Starring: Brianna Denski, Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis, John Oliver



Animated adventure comedy which follows a young creative girl named June (Brianna Denski), who finds an incredible amusement park hidden in the woods. The park is filled with fantastical rides and funny, talking animals, called Wonderland, that was abandoned and is now in disarray. June soon discovers the park came from her imagination and she’s the only one who can fix it and revive the wonder with the help of the animals.


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Greta: People love coming to Wonderland because it’s the best time ever, and that’s thanks to you. Because who are you?
Boomer, Gus, Cooper, Steve: We are the wonder in Wonderland.
Greta: I can’t hear you.
Boomer, Gus, Cooper, Steve: We are the wonder in Wonderland.
Greta: One more time.
Boomer, Gus, Cooper, Steve: We are the wonder in Wonderland!
Greta: Yes, you are! Last one to Clockwork Swings is a rotten avocado!


Boomer: Welcome! Boy, it’s going to be a great day. I know that because we’ve had literally nothing but wondrous days since the moment we opened!


Steve: Did you hear the joke about dehydration?
Park Visitors: No.
Steve: That’s right, because there is absolutely nothing funny about dehydration.
[throw bottles of water to the guests]


Young June: Um, mom, do you ever feel like Wonderland is real? Or maybe it could be?
Mom: Of course it could be.
Young June: Really? How do you know?
Mom: Because I know the girl who imagined it, and she can do anything.
Young June: Me?
Mom: Oh, yeah.


Young June: They said it couldn’t be done, but behold! The Grand Wonder!
Banky: Who said it couldn’t be done?
Young June: They.
Banky: Who’s they?
Young June: It’s just an expression. Don’t bust me on a technicality.


Mom: What were you thinking, June? Do you know how lucky you are? It could have been a whole lot worse than a raspberry on your elbow.
Young June: I was just listening to you. You said Wonderland could be real, and that I could do anything.
Mom: I never want you to stop using your imagination, June Bug. But I need you to also remember to be practical and safe. I can’t imagine what I’d do if something happened to you.


Young June: So, we can keep building more of Wonderland?
Mom: Yes, of course. But, June, without wrecking the neighborhood.
Young June: Right. Without wrecking the neighborhood.


Aunt Albertine: We have a present for you, June. It’s a Ferris wheel!
June: Oh. Uh…
Uncle Tony: I tried wrapping it, but wrapping circular things is much harder than I would’ve imagined.
Aunt Albertine: I thought it would just be perfect for your Wonderland model. Where did all that go?
June: Uh…
Dad: We put Wonderland away.
Aunt Albertine: Well, that’s a shame. I told your mom just yesterday we’d help you build it. And I know your Uncle Tony.
Uncle Tony: I’m not above playing with toys.


Aunt Albertine: Oh, look what I found. It’s the blueprint for Wonderland.
June: I don’t play with that anymore.
Aunt Albertine: But, sweetheart…
June: Please, put that away.
Aunt Albertine: But…
June: Just please!
Aunt Albertine: This is a beautiful thing you and your mom did together, darling. To create something so real. You can…
June: Wonderland isn’t real! It never could be real. And even if it was, it’s the last place in the world I’d want to visit!
[she snatches the blueprint from her aunt’s hands and throws it in the fire to burn]
Aunt Albertine: Oh, no. Oh, Junie.


[after finding a broken-down Wonderland in the woods]
June: No way. How is this possible?


Boomer: Run for your life!
Greta: Grab her! Get moving, pipsqueak!
June: What’s going on? Why are we chasing Boomer?
Gus: Oh, we’re not chasing him.
Cooper: They’re chasing us!


June: Hey, Boomer. What is going on around here?
Boomer: What does it look like? We’re at war!
June: War? There’s no fighting in Wonderland.
Boomer: Stay put. Because if they see us, they will…
[he starts to snore]
Boomer: Uh-oh.
[he collapses, then quickly wakes]
Boomer: Save yourself!
[falls back asleep]
June: They’ll what? Boomer, finish the sentence. They’ll what?


[referring to the Chimpanzombies]
Steve: So cute, but so naughty.


Steve: Hello, June. My name is…
June: Steve. I know who you are.
Gus: You know who we are?
Cooper: I didn’t think anybody still remembered.
[Gus smacks Cooper in the face]
Cooper: Ow!
June: You guys are the wonder in Wonderland. Or at least you were.


June: What happened to this place?
Boomer: The Darkness happened. It came when Clockwork Swings began to slow, and brought with it…
Greta: Alright, bring it down, Gandalf.
Boomer: Oh, right. Okay, here we go. It was a day, just like any other here in Wonderland, when the strangest thing happened. Clockwork Swings, the heart of the park, came to a dead stop. And that’s when we first saw it. The Darkness. It brought an evil that transformed the WonderChimp dolls into an army of Chimpanzombies.


Boomer: Every day since, the Chimpanzombies have waged war, tearing apart the park and feeding it piece by piece into the Darkness, never to be seen again.
June: There was nothing you could do? Not even Peanut? Where is Peanut?
Boomer: He ventured out on his own to try and restart Clockwork Swings by hand.
June: Then why didn’t he use his magic?
Boomer: He just said that he knew restarting Clockwork Swings was the only way to bring the life back into Wonderland. But…
Steve: And we lost any hope of turning Clockwork Swings back on, and one day restoring the park to all its former glory.


Greta: How do you have a blueprint of Wonderland?
Boomer: Um, uh, my mom and I invented Wonderland when I was little, and somehow it came to life.
Greta: [laughing] That’s got to be the most…
Boomer: Splendiferous news ever!


Steve: Um, seems I have backed into the middle of something here. Backing out!
[starts moving backwards]
Steve: “Beep. Beep. Beeep. Beep.”


Steve: Oh, how did you do it, June?
June: Huh?
Steve: To create such a woman who doesn’t walk through this world. She glides.
[we see Greta slip]
Steve: That silken red hair. Those come-hither tusks.
[June shouts out as they get closer to Greta]
June: Greta?!
Greta: Oh, what do you want?
Steve: What? No, nothing here. Just a bit of a roll call. “Steve!” “Present and accounted for.” Roll call complete.
[Chuckles nervously]


June: All these amazing things in Wonderland came from you.
Peanut: That is a lie. I was just the middleman. All the ideas, the inspiration, it came from…
June: A voice whispering in your ear. A woman’s voice.
Peanut: How do you know about that? I never told anyone.
June: It doesn’t matter. And not too long ago…
Peanut: The sound of her voice, it just…
Peanut, June: …went away.
June: And then the Darkness took over.
Peanut: I guess whoever she was, she forgot about me. I kept waiting. I kept hoping she would come back to help me fight against the Darkness, but I just felt so…
June: Alone.


June: Peanut, there’s something I need to tell…
Peanut: Shush.
June: Don’t shush me. This is important.
Peanut: We have to go!


June: It’s time to bring Wonderland back to life.
Boomer: Huh?
Cooper: What?
June: Guys, I know I let you down. But I want to make it right.
Greta: How do you know it’ll work?
June: Because I built this place. My mom and I did. But she got sick and had to stop, and I got scared. So scared of losing her that I lost myself. And she would hate to see how I changed. How we’ve all changed.


June: Now, buckle up! We’re going to ride that coaster like the wind. Who’s with me?
Greta: I’m with you, June.
Steve: We are all with you, June.
Gus: Yeah, that’s right.
Cooper: Ah…
[Gus smacks Cooper]
Cooper: Ow! I still believe in you.
Boomer: Um, I’m more of a “two feet on the ground” kind of guy. I think there’s a weight restriction on that ride, isn’t there?
June: Oh, come on, Boomer.
Boomer: There is absolutely no way…
[he starts to snore]
Boomer: Oh, no.
[snore again]
Boomer: …I will ev…
[he collapses as he falls asleep]
Gus: Uh, we got this.
[Gus and Cooper starts to drag away the unconscious Boomer]
Cooper: Too many marshmallow calzones.


[Boomer wakes up]
Boomer: Hey, guys. I had that weird kidnapping dream again. I wonder what it means.
[suddenly he looks down and sees himself strapped in cart sat in on top of the roller-coaster]


[shouting to Boomer, who’s sat on top of the roller-coaster]
June: Boomer! We’ll be right up! Greta just has to get the other cart!
Boomer: I want to be down.
Cooper: Only one way down!
Gus: Yeah, fly like a bird, bro.
Boomer: But I’m not a bird! Birds are terrifying, with those beaks, and those talons, and influenza type A!


June: You guys did block the wheels, right?
[holds up the block of wood]
Gus: Oh, that’s what this is for!
Cooper: Oops.
June: Ugh. Guys!


[back to Boomer, who sees a bird is flying towards him]
Gus: Huh. What are the odds?
June: Astronomically small.


[as the bird is getting closer]
Boomer: No, no, no. No!
[the birds sits on him]
Boomer: Oh, terrific. Uh, oh, gosh. He’s looking at me.
[the cart starts to move a little]
Boomer: Oh, no, no, no, no. Shoo, shoo. Get out of here. Nice birdie. Oh, hey. I hear your friends.
[chuckles nervously, then starts to imitate a bird squawking]
Boomer: Please don’t move. See. You’re not…
[as the bird moves, the cart’s wheels move again]
Boomer: Oh!
[Boomer starts blowing on the bird, the bird blows a raspberry, then pecks Boomer and flies off]
Boomer: Ow!
[Boomer sighs with relief, but the cart starts to move again]
Boomer: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no. No, no, no, no, aah!
[the cart starts rolling down the roller-coaster]
Greta: [to Boomer] You were supposed to wait!
June: Oh, no! He’s going the wrong way! If we don’t turn Boomer around…
Steve: He’ll be fried like a funnel cake!


June: Gus, Cooper! Drop the upper track to the lower one, and we’ll reroute Boomer to safety.
Gus, Cooper: On it!
[the shoot off]
June: We’ll need some kind of rope, something strong to stop him with.
Greta: Got it.
[Greta runs off]


[as Boomer is being carted around on the roller-coaster, Gus and Cooper are biting off the wood on the roller-coaster ride]
Boomer: Get me off of this thing!
Cooper: We’re not going to make it! We’re not going to make it! We’re not going to make it!
[just as Boomer shoots off past them, that part of the roller-coaster collapses]
Gus: Oh, man.
Cooper: Well, at least we got dinner.


[as they are trying to save Boomer off the roller-coaster]
June: Nuts.
Gus: Well, that didn’t work.
June: [sarcastically] You think?


Steve: This is beginning to feel like a terrible turn of events for us all.
Gus, Cooper: I’m with him.


Steve: Launch me, Greta.
Greta: Launch you?
Steve: Launch me. For Wonderland! For Greta! For freedom!
[as Greta launches him, he uses his needles to take down the Chimpanzombies]
Steve: Nailed it.


June: Well, I probably should be getting home.
Boomer: Wait, you’re leaving? What are we going to do without you?
June: You’re going to do what you always do. Come on, bring it in.
[they all huddle down together]
June: You have everything you need right here. Because who are we?
Boomer, Peanut, Greta, Steve, Gus, Cooper: We are the wonder in Wonderland.
June: I can’t hear you!
Boomer, Peanut, Greta, Steve, Gus, Cooper: We are the wonder in Wonderland.
June: One more time!
Boomer, Peanut, Greta, Steve, Gus, Cooper: We are the wonder in Wonderland!


Greta: The Darkness. It’s still there.
June: Maybe it’ll never really fully go away. Maybe it’s there to remind us to look at the light that surrounds us.


[as she’s leaving]
June: You’ll hear me in the wind.
Peanut: Oh, I know I will. And we’ll be here for you. Always.


[after her mom has returned home]
Mom: I’m okay now, June Bug.
June: So am I.
Mom: It looks like you kept your little light shining bright.
June: I’ve got a story even you might not believe.
Mom: Try me.
[she kisses June on her forehead]
Banky: Now that is splendiferous!


[sharing Wonderland that she’s built in their backyard with the other kids]
June: Come on! Wonderland is now open!

Total Quotes: 38


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