Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, Rory Cochrane, RJ Cyler, Jonathan Majors, Eddie Marsan, Bruce Dern, Piper Laurie



Crime drama directed by Yann Demange which is based on true events. The story is set in the 1980s and follows blue-collar father, Richard Wershe Sr. (Matthew McConaughey), and his teenage son, Richard Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt), who became the youngest ever undercover informant, and later a drug dealer, before he was dropped by his handlers and sentenced to life in prison.


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Ricky Wershe Jr.: How come we stayed, Dad?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Huh?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Detroit. You always saying it’s a shithole.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Son, lion don’t leave the Serengeti. Besides, this is going to be our year, I can feel it. You know, people like to piss on this country, but America is the only place in the goddamn world where a man can hot-wire his brains to his balls and make shit happen. All’s he got to have is vision.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Vision?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Yeah.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Man needs a fucking pair of glasses. He wired his brains to his balls?
Richard Wershe Sr.: It’s a, uh, metaphor, Rick.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Fuck is that?
Richard Wershe Sr.: I mean, like a phrase of speech.


Richard Wershe Sr.: I can tell you’re high, Dawn.
Dawn Wershe: I may be high, but that ain’t why Ty’s here.
Richard Wershe Sr.: You know how many kids have died in this neighborhood cause of drugs? I’m not going to let you ruin your life, Dawn. No drugs in the goddamn house.
Dawn Wershe: I don’t need drugs for that, Daddy. You and mom pretty much did that all on your own.


Dawn Wershe: You realize you the worst fucking father ever.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Get dressed, Dawn. Put your clothes on.


Richard Wershe Sr.: Everything’s fine. Don’t get out of the car.
Ray Wershe: Everything is not fine! A man just ran out of your house, almost dents my Imperial. You don’t have a goddamn thing under control.
Dawn Wershe: I hate you! I used to think Ma left you because you beat her. But it’s really cause you a fucking loser!
Ray Wershe: Hey, genius.
Ray Wershe: What the fuck is going on?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Your mother left you, too, huh? You ever think about that? She left all of us.
Dawn Wershe: Fuck you!
Richard Wershe Sr.: Fuck you, fuck me, fuck you, yeah.
Ray Wershe: Hey, son, you’re going to let her talk to you like that?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Pop, go in the goddamn house!
Dawn Wershe: Shut up!
Richard Wershe Sr.: I got this under control!
Ray Wershe: For Christ’s… It ain’t under control. And stop using the F-word.
Vera Wershe: Ray. Stay out of it. Looks like Richard’s having a bad day.
Richard Wershe Sr.: No, Ma, I’m not having a bad day. I’m having a great fucking day, as a matter of fact. My son and I walked into the lion’s den this morning, and walked out with the Golden Fleece. Ain’t that right, Ricky?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: That’s right.
Richard Wershe Sr.: That’s right.
Dawn Wershe: You’re pathetic! Both of you!
Richard Wershe Sr.: Hey, put some clothes on, will you? We’re going for custard!


Ricky Wershe Jr.: Look, I’m just trying to do a little bit of business. Y’all know who my dad is, right? Y’all know what he sell?
Leo ‘Big Man’ Curry: You think we give a fuck about who your daddy is, Opie?
Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Yeah, I know what your daddy sell.


Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: What you said your name was?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Rick.
Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Alright, White Boy Rick. What you want for this James Bond shit?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Fifteen hundred each. I could do a thousand seeing y’all are new customers and all.
Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Sold. Pay the man.


Rudell ‘Boo’ Curry: You got some balls coming here like you did, boy. You either stupid, or crazy. Here. Hope you got you a girl, because you about to do some serious fucking tonight. You should come by the Skate and Roll sometime, but not like this. You look like you robbed a fucking Kmart, or something.
[Ricky looks down at his clothes]
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Alright. Cool.


[Ricky pulls out gun]
FBI Agent Snyder: Woh, woh, woh!
Detective Jackson: Shit!
FBI Agent Byrd: Hey, no firearms.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: You all got them.
Detective Jackson: Yeah, because I’m the motherfucking PD and they’re the motherfucking FBI, you little motherfucker.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Then why don’t the motherfucking PD and the motherfucking FBI walk they’re asses down there?
[Snyder holds out her hand and Ricky reluctantly giver her his gun]
FBI Agent Byrd: We got your back, Rick.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Blow me.


[referring to the bag of drugs]
Detective Jackson: Consider it a bonus.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Dude, my dad finds this, he’ll kick my ass.
Detective Jackson: Just make sure he doesn’t find it, then. A new jack like your ass is buying and you ain’t pushing, word gets around.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: First y’all got me buying, now y’all got me selling?


Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Six hundred and fifty grams, Rick. That’s all it take to land your ass, my ass, and all your buddies out there on the inside for the rest of our lives. Shit, you better off murdering somebody in the state of Michigan. So if you holding even one fucking gram, you don’t come anywhere near me or mine, you understand? They haul your ass, you doing white time. They haul any of our asses, we doing black time, so don’t be reckless around here. You want to move weight? Come to me.


Richard Wershe Sr.: I want you to go back to school, Ricky. Hear me? These guys you’re hanging around with, you’re going to get in too deep, and then they ain’t going to let you out.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Who, Dad? The Currys or the cops?


Ricky Wershe Jr.: Look at this shit. Look how we’re living. We got to do something, Dad. We got to make some money!
Richard Wershe Sr.: No. No drugs, Ricky. You know I can’t do that.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Fuck, Dad! You been selling to the drug dealers every damn day. The only difference is you’ve been making pennies on the dollar. You know, it’s about time we go grab the dollar, don’t you think? Hey, come on, Dad. I can do this. We can do this. I mean, I know the players. And I know their game.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Ah, Ricky, I already lost Dawn. I can’t lose you, too.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Dad, we didn’t lose Dawn. There’s just no way she’s coming home the way things are. There’s just nothing to come home to. Like, ain’t nobody going to help us. We got to do this before it’s too late. I’ve got a daughter too now.


[referring to the newspaper story on Ricky after his arrest]
Lawyer: This is what we’re up against, gentlemen.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Okay, I mean, they’re making him out like he’s Capone.
Lawyer: That’s the sentiment in the city. The mayor himself has warned me to stay clear of this. Ricky’s a leper.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Look, Bill, it’s not like he killed anyone.
Lawyer: Six hundred and fifty grams, Rick. That’s the law. You know how much was in that box? Eight kilos, that’s eight thousand grams. It would be better for Ricky if he had killed someone.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Where are the Feds and the cops on this, right? They’re the ones that got him dealing in the first place. Where the fuck are they?
Lawyer: Ask yourself this. Would you believe a fifteen year-old kid was working for the federal government?
Richard Wershe Sr.: But he was.


[visiting Ricky in jail]
Richard Wershe Sr.: You know, poked the lion one too many goddamn times.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Alright, Dad.
Richard Wershe Sr.: It’s like we always talked about, son. You got to lose a few battles to win the war.
Ricky Wershe Jr.: We didn’t talk about it. You did. And the war is over.
Richard Wershe Sr.: No, it’s not, son. Don’t say that. It’s not over, you hear me?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Look where I’m at. It’s like I’m dead in here. And that’s how they want it.


Richard Wershe Sr.: Eight pounds, fourteen ounces. That’s what you weighed when you were born. Ricky, I remember the first time I looked in your eyes, I knew you were going to be bigger than me. I knew your life was going to be bigger than mine. Not just in size, but in life, in heart, in spirit. My life was hard, you know? Not yours. Yours was going to be easy. Going to be so goddamn easy. And I fucked up. And I’m sorry. You’re my best friend, Rick. No, you’re my only friend. You just remember you got me. and you got Dawn, and you got your daughter, alright? And we’re not going anywhere. We’re always going to be right here. Alright?
[Ricky nods his head as he cries, he gets up to leave]
Richard Wershe Sr.: Hey, it don’t end like this. Alright? Don’t you give up on me. Ricky, hey, it don’t end like this. We’re lions. Hear me? We’re lions!
[Ricky turns and leaves]


[last lines; we hear the voice of the real Ricky Wershe Jr.]
Ricky Wershe Jr.: I don’t think there’s a person that works here that thinks I belong in prison. You don’t know, having that life sentence off of you, the stress that it takes off of you and the foot that’s been on my chest for all these years. This is my thirtieth birthday in prison, and, and it’ll be the best one, so… Oh, man, I feel overwhelmed with joy, man. I mean, it’s like, I swear to God, man, I feel like ten years younger. It’s weird like so much weight’s been lifted off of me. “It’s over. You’re done. Michigan paroled you.” I cried, man. I cried. And I want to go tell my grandma and grandpa that I made it out of prison, you know? I want to go visit them at their grave site. I got everything I need in life.

Total Quotes: 16


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