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[Speke shows Gerry a room full of burnt out corpses and piles of their ashes]
Captain Speke: Now there’s fifteen, sixteen guys in this room. Most of them guards, but all of them were bitten.
[pointing to the burnt corpse in a bed]
Captain Speke: Trying to get this man handcuffed to the cot. Now a Colonel said, he was the first one.
Gerry Lane: This Colonel, is he around?
Captain Speke: Oh, yeah, he’s right here.
[he looks over another burnt out corpse in the corner of the room, two of his fingers still moving]
Gerry Lane: The guy who’s shackled, do you know who bit him, what bit him?
Captain Speke: He was the base doctor. He’d just returned from the field. Been sent out to verify the death of a soldier, who’d just gone AWOL a week before. Some villagers found this guy, foaming at the mouth, oozing some kind of black tar.


[we see flashback to the doctor bending down to listen to the heart of the dead Korean soldier though his stethoscope]
Captain Speke: Then he tried to bite one of them. They shot him, tied him up, threw him in a barn.
[we see the doctor bending down to listen for any breathing, as he does the dead soldier’s fingers suddenly move, his eyes role up and open and he suddenly attacks the doctor]
Captain Speke: That’s all we know, except the doctor comes back here and begins attacking his patients.
Gerry Lane: The soldier, do you know where he came from?
Captain Speke: No.
Gerry Lane: Anyone he might have come in contact with?
Captain Speke: No.
Gerry Lane: Has he got any records?
Captain Speke: You’re welcome to take a look if you want.
[he points to pile of burnt files in the corner of the room]
Gerry Lane: Then the origin could have come from anywhere.
Captain Speke: It’s a shame you had to fly all the way out here to figure that out.


Gerry Lane: How did you all escape this?
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: The expenditure of ammunition.
[he notices the solider limping]
Gerry Lane: Is that how you tweaked your leg?
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: No, this shit’s been bugging me a while.
[pointing to the soldier]
Captain Speke: This fool, stands right in the mix, while seven or eight of them turn Zeek all at the same time. They got no time for the bastard here, biting everything like fat kids love Twix.
[they start walking out of the burnt room]


Captain Speke: Got no time for his lucky ass.
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: I’ve been obviously charmed.
Gerry Lane: Ones I saw bitten turned in twelve seconds. Same here?
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: Five or ten minutes.
[as they walk out of the room they are interrupted by the man in the nearby cell]
Gunter Haffner: Davidson went…he turned in ten minutes.
[the man starts babbling to himself]
Gerry Lane: Who’s that?
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: Waste no time on that freak.
Captain Speke: He’s CIA, got caught selling guns to North Korea.
Gunter Haffner: Davidson, he turned in ten minutes. That doesn’t sound viral to me at all.


[Gerry walks up to Haffner’s cell and takes a seat opposite him]
Gerry Lane: You’re with the CIA?
Gunter Haffner: But they’re not with me. And who are you?
Gerry Lane: U.N.
Gunter Haffner: Oh, my God!
[Haffner chuckles mockingly]
Gunter Haffner: Captain, put on the world music. The day…is saved.
Gerry Lane: Why did you sell guns to the North?
Gunter Haffner: Why not?
Gerry Lane: Are they surviving this?
Gunter Haffner: Indeed they are.


Gerry Lane: Using your guns.
Gunter Haffner: Guns are…half-measures.
Gerry Lane: How then?
Gunter Haffner: They pulled the teeth of all twenty-three million, in less than twenty-four hours. Greatest feat of social engineering in history. Brilliant. No teeth, no bite, no great spread.
Gerry Lane: Bullshit.
Gunter Haffner: More books, fewer receptions, Boutros. Now, why do you have to burn them to ashes to get them to finally stop? Why do they move like a plague? Why is Israel winning?
Gerry Lane: How is Israel winning?world-war-z-9
Gunter Haffner: They sealed off their entire country days before the undead attacked man. First to know, first to act.
Gerry Lane: People have been building walls there for two millennia.
Gunter Haffner: Mm, right. Yeah, but finish all those thousands of years of work a week ago? Impeccable timing is all.
[Haffner walks up close to Gerry]
Gunter Haffner: You want answers? Jurgen Warmbrunn. That’s the man in Jerusalem you’ll want to see.


C130 Pilot: Have you seen anything like that?
Navy SEAL: I don’t know.
[Gerry walks up to them and interrupts them]
Gerry Lane: I’m going to Jerusalem. I’m your co-pilot.
[back on the U.N. Command Ship, Karin hears her satellite phone ringing and goes to grab it from her bag]
Karin Lane: Hang on. Hang on, hang on.
[she finally grabs the phone out of her bag and answers it]
Karin Lane: Hello?
[she hears someone on the line, but the line is bad]
Karin Lane: Gerry?
[we see Gerry at Camp Humphreys on the phone to Karin]
Gerry Lane: Honey?
Karin Lane: Gerry, can you hear me?
Gerry Lane: Karin?
Karin Lane: Hello?
[as the line is very bad Gerry ends the call]
Gerry Lane: Goddammit.


[as the soldiers and Gerry are getting ready to leave the camp]
Captain Speke: Give me your hand.
[Speke gives his ring to Gerry]
Gerry Lane: No way, no.
Captain Speke: My mother, Dallas. Probably pacing a hole in the floor right now, if she’s still there. Better chance you seeing her before me, that’s all.
Gerry Lane: It’s a big plane, we got a lot of room.
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: Well, better than the devil you know than the one you don’t.
[to Gerry]
Captain Speke: You’ll be alright, just paddle your ass off.


[pointing to the pilot]
Captain Speke: Make sure Maverick here keeps the nose of that plane pointed towards the sun.
C130 Pilot: Just remember, all of our deposit fuel lines are being met.
Captain Speke: Tell me ten more times. We good?
C130 Pilot: Right here.
[to the soldier’s getting gathered around]
Captain Speke: Alright, don’t rush. We got one chance to fuel their plane, so let’s do it right. If you aren’t a crack shot don’t go for the head…the spine’s the vine those knees they work just fine! Let’s go! Lights out!
[the camp lights are turned out and the soldiers and Gerry head outside]


[the team of soldiers and Gerry ride out on bicycles towards the plane, a sniper team of soldiers position themselves on the camp roof]
Sniper Soldier: Alpha in position.
Captain Speke: Bravo moving out. Remember these things are drawn to sound. So I need you close to target before I bring in the truck. There’s only one way we’re getting you on that plane, and that’s quietly.
[as they’re cycling towards the plane, Karin makes a call to Gerry’s satellite phone]
Captain Speke: Goddamn it, shut that thing off!
[the ringing of the phone suddenly attracts the zombies]
Captain Speke: Wow, looks like we just woke the dead.
Sniper Soldier: Uh…out of respect for the Zeeks, turn off all pagers and cellphones.
Captain Speke: We gotta go. Let’s move!


[back on the ship, Karin ends the call as she gets no answer; at the camp the soldier’s and Gerry are cycling as fast as they can to the plane]
Captain Speke: Go, go, go!
[to Gerry and the other soldiers as he drives in the fuel tank]
Captain Speke: I’ll go clear a path through Zeeks! You paddle like hell!


Sniper Soldier: Don’t pull any head shots! Careful now, I wanna see some Zeek on the ground!
[as the plane is getting refueled, the sniper team and the team on the ground start shooting at the zombies, then as Gerry is getting pulled into the plane he sees Speke getting infected by one of the zombies]
Captain Speke: Are you kidding me? I’m a Goddamn Zeek.
Sniper Soldier: I got you, Captain. Just say the word.
Captain Speke: It’s alright, boys. I got this one.
[on the plane Gerry watches from the window as Speke shoots and kills himself]
C130 Pilot: We got enough! We need to detach the fuel line!
Navy SEAL Commander: Israel had better pay off.
[the SEAL Commander starts shooting at the zombies as he walks out of the plan]


[Gerry makes a run for it to the cockpit and takes his seat next to the pilot]
Gerry Lane: Alright, Elvis. I’ve only ever driven a single prop, you have to talk me through it.
[the SEAL Commander detaches the fuel line from the plane]
Gerry Lane: Okay, we’re clear.
C130 Pilot: Okay, get me all the lights!
[the plane starts moving and the pilot gives instruction to Gerry to help fly the plane]
C130 Pilot: Set flaps, fifteen degrees.
Gerry Lane: Flaps, fifteen.
C130 Pilot: Alright, we are all set. Now, let’s get out of here.
[they finally manage to take off the plane]


[on their flight to Jerusalem, Gerry makes a call to Karin]
Karin Lane: Gerry?
Gerry Lane: Hi, baby.
Karin Lane: Hi, hi. I tried to call you.
Gerry Lane: I know, I was uh…it was bad timing. I was running around.
Karin Lane: Are you okay?
[Gerry pauses for a moment]
Gerry Lane: Yeah, everything’s okay. I’m okay.
Karin Lane: That’s the spirit.
Gerry Lane: Listen, Korea didn’t work out. Now it looks like I’m gonna have to go to Israel.
Karin Lane: Well, try to get some rest on the flight.
Gerry Lane: How are the kids?
Karin Lane: Um…I think, um…they’re really…they’re good. Uh…I got Connie right here.
[Gerry’s phone call to Karin is cut when Gerry and the pilot see a nuclear mushroom cloud off in the distance]
Karin Lane: Baby?
[Karin starts crying as she tries to call Gerry again, but Gerry can’t get reception on the plane and his phone turns off]


[as they reach Jerusalem airspace they hear the following message from the Jerusalem Tower]
Jerusalem Tower: Attention, unidentified aircraft. You’re in a restricted airspace and not cleared for landing.
Gerry Lane: Jerusalem tower, breaching three-nine-four, N-N-N, request immediate landing. Contact Mossad officer Jurgen Warmbrunn. Special envoy of the United Nations.
[after they land the plane at Atarot Airport, Gerry turns to the pilot]
Gerry Lane: Stay with the plane, get ready to get it back up. I’ll be back before dark.


[Gerry is taken to meet Warmbrunn in Jerusalem accompanied by a young female soldier, Segen]
Jurgen Warmbrunn: Trouble with most people is that they don’t believe something could happen until it already has. It’s not stupidity or weakness, it’s just human nature.
Gerry Lane: How did you know?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: Gerald Lane, wrote a self-deprecating Jeremiad, about his employer,
the U.N., back in 2010. Caused a few ripples, sidelined your career. Thought you’d have parleyed those ripples into a self-righteous book.
Gerry Lane: No nose for profit. How did Israel know?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: We intercepted a communique from an Indian general, saying they were fighting the “rakshasa”. Translation, “zombies”. Technically, undead.
Gerry Lane: Jurgen Warmbrunn, high-ranking official in the Mossad. Described as sober, efficient, not terribly imaginative, and yet, you build a wall because you read a communique that mentions the word “zombie”?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: Well, if you put it like that, I’d be skeptical as well.


[later Warmbrunn is driving Gerry through the streets of Jerusalem]
Jurgen Warmbrunn: In the ’30s, Jews refused to believe they could be sent to concentration camps. In ’72, we refused to be massacred in the Olympics. In the month before October 1973 we saw Arab troop movements, and we unanimously agreed that they didn’t pose a threat. Now, a month later, the Arab attack almost drove us into the sea. So, we decided to make a change.
Gerry Lane: A change?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: “The tenth man.” If nine of us with the same information arrived at the exact same conclusion, it’s the duty of the tenth man to disagree. No matter how improbable it may seem, the tenth man has to start thinking with the assumption that the other nine were wrong.
Gerry Lane: And you were that tenth man?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: Precisely.
[Warmbrunn stops the car and the both get out of the car, Gerry follows Warmbrunn]


Jurgen Warmbrunn: Since everyone assumed that this talk of zombies was cover for something else, I began my investigation on the assumption, that when they said, zombies they meant zombies.
Gerry Lane: Is Patient Zero from India?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: That’s the problem, there’s so many potential sources in play that no one knows where it began. Northern Bay to Germany, strange examples of acquired behavior across the Asian peninsulas. Meanwhile, the zombie plague keeps spreading, and we do what we can.
[Warmbrunn shows Gerry the gates of the walls that were built]
Jurgen Warmbrunn: These are the Jerusalem salvation gates. Two of ten quarters of the security perimeter to fortify Israel.
[Gerry watches as people are being let in and taken to refugee camps]
Gerry Lane: You’re letting people in?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: Every human being we save is one less zombie to fight.
[Warmbrunn takes Gerry down to the refugee camps, we see as the refugee prayers are blasted through a PA system, the noise created attracts the zombies on the other side of the wall]


Gerry Lane: If I could get into India, where would I start? Who would I speak with?
Jurgen Warmbrunn: India’s a black hole, forget about Patient Zero.
Gerry Lane: I can’t do that, it’s too late for me to build a wall. I’m running out of time, I need specifics, I need answers.
Jurgen Warmbrunn: I don’t have answers. All you can do is find a way to hide.
[as the zombies on the other side of the wall are getting more agitated by the noise that the refugees are making, they begin to climb the protective wall, forming a massive pile]
Gerry Lane: It’s too loud. It’s too loud!
[Gerry suddenly notices the zombies climbing over the top of the wall]
Gerry Lane: They’re coming over the top!world-war-z-10
[the zombies start jumping down over the wall and attacking everyone, Gerry and Warmbrunn make a run for it, Warmbrunn then orders Segen to escort Gerry out of there]
Jurgen Warmbrunn: [subtitled] Get him to Jaffa Gate.
[to Gerry]
Jurgen Warmbrunn: You get out of here! You get into your plane!
[Warmbrunn leaves Gerry to carry on fleeing with Segen, as they are fleeing Gerry notices that an old man is ignored by the zombies]


[to Segen as they are fleeing the zombies through the city]
Gerry Lane: Wrong way! Wrong way!
[talking into her radio]
Segen: [subtitled] Go to landing point B.
Helicopter Pilot: [subtitled] Roger, we are in bound to landing point B.
[as Gerry, Segen and the other soldier escorts are running through the city, they zombies follow them from above the gated city getting in from wherever they can, then we see the cargo plane Gerry came in getting message from tower]
Jerusalem Tower: Hawk 5, Hawk 5, you have to leave. Over.
C130 Pilot: This is Hawk 5.
Jerusalem Tower: Listen carefully, the city is breached and they’re heading towards the airport.
[as they are fleeing through the city, Gerry notices a stream of zombies rushing by and ignoring a bald-headed boy who crouches down and covers his ears]


[as they are escaping, Segen is bitten by a zombie, she looks at Gerry for a moment before Gerry quickly reaches for a blade and amputates her hand to stop the spread of the infection, Gerry then starts counting as he applies a tourniquet to her amputated hand]
Gerry Lane: 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008…
[he looks at Segen and sees that she hasn’t turned; to the solider pointing his gun at Segen in case she turns]
Gerry Lane: We gotta move!
[to Segen, who’s crying out loud due to the pain and shock]
Gerry Lane: You’ll be alright. You’re not gonna turn. You’re not gonna turn!
[to the other soldier]
Gerry Lane: We gotta move. We gotta move!
[Gerry helps Segen to run towards the helicopter coming for them, but as the helicopter tries to land it’s attacked by zombies that throw themselves at it and bring it down]


[back at the airport, the cargo pilot gets another message from tower]
Jerusalem Tower: Chopper 5 is down! I say again, Chopper 5 is down! The LZ is overrun!
C130 Pilot: Tower, Breach 3-9-4. Requesting immediate departure.
Jerusalem Tower: Tower to 3-9-4, proceed to runway 4.
[the cargo plane gets ready to take off, and as Gerry gets to the airport he sees the cargo plane taking off]
Gerry Lane: No!
[Gerry then notices a Belarus commercial flight about to take off]
Gerry Lane: There! Go!


[they run towards the plane and the soldiers with Gerry run onto the runway stopping the plane from taking off; to Gerry]
Israeli Soldier: Go! Go!
[the plane drops down a ladder, Gerry helps Segen to climb up and they enter through the cockpit]
Airline Pilot: Get them out of here.
[inside the plane, Gerry gets a medical kit and finds seats for Segen and himself, he then turns to the stewardess]
Gerry Lane: Where’s the destination?
Flight Attendant: I don’t know! We were headed to Wales, but I don’t know.
[as the plane finally takes off, Gerry watches from the window as Jerusalem is being lost to the zombies]


[Gerry takes some small alcohol beverages from the flight attendant’s area and gives some to Segen to drink]
Gerry Lane: I’m Gerry, by the way.
Gerry Lane: Segen? First or last?
Segen: Just Segen.
Gerry Lane: So what we’ll do when we gotta change this bandage when I clean it, okay?
[Gerry opens the medical kit and takes Segen’s amputated hand]
Gerry Lane: Okay, okay, okay.
[he takes off the bandage and Segen looks to be in pain]
Gerry Lane: Come on. Gut up. Gut up.
[Segen nods her head and looks away]
Gerry Lane: Here we go.


[Gerry cleans his hand with the alcohol beverage]
Gerry Lane: Okay, big breaths. Let’s get this over with fast. Big breaths. Here we go.
[Gerry starts pouring the remaining alcohol onto the wound, Segen tries to hold down her screams of pain]
Gerry Lane: Come on. Alright. Last step, last step. Big breaths.
[Gerry puts a new bandage on the wound]
Gerry Lane: Good job. There it is. Okay.
[Gerry carries on dressing the wound]
Gerry Lane: Okay, okay. I think you earned this.
[he gives Segen another small bottle of alcohol beverage and she quickly drinks it, Gerry then continues dressing the wound]
Gerry Lane: Very good. Okay.
Segen: You’re a doctor?
Gerry Lane: No. I’ve had some training in the field.


[as Gerry continues finishing dressing Segen’s amputated hand]
Segen: How did you know? Cutting it off, how did you know it would work?
Gerry Lane: I didn’t.
Segen: I should’ve just transformed. Now I’m just a liability.
[Gerry suddenly has flashback to when he was at Camp Humphrey’s and was talking to the soldier with the injured leg who had not been attacked by the zombies]
Captain Speke: This fool, stands right in the mix, while seven or eight of them turn Zeek all at the same time.
Gerry Lane: Is that how you tweaked your leg?
Camp Humphrey’s Soldier #1: No, this shit’s been bugging me a while.
Captain Speke: Got no time for his lucky ass.


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