Starring: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple, Aimee Mullins, Amy Irving

Story: Psychological horror-thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh which centers on a young woman, Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy), who leaves her hometown to escape a troubled past and begin a new job. But when she is involuntarily committed to a mental institution she is confronted by her greatest fear, but is it real or just her delusion? With seemingly no-one ready to believe her and the authorities unable or unwilling to help, she must confront her fears head on.


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Sawyer Valentini: Your life slips away from you, you know, changing your phone number and your email becomes normal. Taking out a restraining order, normal. Relocating to another city, normal.
Counselor: But you still see your stalker everywhere?
Sawyer Valentini: Rationally I know this is my imagination, but I’m alone in a strange city and I never feel safe.
Counselor: There’s some more forms you need to fill out, it’s just routine.


[handing in her forms at the hospital]
Sawyer Valentini: I’ve finished my homework.


Male Nurse: Sawyer Valentini, please follow me.
Sawyer Valentini: Look, I don’t have a lot of time, I should be back at work, so.


Sawyer Valentini: What am I doing in here?
Nurse Boles: Take off your clothes down to your underwear.
Sawyer Valentini: I’m not sure what’s happening here.
[she tries to open the door]
Sawyer Valentini: The door is locked.
Nurse Boles: It would be better for everyone, especially yourself if you just do as I ask.


Sawyer Valentini: There’s been some kind of mistake.
Nurse Boles: By signing this you’ve consented to voluntary commitment.


[making a call]
Sawyer Valentini: I am being held here against my will.
Nurse Boles: Do you know how many calls the cops get like that every week?
Sawyer Valentini: Those are from crazy people.


[referring to one of the doctors at the mental hospital]
Sawyer Valentini: This man, he’s followed me all the way here from Boston. I’m calling the cops and I want him arrested!


Sawyer Valentini: My stalker is here!
Doctor: We did a thorough background check.
Sawyer Valentini: You should be protecting me.


Sawyer Valentini: Mom, no one believes me.
Sawyer’s Mom: I’m getting you out.


[to Sawyer’s mom]
Police Officer: There’s nothing we can do unless you have proof that a crime has been committed.


Sawyer Valentini: I must be insane.


Sawyer Valentini: My mom didn’t pick up last night. What happened to her?


Sawyer Valentini: A dead body was discovered.


Sawyer Valentini: I’m not crazy!


Sawyer Valentini: He’s here, or maybe it’s all in my head.


Unsane is set to open in the US and UK 03/23/2018.



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