Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Harrison Gilbertson, Benedict Hardie, Christopher Kirby, Clayton Jacobson, Melanie Vallejo, Sachin Joab, Michael M. Foster


Sci-fi action horror directed and written by Leigh Whannell, in which the story is set in the near future and follows Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green), who after his wife is killed during a brutal mugging, that also leaves him paralyzed, is approached by a billionaire inventor with an experimental cure that will upgrade his body. The cure is an Artificial Intelligence implant called STEM, this gives Grey physical abilities beyond anything experienced and the ability to relentlessly claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead.


Best Quotes: 

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Eron: [to Grey] As a quadriplegic it must be frustrating for you for someone who likes to get things done with their hands.


Grey Trace: Here’s the thing, four guys murdered my wife. If I could find those men, I’d do it.


Eron: [to Grey] What if I told you I could offer you something that it would enable you to walk again? I call it STEM, a computer chip that has the potential to change everything. It’s a new better brain.


STEM: I am STEM, the system operating your body for you.
Grey Trace: Can anybody else hear you?
STEM: No, only you. May I point something out?
[shows Grey the footage of when the men attacked him and his wife]
STEM: In the drone surveillance footage. Serk Bradner. Marine Corps. Address, 414 Citrus Newgrounds.


[breaking into one of his wife’s murderer’s house]
STEM: You’ll need a plan.
Grey Trace: I’ve got this.
STEM: This doesn’t seem like a well thought out plan.


[after the murderer has caught Grey in his house, he attacks Grey]
Grey Trace: STEM, help!
STEM: I need your permission to operate independently.
Grey Trace: Permission granted!
STEM: Thank you.
[suddenly he is able to fight off the murderer with ease and expertise]
Grey Trace: What the fuck?!
[STEM continues to operate his body to beat the murderer]
Grey Trace: Stay down, man.
[the murderer comes at him with a knife]
Grey Trace: STEM, he’s got a knife!
STEM: I see that. We have a knife too.
[Grey quickly takes the knife from the murdered and uses it to kill him gruesomely]
Grey Trace: You now have full control again, Grey.


Cortez: If you are involved in this somehow, then you need to let me know.
Grey Trace: Well I was in the area, detective.


[to everyone in the bar]
Grey Trace: Can I have everybody’s attention. I’m looking for the guys who murdered my wife.
[he gets knocked down by Tolan]
Grey Trace: Are you one of them?
Tolan: Yeah.
Grey Trace: STEM, can takeover.
STEM: Thank you. I now have full control.


STEM: [to Grey] There is a gun implanted inside his hand.


Grey Trace: STEM, what do you think I should do?
STEM: Move, Grey.


Fisk: [to Grey] Man, you are persistent.


STEM: [to Grey] I cannot allow us to be killed. We are going to finish the job we started.


Grey Trace: You didn’t know that I’m a fucking ninja.
[he punches the thug]
STEM: While I am state of the art, I am not a ninja.


Fisk: [to Grey] You upgraded. Now you’re stronger. Faster. Better than everyone else.


Pamela: [to Grey] Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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