By Marijus Pikelis (Lithuania)


Winter’s Tale… Probably the most underrated movie recently. What’s with all of this negativity? It does everything it sets out to do – being a truly magical, uplifting, emotional piece of art.

The directing is wonderfully done accompanied with a musical score which makes it special and really shines all throughout the movie. Script is full of metaphors, symbolism with huge amount of detail and depth in it, thought-provoking ideas; it is beautiful and unique, which is quite rare in films nowadays.

There is plenty to see for the mainstream audience, as well as people who have different perspective, so it works on both levels, which really surprised me.

The acting is a strong part and everyone did a great job to portray interesting and multi-layered characters, especially the chemistry between Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown-Findlay was wonderful to watch, and they fit the roles very well.

Cinematography is also a very important part of the movie, the film visually looks amazing and it helped to create a believable New York, with all of the different settings and themes – major and small.

There are some issues here and there, but it is a ‘Tale’ and I think this motion picture represents the title perfectly.

The only real problem is the marketing. The trailer, while it is really good in my opinion, it barely represents the actual movie. Posters, they look really cheap and similar to every romance film, therefore people might have been mistaken and not wanting to see this movie.

Overall, I loved the film, every second of it. Can’t wait to see it again, and if you have a chance, go see it in the theaters for the best experience! A must own on Blu-Ray/DVD!

The director/writer/producer Mr. Akiva Goldsman did an amazing job and I thank him and the rest of the cast and crew with all of my heart, thank You for making this one of a kind movie!


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