By Tuyet Trinh Dang (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


Best response of DC by far to Marvel

Here the review for the movie currently holds my highest scores of this year. And it may contain some spoilers FYI 😉.

Probably we all know that 2016 wasn’t a great year to DCEU when Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice just “won” big at Razzies Awards. But this years, DC fans finally can rejoice with Wonder Woman – a movie which not only fans are crazy about but also the critics are deeply in love!

Wonder Woman first appears in DCEU in BvS, so clearly we already had a chance to know her. But this movie just gave us more about the depth of Wonder Woman’s origin. It’s story is about where she came from and why she chose to protect human being.

At the very first opening scenes, the movie just won my heart with beautiful landscape at Themiscyra aka the land of the Amazonian. At this time, Wonder Woman is known as Diana Princess. She is super innocent and literally does not know anything about human world. But her innocence turned out to be the highlight of this movie as it brought out the humour. Especially those scenes featuring Diana with Steve Trevor.

Then innocent Diana decided to leave her Themiscyra to find the Ares and stop the war. At this, we get a closer look at how she adjusts herself in the outside world and knows what this war is really about as well as finds out who the real Ares is. This story lines takes us witness the journey of a superheroine: From Diana Princess to a real Wonder Woman, from the one everyone protects to the one who protects all people.

Wonder Woman’s actions in this movie are so satisfying to watch. Every time she walks into a battle, the music background and the slow motions just come in so well-timed. Those scenes look so super cool that you’ll find it so hard to leave your seat. Plus, the fact that Gal Gadot looks stunning in every angles makes it even harder for you to take your eyes off the screen. She definitely nailed with this role. The way she carries out the character makes me think that she’s a truly Wonder Woman herself.

One thing I really love about this movie is that the dramatic and comedic tone is well balanced. DC still remains their dark style but Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins director just did the great job bringing some fresh air to this cinematic universe. The movie obviously is much funnier, lighter and more romantic, well-scripted than those previous DCEU ones were. Wonder Woman actually lifts the DCEU up to the new heights. It also opens the new chapter for the superheroine movies. We always think a guy as a hero will be funnier and cooler but with what Wonder Woman has performed, we can hope to see more heroine movies.

DC has been struggling with bringing out the characters from comic books to live action films but Wonder Woman show that they can still battle Marvel. They clearly has learned from the mistakes they made last year. That’s why I can’t wait to see Justice League.

I am not a DC fan but the inspiring positivity they brought out through this movie makes me want to see what happens next in this cinematic universe.

Rating: 4/5



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