By Janae (Dallas, TX)


Have you ever walked into a room to get something, only to get side tracked by something of no relation to your original goal? If no, then surely you’ve had a situation that appeared to come together without your permission or assistance. It just seemed to happen through a series of events that just s magnificently orchestrated by God. Life has a way of making you feel small and defeated. You go searching for worldly things that just can’t fulfill you or solve any of your problems. These issues of life usually lead to a breaking point, and in those moments of brokenness we find ourselves empty and out of options. Alex and Stephen Kendrick allow us to explore this journey in their movie War Room. The heart of the movie explores how lives change for the better by establishing a relationship with God through a consistent and strategic prayer life.

We land directly in the thick of Elizabeth and Tony’s rocky marriage and successful careers. A family structure that appears great while hanging on by a thread at the core. Money does not buy happiness or peace and we see the realities of that in the lives of these two individuals. Elizabeth goes about her day, headed to what she believes to be her a job opportunity but, she shortly discovers the hand of God has strategically connected her to one of the most valuable relationships she we will ever have. It’s on this quest for success that she bumps into her true destiny in life by way of a caring women with years of wisdom and experience to share. Clara, a widowed women, introduces Elizabeth to the strategy and power of prayer.

War Room allows you to grow and mature with Elizabeth on her journey to discover a deeper relationship with God through prayer. We experience the raw process of committing to change and the realistic challenges that come along with these changes.

One particular scene in the movie shows Elizabeth trying to get comfortable in her newly created prayer room. The beauty and honesty portrayed in this scene captures the essence of the struggle to start a relationship with God. We get to see the discomfort of not knowing what to say or do in the beginning stages of learning to pray. Elizabeth then blossoms into a powerful women of faith as the story unfolds right before us.

Alex and Stephen Kendrick also carefully illustrate how this influences the life of her child and husband by displaying the effects it has on them and the changes they experience from simply connecting to a women whose outlook on life and God take a drastic turn for the better.

What sparks from an answered prayer of a widowed woman, leads to an established prayer life of a young woman suffering through a rocky marriage that fuses into a family that loves and lives for God. Elizabeth walks toward her routine job goal only to sale real estate only to get side tracked onto a pathway of developing a prayer life.

War Room captivates the viewer with its powerful acting and moving story. The struggling marriage shows the viewer a realistic look into the terrors of temptation and restoration through the power of prayer.


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