Starring: Cate Blanchett, Billy Crudup, Emma Nelson, Kristen Wiig, Judy Greer, Laurence Fishburne, Troian Bellisario, James Urbaniak


Comedy-drama directed and co-written by Richard Linklater. The story centers on Bernadette Fox (Cate Blanchett), an architect and family matriarch who becomes a recluse before going missing just prior to a family vacation.



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Voice Over: Bernadette Fox was simply the most exciting thing in the world of architecture twenty years ago.


Bee Branch: Hey, mom. Do you guys remember when you told me if I go perfect grades all the way through middle school I could have anything I wanted?
Bernadette Fox: I think it was to ward off any further talk of a pony.
Bee Branch: Want to know what it is?
Elgie Branch: I don’t know. Do we?
Bee Branch: A family trip to Antarctica!
Bernadette Fox: Ponies are cute, and maybe not as much trouble as we thought.


[referring to Bernadette]
Elgie Branch: I was taken by her beauty and talent.


Bee Branch: I’m accompanying the first graders.
Bernadette Fox: That’s a great deal, Bee. Can I come?
Bee Branch: No, you wouldn’t like it. The words are way too cute, you might die of cuteness.
Bernadette Fox: Yeah, well, I want to die of cuteness. It’s my favorite thing to die of cuteness.


Bernadette Fox: Can I help you?
Audrey: Oh, hi, Bernadette. I didn’t know you were home.
Bernadette Fox: Apparently.
Audrey: I hope you don’t mind, I called the blackberry abatement specialist.
Tom the Blackberry Guy: The blackberry vines are coming under the wall.
Audrey: It’s in my raised vegetable bed, my worm bins.
Tom the Blackberry Guy: Tom.
[offers his business card]
Bernadette Fox: Bernadette Fox.
[she takes his card]
Bernadette Fox: No card.


Bee Branch: I think what happened to my mom is that she got so focused on her family, she forgot about herself.


Elgie Branch: Honey, are you getting enough sleep?
Bernadette Fox: Sleep? What’s that?


Audrey: [to Bernadette] Your hillside just slid into my home! My yard, my Japanese maples, the birdbath is practically in my living room!


Dr. Kurtz: [to Elgie] So, from what you’re saying, she ran over a mother at school. And then she created an environment which destroyed a neighbor’s home.


Man: [to Bernadette] People like you must create. If you don’t, you become a menace to society.


Man: [to Bernadette] There’s one answer to all of your problems. Get your ass back to work.


Bernadette Fox: Something unexpected has come up. There’s much more explanation coming, but I have this one shot.


Bernadette Fox: Just thinking about it has got my heart racing.


Bernadette Fox: I have concocted a plan.


Bernadette Fox: A huge project has come up. It will require me to go to Antarctica.


Woman: It’s twice the challenge anyone ever imagines, with long stretches without sleep and exercise.
Bernadette Fox: Sounds like I’ve been in training for this for the last twenty years.


Bernadette Fox: I have this one shot to launch my second act. So step aside, because I am about to kick the hell out of life.


Soo-Lin: You’ll never guess what happened. She disappeared. Bernadette jumped out a window.
Audrey: What?


[referring to Bernadette]
Elgie Branch: She didn’t just vanish!


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