By Tamara Marie (UK)


Willy Wonka, a famous candy maker remains secret in his factory for years, when suddenly golden tickets begin to appear in his famous chocolate bars in stores all over the world, people around the world go in search for a ticket in hope to a win a tour and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a film adaption of the beautiful children’s book of the same name by hit author Raul Dahl. If you have young children they are probably familiar with the story. An absolute classic. Starring Gene Wilder as the wonderful flamboyant Willy Wonka. I honestly think what’s so appealing about this movie is the story in which it’s told. Mel Stuart has taken a beautiful children’s book and brought it to life. For a movie that was produced in 1971, it still looks stunning to this day.

Gene Wilder was the perfect choice to play Willy Wonka. Jack Albertson is equally as fantastic as Grandpa Joe. His characterization is fantastic, Grandpa Joe is caring, kind and cares deeply about young Charlie. I love the relationship that they both share, the chemistry on screen is fantastic and very convincing. I really love the characters, Verruca Salt played by the wonderful Julie Dawn Cole, she’s incredibly irritating and annoying, but it’s what makes her character so perfect. She’s spoilt rotten and Mel Stuart went to every effort that he could to show that on screen to audiences. Violet Beauregarde is equally as irritating as Verruca, she’s got a serious obsession with chewing gum. Peter Ostrum is fantastic as young Charlie, he’s sweet, innocent and wants a ticket more than anyone else. A lot of people will probably find themselves relating to Charlie in one way or another. Mike Teevee, another very irritating character, although his parents are probably to blame for his serious obsession with cowboy movies.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory manages to capture the imaginations of everyone that comes into contact with it. The scene in which Charlie finds a golden ticket is truly magical and heartwarming. This movie has its dark moments, slugworth! The majority of the film though is really magical and is very funny and entertaining. There’s a good moral to the story and the movie, respect your elders and be thankful for what you have, don’t be greedy, there are others out there that have nothing and don’t sit too close to the television screen, you’ll get square eyes! The set design is quite astonishing production designers Pia Arnold and Renate Neuchl have done an incredible job at bringing this movie to life. So much detail has gone into every scene. I love the old fashioned sweet shop where Charlie first finds his golden ticket, every sweet you can think of is probably in that shop! I particularly love the candy canes that are on top of the bar.

Cinematographer Arthur Ibbetson has made this movie look truly spectacular, I especially love the opening shot of watching chocolate being made professionally in a chocolate factory. It adds to the storyline beautifully and really brings the story to life. It’s like a dream, the way the camera pans across the chocolate room, giant gummy bears, giant lollipops, giant candy canes that come in a range of different colours, flowers that look like teacups, did I mention a chocolate waterfall? The amount of creativity that has gone into making this film look truly spectacular is actually amazing! I love the way Mel Stuart chose to show the lyrics on the screen during songs and dance numbers, it just adds to the magic and the tone of the film perfectly.

Composes Leslie and Anthony Newly have done a wonderful in creating a truly magical soundtrack. I can guarantee you’ll find yourself singing along to “pure imagination” and “I’ve got a golden ticket” this movie is nothing without its wonderful soundtrack. It adds to the storyline and tone of the film brilliantly. I cannot highly recommend this film enough to everyone, it’ll fill your heart with love and joy. Be sure to have a chocolate bar or a bag of sweets on standby, chances are you’ll find yourself craving them like crazy after viewing. Magical and heartwarming.

Rating: 5/5


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