Starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Ehle, Jude Law, Stacy Martin, Raffey Cassidy, Willem Dafoe, Maria Dizzia, Christopher Abbott, Meg Gibson, Daniel London, Micheal Richardson, Matt Servitto, Leslie Silva


Music drama written and directed by Brady Corbet, in which the story follows the rise of Celeste (Natalie Portman) from the ashes of a major national tragedy to pop superstardom. The story spans 18 years and traces important cultural moments through the singer’s eye, starting in 1999 and ending in the present day.

The story begins in 1999 with teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor (Stacy Martin), who have survived a seismic, violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song about their experience, making something lovely and cathartic out of catastrophe and launch singing careers. The sisters draw the attention of a passionate manager (Jude Law) and are rapidly catapulted into fame and fortune, with Celeste as the star and Eleanor the creative anchor. In 2017, the now 31 year-old Celeste is mother to a teenage daughter of her own, Albertine (Raffey Cassidy), and struggling to navigate a career fraught with scandals when another act of terrifying violence demands her attention.



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Reporter: From the public’s perspective, this has been a emotional few years for you. Can you what audiences can expect from the new album?
Celeste: This is a culmination of my life’s work so far. I was under a lot of stress after my accident, but that’s what this show is about. It’s about rebirth.


Celeste: So tell me, how many of you have cried yourself to sleep at night? You’ve all been trying to take me down for years. But I won’t stay down.


Celeste: It’s a weird world we live in, and the way I’ve chosen to live my life goes against some people’s views on things.


Celeste Fan: Do you mind if I get a quick picture with you?
[Celeste slams the table hard with her hand in anger]


Celeste: [to Albertine] All that matter is that you have an angle.


Albertine: Mom, I’m worried about you.
Celeste: You’re worried about me?


Celeste: I’m scared.


[looking worse for wear, he puts on his sunglasses and leans his hand against the wall]
The Manager: Celeste, come on. Everybody’s downstairs.
[Celeste appears collapsing to the ground]
Celeste: Ow!


The Manager: [to Celeste] Keep it simple.


Celeste: I am sick of everybody treating me like I’m not a person!


Celeste: They wanted a show, I gave them a show.


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