By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


Wow. Just wow. I’m flabbergasted. I went into this film thinking it would be one of the biggest bombs of the year. One of those movies that make a lot of money, but won’t be a good film, however, when the film started, I was glued to my seat. World War Z stars Brad Pitt (whose films I try to avoid) and he plays Gerry, who is an ex agent of UN turned family man who quit his job to spend more time with his family. It starts off with a bang and the action begins. Unlike The Purge, which gives you a ton of exposition, World War Z jumps right into the story because they know their audience and what they want to see. I would’ve preferred more development to character but I understand their decision and it has a good payoff.

The action scenes are suspenseful and filmed well. The zombies are incredibly well done and when you see them it sends chills down your spine. Gerry is asked to work with the government again to help find out how to fix this zombiepocolapyse. This film doesn’t do anything out of the box or something never done before, but the way they control their audience is amazing. It’s tough to get your audience to show emotion and react, but they did it so well. Seeing the audience appreciate the film and react to everything the film does makes me admire and appreciate the film even more.

The story is fast paced, but well-paced. It’s really interesting how they find the zombies Achilles heel, sort a speak, and very creative on the writers part. Some might find it a little far-fetched but I can buy it. However, one of the problems with this film is too many jumping the shark moments. Brad Pitt gets out of so many near death situations, it becomes old, repetitive and really annoying. It affects the rest of the film because you don’t want your audience to call what’s gonna happen next? Every time I saw Brad Pitt in a near death situation I always knew he would survive. You could argue that he’s the star and of course he will, but I’ve been tricked before by other movies in this same scenario so it’s not fair to give this film a break.

I enjoyed most of the characters even though there are some throw away characters that are there just to die which I hate. I wish World War Z developed character but because for the most part they all die, so why take the time to develop. I get characters need to die, but keep the death toll for main characters at a minimum. The acting surprisingly is one of the strong points in the film. I see the actors as their characters and not as themselves in a role. For the most part all the characters are enjoyable despite how long they may be in the film for. I like the mystery behind the film. I wish they could’ve had more humor in the film but that’s just a nitpick.

For those who don’t know the studio has already green lit a sequel. The problem with that is the ending kind of wrapped things up. Their set up for a sequel seemed forced and unnecessary. A sequel period seems unnecessary, but I’ll still pay my money to see it. Altogether it’s a fun film that everyone will enjoy. While it’s not breaking any barriers, it captures your interest and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Thumbs up for the film with an 8/10 stars.

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