Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, Rory Cochrane, RJ Cyler, Jonathan Majors, Eddie Marsan, Bruce Dern, Piper Laurie


Crime drama directed by Yann Demange which is based on true events. The story is set in the 1980s and follows blue-collar father, Richard Wershe Sr. (Matthew McConaughey), and his teenage son, Richard Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt), who became the youngest ever undercover informant, and later a drug dealer, before he was dropped by his handlers and sentenced to life in prison.


Best Quotes: 

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Ricky Wershe Jr.: How come you stay, dad?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Huh?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Detroit.
Richard Wershe Sr.: Son, the lion don’t leave the Serengeti. And besides, this is going to be our year, I can feel it.


Dawn Wershe: You realize you’re the worst father ever.
Richard Wershe Sr.: I’m not going to let you ruin your life, Dawn. No drugs in the house.


Richard Wershe Sr.: Everything’s fine.
Ray Wershe: It’s not fine!
Richard Wershe Sr.: You’re fine, mom’s fine. Dawn, you’re fine.
Dawn Wershe: I hate you!
Ray Wershe: You’re going to let her talk to you like that?
Richard Wershe Sr.: Pop, go in the goddamn house!
Vera Wershe: Ray, stay out of it.
[to Dawn, who’s only wearing her t-shirt and underwear]
Richard Wershe Sr.: Put some clothes on, will you. We’re going for custard!


Ricky Wershe Jr.: You all know who my dad is, right? You all know what he sell?
Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Yeah, I know who your broke ass dad is. What did you say your name was?
Ricky Wershe Jr.: Rick.
Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: Alright. White Boy Ricky. You got some balls coming here like you did. You should come by Skate Roll sometime, but not like this. You look like you robbed a Kmart or something.


Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: You’re good, Rick. You want to move weight, you come to me.


Ricky Wershe Jr.: My dad finds this and he’ll kick my ass.
Detective Jackson: Then just make sure he doesn’t find it. Break it down, the dom rocks. Get yourself a crew and offload it. Before long people will know you’re legit.


Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: It’s Ricky. He white!


Richard Wershe Sr.: [to Ricky] You’re going to get in too deep, and they’re never going to let you out.


Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry: [to Ricky] You talk, I’ll know!


Richard Wershe Sr.: [to Ricky] Eight pounds fourteen ounces. That’s what you weighed when you were born. The first time I looked in your eyes I knew you were going to be bigger than me, and your life was going to be bigger than mine.


Ricky Wershe Jr.: Look at this, dad. Look how we’re living! Let’s hustle big. I know all the players and I know the game. So come on, dad! I can do this. And we can do this. We can fix our lives and be a family again. What do you say?


Man: Ask yourself this. Would you believe a fifteen year-old kid was working for the federal government?
Richard Wershe Sr.: But he was.


[as Ricky takes hold of a gun]
FBI Agent: Woh!
Detective Jackson: Shit!
Ricky Wershe Jr.: What? You all got ’em.


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