By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


Warm Bodies is the movie adaptation of the famous novel written by Isaac Marion, which tells the tale of a corpse named “R”, who during the zombie apocalypse takes the viewer into a taste of his daily routine. The story is told by his inner thoughts, for he cannot speak anymore save for a few simple words.

While searching for food (humans), R and a couple of his zombie friends find a group of uninfected humans, and the humans react in a sort of hostile way. The humans begin shooting at the zombies, and R discovers something. A girl. R sees the girl Julie, and begins to fall head over heels for her. R walks over to Julie and saves her from the group of zombies he came with. During the story, R begins to remember more and more words, and his human emotions begin to come back one after another. All of these feelings allow R to begin curing himself, due to the amount of time he spends with Julie.

The film was overall a pretty good movie. There were instances where I thought the film could be better; again, all movies have those instances. I had not read the novel beforehand, so I cannot make judgements concerning the general closeness to the original book. The movie, however, was a good story and the acting in the film was great, the special effects of the Bonies could have been a little better, but it was not bad.

The comedy in the film was very well done, and it kept me laughing in the two times I watched it. The fact that the film was not as bloody and gory, compared to numerous zombie films, was very surprising and it helped illuminate the softer tone the film had set. R’s inner thoughts throughout the film were what made this movie great. The plot was pretty predictable, yet it was still a fun movie to watch. The central audience for this movie did seem to focus more towards a teenage audience more than a general audience.

I recommend this film to anyone who wishes to have a good time and see a decent film. However if there are viewers who desire a more mature zombie film, then World War Z may be a better choice. However, I guarantee that you will not be totally disappointed in this film.


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