By Siddhant Raizada (Lucknow, India)


Lately, there have been many superhero movies and TV shows releasing with varied tone, style and stories from Joker to Shazam to Infinity Wars to WandaVision. Each one offers something unique, a different style, a different tone or maybe a completely different take but when we talk about setting up a grandiose universe with mythical backstory, epic fights, cool-looking visuals and larger-than-life characters, then Zack Snyder’s Justice League take the cake. Don’t get me wrong, Infinity War was epic with a vast amount of comic book characters but watching Justice League took me straight away to my childhood days when I watched Justice League Unlimited and read comic books. The way Zack perceives and visualizes DC characters is too epic and looks too cool, like they have been ripped straight from the comic books. You may or may not like the movie but in no way can you say his movie direction is bland or boring.

Coming to the movie itself, there was a lot I loved about this movie. Each of the characters are fleshed out, have a motive and towards the end you can see have changed in some way or the other during the course of the movie. Flash and Cyborg have a much more meatier role in this movie which expands on their backstories and make them much more interesting. Steppenwolf also is not a one-tone villain in this movie and has been given a motive and backstory. The rest of the leagues have extended roles as well, which was interesting to watch.

The movie has done a much better job at explaining the plot points than the version released in 2017. Gone are the stupid and immature jokes and replaced by much more organic back and forth between characters, I loved the interaction between Diana and Alfred. The action scenes are much superior and have more weight to them, and they are not vastly different from the 2017 one but with a few added scenes and the way they were edited made all the difference. I also loved the inclusion of characters like Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, Joker (still not sold on Leto’s portrayal) and Mera, who had a significantly smaller role or a cameo but helped in making it feel like we exist in a massive universe with a lot of diversity and history just like comic books.

There were a few things that I didn’t like as well. For starters, the background score is something that DC has been consistently good at, but here it was either generic or bad. I wasn’t a fan of Wonder Woman score in this one, Flash and Superman were the only ones I liked, but Superman’s score was taken from Man of Steel. Joker is still a big no from me, he is way over the top, and at least for me he is not able to sell it either. Now coming to the run time, I don’t mind a four-hour cut but it makes you wonder will big studios be ever open to such 4-hour movies and if not, why to make it that way from the inception and not a 2-3 hour two-part movie.

All things considered, I cannot be happier that not only Zack got to complete his movie, but we were treated with a good version of Justice League. I am so much more excited to see where this universe takes us next and cannot wait for Justice League 2 and Man of Steel 2 if they ever happen.

Rating: 4/5