Starring: Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Tracy Morgan, Richard Roundtree, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Josh Brener, Tamala Jones, Phoebe Robinson, Max Greenfield, Jason Jones, Shaquille O’Neal


Romantic fantasy comedy directed by Adam Shankman, in which the story follows successful sports agent, Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson), who’s constantly boxed out by her male colleagues. When Ali is passed up for a well-deserved promotion, she questions what else she needs to do to succeed in a man’s world, until she gains the ability to hear men’s thoughts.

With her newfound power, Ali looks to outsmart her colleagues as she races to sign the next basketball superstar, but the lengths she has to go to will put her relationship with her best friends and a potential new love interest (Aldis Hodge) to the test.



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Ali Davis: That’s my new neighbor.
Brandon: What is his name?
Ali Davis: Captain Fucktastic, that’s what I’ve been calling him.


[in the elevator with her good looking neighbor]
Ali Davis: Such a nice day for a jog.
[the neighbor ignores her and steps out of the lift]
Ali Davis: What’s going on in his head? What, my ass doesn’t look good in this skirt?
Brandon: Given the current climate it feels inappropriate for me to comment on your body…
Ali Davis: Brandon!
Brandon: Tight as a snare drum. You could bounce a quarter off that thing.
Ali Davis: Screw him. Today’s my day. I’m making partner, baby.


Jenna: [to Ali] Time to break that glass ceiling.


Nick: We all know who deserves this. Give it for our summit worldwide sport management’s newest partner.
[Nick throws the football and Ali quickly catches it]
Nick: Woh! Uh, Ali, that pass was actually to Eddie.


Ali Davis: I’m so sick of this boys club.


Nick: [to Ali] You don’t connect well with men. Stay in your lane.


Man #1: [to Ali] I don’t trust women who don’t get dudes. Like I don’t trust a man with no eyebrows and too many keys.


Olivia: [to Ali] I know someone you should talk to.


Ali Davis: They said that I don’t connect with men.
Olivia: I hired a psychic.


[referring to the psychic]
Ali Davis: Where did you find her?
Olivia: Facebook.


Psychic Lady: I can help you connect with men. Why don’t we have some tea?
Ali Davis: This smell like dirt.
Psychic Lady: No, that’s just jasmine tea, if you don’t count the weed, and the peyote, and the crack.


[waking up in the hospital after drinking the tea and knocking herself out at a club]
Dr. Wilson: Oh, hello. Welcome back, Miss David.
[Ali hears Wilson’s thoughts]
Dr. Wilson: Thank God this one didn’t die on me. Starting today, no more drinking at work.
Ali Davis: Hey, that’s too much information.
Dr. Wilson: I didn’t say anything.


Ali Davis: I feel weird after last night.
[Ali hears her assistant’s thoughts]
Brandon: Yeah, that’s what happens when tequila meets desperation.
Ali Davis: Okay, saying things you shouldn’t be saying to your boss.
Brandon: [thinking] Holy crap! Can you hear my inner thoughts? Are you reading my mind? Because if you can hear my inner thoughts, I am super fucked!
Ali Davis: I can hear your inner thoughts, and you are super fucked!


Ali Davis: I can only hear men’s thoughts.
[Ali hears the valet guy’s thoughts as she walks past him]
Valet Guy: That cloud you’re walking through, that’s my farts.


Ali Davis: It’s the psychic! She gave me this tea!
Brandon: You drank it?!
Ali Davis: She said to!
Brandon: I thought black people stopped drinking tea after Get Out.


Ali Davis: I can literally hear men’s inner thoughts.
Brandon: It’s true.
Psychic Lady: Amazing!


Psychic Lady: [to Ali] Weren’t you complaining about men trying to keep you down?


Ali Davis: This tea messed me up.
Psychic Lady: Did you shit yourself?
Ali Davis: No.
Psychic Lady: Did you shit yourself?
Ali Davis: No.
Brandon: She shit herself.
Ali Davis: No! No! I have psychic powers.
Psychic Lady: You can hear what I’m thinking right now?
Ali Davis: Not you, just men.
Brandon: You know, you could use this to your advantage.
Ali Davis: You’re right.


Ali Davis: Do we have any meetings on the books?
Man #2: Nothing yet.
[hearing his thoughts]
Man #2: Except the private poker game tonight.


Ali Davis: This is not a curse. This is a gift.


[Ali is a poker game]
Man #1: Little lady, what you doing at the big boys table, huh?
Ali Davis: Two grand.
[Ali hears the thoughts of the men at the poker game]
Man #3: I’m bluffing these fools.
Man #4: I’m missing Real Housewives.
Man #5: Pretzels are delicious.
Man #6: I’m going to freeze my sperm and have baby ice cubes.
Shaquille O’Neal: Shaq finally has a winning hand. Why am I thinking in the third person?
Man #1: I smell toast. Am I having a stroke? Wait, I have toast in my pocket. Wooph.


[playing pool]
Ali Davis: Look at you, impressing all the ladies.
Man #7: Whatever.
[thinking to himself]
Man #7: Why would I waste a second on her, when I’ve got you standing in front of me?
[Ali smiles to herself]


[Ali can hear his thoughts as they are having sex]
Man #7: Oh, okay. Slow down. Woh, woh, woh, woh, woh! Easy with the balls, they’re attached to me.


[as they are having sex]
Ali Davis: Yes!
Man #7: Why are her eyes always closed, am I that ugly?
[upon hearing this Ali opens her eyes]
Man #7: Damn, her eyes opened, but she look crazy as hell.


[after having just had sex]
Ali Davis: How was that?
Man #7: It was phenomenal. It was like you knew everything that I wanted. Girl, I feel I just ran half a marathon. I need some electrolytes. You want some electrolytes?
Ali Davis: No.
Man #7: I don’t smoke or nothing after sex, but I can get you some. Do you want some?
Ali Davis: No.
Man #7: I got flavors.


[Ali wakes up to find a small boy standing by the bed wearing her underwear on his head]
Ali Davis: Who are you?
Ben: I hope it’s okay, I borrowed your mask. Welcome to Wakanda.
Man #7: [to Ben] Close your mouth, don’t breath! Don’t say nothing.


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