn’s power and on the other hand, you empathize with Elijah’s condition that he struggles to cope with and you clearly understand his compulsive need to find answers.

The music score in this movie directed by James Newton Howard is fantastic. The score really adds to the tension and emotion the audience will experience throughout the film.

In conclusion, Unbreakable is a great superhero movie. It is quite hard to find faults with this movie. The slow pacing and simplistic plot might put one off, but it works so well together with the rest of the film that it is hard to criticize the movie for it. In fact, this very much attributes to the aesthetics of the movie. The main highlights of the movie are the characterizations, the storytelling and the tension it builds throughout, music score and the climactic ending.

Rating: 4/5


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