By Carlo Pierri (Philippines)


Warm Bodies is a surprisingly fresh story considering the stereotypical notion of what zombies or “corpses” are to the audience as they are called in the film – pale faced flesh/brain eaters. The question to the concept is fairly simple – How come we’ve never had the point-of-view of these dreaded post-apocalyptic “humans”? It’s always man kills the undead which is very one-sided.

A reason for that may be the constant wave of zombie genre from films like the Resident Evil franchise to the comedic Shaun of the Dead and on to AMC’s popular TV series The Walking Dead and even to Valve’s critically acclaimed video game Left 4 Dead concurrently released throughout the years.

Nonetheless, it comes to the point that the idea may have already been conjured but it was a matter of timing when it can be shown to the mass audience on which they rode the wave of zombie trends. The film starts off with the main character, R, played by Nicholas Hoult strolls “zombily” in the vicinity of the airport with all the other zombies showing their daily doings of wandering, staring at each other and almost conversations…through grunting and saying “one-worders” and sometimes liners.

The story starts to gain momentum as Julie (Teresa Palmer) and her gang of friends search for medical supplies outside the confines of the human colony where he encounters R. Julie’s boyfriend, Perry, brain’s gets eaten by R who acquires the past memories of his life and from then on a love story with many peculiarities unfolds before your very eyes.

The filmic elements presented in the movie gives an insider look on the different side of the zombies. From the ability of the corpses to absorb people’s memories through eating them to the technical side of things where their thoughts are able to be heard through narration; I think this offers a new way things can be presented about the zombie genre.


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