By Brandon J. Gomez (California)


World War Z follows the tale of Gerry Lane and how at the outbreak of an unknown plague, the entire population of the world begins to turn into forms of “zombie” beings. Gerry is hired as a United Nations official, and is asked to find the origin of the plague, and if there is a way to counteract the virus. Traveling the world, Gerry meets numerous amounts of people in order to find where this plague had started.

This movie, by far, defines the definition of a true zombie flick. The sense of realism is amazing and the camerawork in this film is breathtaking. This movie keeps the viewer shocked and amazed to the suspense of the zombies as well as to the human behavior. Brad Pitt does an amazing job in this film and the whole cast choice in this film was perfect.

Let’s get into zombies now. The fact that the zombies were given so much of a scientific origin is what made the movie so realistic. Everything from the amount of time it took for people to turn, to the fact that the zombies actually ran. Yes, the zombies actually ran. Of course zombies did run in the movie Zombieland, however, if zombies existed and ran the way they did in WWZ, it would be so much more scarier.

The zombies in this movie run at full sprint as well as leap to get to their prey. What was amazing was that the movie itself was not gory and bloody like most zombie movies. Due to the scientific realism, the zombies only just bit their victims and moved on to bite another. That was what made the film so much more enjoyable.

I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves zombie flicks and in generally anyone who wants to see a very well done summer movie. This one is a movie that I will buy the day it comes out.

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