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[Kuwait City, Kuwait – Dan is in a hooker bar drinking with one of his Kuwaiti contacts]
Dan: I tell you what, man, it’s good to be back in Kuwait. It’s good to see you again. Huh? It’s been a while.
[they take a sip of their drinks]
Dan: I need a favor.
Kuwaiti Businessman: Why I should help you?
Dan: Because we’re friends.
Kuwaiti Businessman: You say we are friends. How come you only call me when you need help? But when I need something, you are too busy to pick up the phone. I don’t think we are friends.
Dan: Alright, fair enough. How about a V10 Lamborghini? How’s that for friendship?


[later that night, they wait outside Lamborghini dealership as the salesman comes to let them in]
Dan: Poor fucker had to get out of bed.
[the salesman turns on the lights]
Dan: Hey.
[he opens the door of the dealership to let them in]
Dan: As-salamu alaykum.
Lamborghini Salesman: Alaykum salam.
Dan: Thank you very much for this.
Lamborghini Salesman: You’re welcome.
Dan: Appreciate it.
[Dan whistles as he looks at one of the cars]
Dan: Alright. Is this a Balboni?
Lamborghini Salesman: Yeah.


[Dan peers into a silver Lamborghini through the window]
Dan: Fuck me dead. That’s nice, really nice.
[to the Businessman]
Dan: What are you thinking? Huh? Maybe a convertible? Get a bit of wind in the hair? Huh? Put the top down?
[the Businessman walks over to a yellow Lamborghini]
Kuwaiti Businessman: I think I will choose this one.
[to the salesman]
Dan: Will you give us a minute? Thank you.
[the salesman turns and walks off, leaving them alone]


Dan: That’s a nice choice, my friend. Speed yellow. Go big or go home, huh? Nice choice.
[Dan gives the businessman a slip of paper, he reads from the paper]
Kuwaiti Businessman: Sayeed. Who is it?
Dan: Who do you think? The guy’s a terrorist. His mother lives here. I just need her phone number.
Kuwaiti Businessman: There will be no repercussions in Kuwait?
Dan: Somebody might die at some point in Pakistan. We got a deal?
[they shake hands]


[Tradecraft – after the CIA track the call from Sayeed’s mother, Maya gets a call from Jack]
Maya: Hey, Jack.
Jack: Sayeed family call in progress, but you’re not gonna like this. The ground branch guys are dragging their heels, there’s no team deployed right now.
Maya: Fuck.
Jack: He hasn’t said anything incriminating, but he’s at the Rawal call center in Rawalpindi.
[Maya runs down to the Security Bay at the Embassy]
Maya: Hey!


[she walks over to Larry from the Ground Branch]
Maya: Why haven’t you deployed a team to stay in Rawalpindi?
Larry: For one thing, it’s dangerous. For another, the area is too congested for us to be effective without some predictive intelligence.
Maya: Yeah, but that’s why you should forward deploy, so you can shorten the response time.
Larry: Still, it wouldn’t work.
Maya: Why?
Larry: The guy never stays on the phone long enough.
Maya: You haven’t tried.
Larry: Look, I don’t have the personnel.
Maya: That’s bullshit, man.
Larry: Yeah? As it is, my guys don’t get any sleep tracking the threats within Pakistan.
Maya: Right, I understand. But, you know, I don’t really care if your guys get sleep or not.
[Larry leaves, she follows him and sees his team sleeping on the couch]


[later at a bar, Maya buys Larry a beer, pushes it over to him and goes over to sits at a table]
Larry: This guy you are obsessed with, what’s his name again?
Maya: Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti is the nom de guerre. His true name, we think, is Ibrahim Sayeed. Family lives in Kuwait. We’ve been listening in on their calls.
Larry: Wasn’t it, like, eight brothers and a million cousins that we know about? Anyone could be calling home.
Maya: I know.
Larry: I mean, it’s not like he’s saying, “Hey, mom, it’s me, the terrorist.”
Maya: Yeah, I know. But look, over the course of two months, he’s called from six different pay phones from two different cities, never using the same phone twice. And when his mother asked him where he was, he lied. He said that he was in a place in the country with bad cell reception, implying he was in the Tribals, when, in fact, he was in a market in Peshawar. I’m sorry, but that’s not normal guy behavior, that’s tradecraft.
Larry: Or maybe he just doesn’t like his mom.


Larry: Look, if he talks about an operation or refers to anything remotely fishy, I’ll get on him. Okay?
Maya: No, no, not okay. Look, Abu Ahmed is too smart to tip his hand by talking about ops on the phone. He works for bin Laden. The guys that talk about ops on the phone don’t get that job.
[Larry looks away]
Maya: A lot of my friends have died trying to do this.
[she pauses for a moment]
Maya: I believe I was spared so I could finish the job.
[he looks at her, and this time he looks like he’s going to help her; we then see Larry and Hakim begin to trace and find Sayeed by visiting different call centers in Pakistan]


[we see news report on TV after the attempted bombing in NYC]
Voice of Reporter: It is in surveillance video and pictures like this of the explosive-laden vehicle just moments before it was parked, that police hope to find the man who wanted so badly last night to leave a body count in Times Square.
[as the TV shows the news in the background, Maya paces in the Embassy hallway as Bradley walks down the hallway]
Maya: Hey, I really need to talk to you about beefing up our surveillance operation on the caller.
Joseph Bradley: We don’t have a surveillance operation on the caller. Someone just tried to blow up Times Square and you’re talking to me about some facilitator who some detainee seven years ago said might have been working with al-Qaeda?
[he walks past her]
Maya: He’s the key to bin Laden.
[Bradley stops, turns and steps towards Maya]
Joseph Bradley: I don’t fucking care about bin Laden, I care about the next attack. You’re gonna start working on the American al-Qaeda cells. Protect the homeland.
[Bradley turns to walk away from her again and Maya runs after him]


Maya: bin Laden is the one who keeps telling them to attack the homeland!
[she steps in front of him]
Maya: If it wasn’t for him, al-Qaeda would still be focused on overseas targets. If you really wanna protect the homeland, you need to get bin Laden.
Joseph Bradley: This guy never met bin Laden! This guy’s a freelancer working off the fucking internet. No one’s even talked to bin Laden in four years, he’s out of the game. He may well even be dead, he might as well be fucking dead. But you know what you’re doing? You’re chasing a ghost while the whole fucking network grows all around you.
Maya: You just want me to nail some low level Mullah-crack-a-dulla so you can check that box on your resume that says while you were in Pakistan you got a real terrorist. But the truth is you don’t understand Pakistan, and you don’t know al-Qaeda! Either give me the team I need to follow this lead, or that other thing you’re gonna have on your resume is being the first Station Chief to be called before Congressional Committee for subverting the efforts to capture or kill bin Laden!
Joseph Bradley: You’re fucking out of your mind.
Maya: I need four techs and a safe house in Rawalpindi, four techs and a safe house in Peshawar. Either send them out or send me back to DC and explain to the director why you didn’t.
[Maya walks off]


[Maya is sat in a bar drinking when Jack approaches her]
Jack: I’ve been looking for you. But more importantly, he’s been looking for you.
[he places a cell phone on the bar counter]
Jack: Yesterday, your caller bought himself a cell phone. And every time his phone rings, this phone will ring.
[Maya smiles and throws her arms around him]
Jack: Did I hook you up? Did I?
Maya: I love you!


[Larry, Hakim and another agent follow the signal on the phone in Pakistan]
Maya: [voice over] My guess is that he lives close to where he’s making the calls, and it makes sense he’d be living in Rawalpindi because there’s an Al Jazeera office there.
[in the briefing room at the Embassy, Maya shows on the map of Pakistan where the signal is coming from]
Maya: It’d be convenient for him to drop the tapes off if he’s messengering either from bin Laden or to an intermediary. So, when he wants to make a call, he leaves the house, walks a few blocks, then switches on the phone. We need to keep canvassing the neighborhood until we find him.


[we follow Larry and his team as they track the signal in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, two motorcycles pull up in front of Larry’s can and stop them, the rider pulls out a gun]
Larry: We got a shooter.
[Larry reverses the van, but a car pulls up behind them]
Tech: We’re blocked!
Hakim: Let me talk to them.
[Hakim gets out and approaches the men on the bikes, he starts talking to them for a moment then walks back to the van and gets in]
Hakim: They said whites faces don’t belong here. If they don’t move, shoot them.
[the men stare at them for a moment before finally leaving]


[Larry and his team track the signal to Peshawar, Pakistan]
Larry: He’s still on?
Tech: He’s east of us, try the market.
Larry: Okay, heading east.
[as Larry tries to get them to the market they hit heavy traffic]
Larry: Fuck.
[Larry gets out of the van and walks around the market trying to find the owner of the cell phone they tracked, but there’s too many people on cell phones]


[we see Hakim going to street to street searching]
Jack: [voice over] We got a signal on Tipu Road for ten minutes. Then he went to Umar Road for five minutes. NoGaza Road, Darya Abad, that’s in the Umar Road area. In Rawalpindi; Haider Road, Roomi Road. He went to the Convoy Road, which is near the hospital, alright? So that’s Haider, Roomi Road, Zahid, NoGaza, Taimur. He made a call from Haifa Street, that’s the Spice District.
[back at the Embassy Jack shows Maya the tracking maps in her computer]
Jack: Lahore Street, which is also in Pesh, thirty minutes. Wazir Bagh Road, five. Nishterabad, five. Phandu Road, five minutes. The Grand Trunk Road, forty-five seconds. There’s no pattern. Sometimes he calls every two weeks, sometimes every three, there’s no consistency. I can’t predict when he’s gonna make another call, cause the guy’s erratic.


[as Maya drives up to the Embassy she sees a crowd of protesters gathered outside, they bang on her car as she tries to drive through the check point, we then hear a reporter telling us that the protest is about Bradley]
Voice of Reporter: Meanwhile, our chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, confirms the CIA’s top spy in Pakistan has been pulled out of there. He’s been receiving death threats after being named publicly in a lawsuit by the family of a victim of a U.S. drone attack. Richard Engel quotes a senior intelligence official as saying, ‘The officer is returning to the U.S. after the decision was made that terrorist threats against him in Pakistan were of such a serious nature it would not be smart not to act.
[inside the Embassy, Maya, Bradley and a few of the other CIA staff members watch the protesters through the window]
Maya: ISI fucked you. I’m so sorry, Joseph.
[Bradley turns and looks at her for a moment, then he walks away as Maya watches]


[in Peshawar, Larry and his team drive around in their van trying to track the suspect’s cell phone signal]
Tech: Still on tower three. Five. Signal getting stronger. Ten. Fifteen. Keep going. Twenty.
Larry: Fifteen. Ten. Signal’s getting weaker.
[pauses for a moment as he looks at his monitor]
Tech: We lost him, no signal.
Larry: Heading south.
[the Tech looks at his screen again]
Tech: He’s up at five again. Fifteen. Twenty. He’s moving fast, he’s in a vehicle. Weaker now, he shifted. We’re back to five. He’s close by here, somewhere. I don’t get it.
[Larry chuckles]
Larry: He’s driving in circles.


[Larry drives around the street faster]
Larry: No change?
Tech: No.
[Larry stops the van in the middle of the market]
Larry: Now let’s hope he comes back around.
[they wait for a moment, looking around the market, the Tech looks back at his monitor]
Tech: Okay. Fifteen. Twenty. Thirty! Forty! Fifty! We’re within ten meters of it. Back to forty.
[Larry starts the van and slowly drives forward]
Tech: He’s here somewhere.
Larry: Look at the cars. Look at the cars, he’s in a vehicle.


[Larry notices a man in a white car talking on his cell phone]
Larry: The guy with the phone in the white car. You see him? Is that him?
[the Tech takes a photo of the man in the white car]
Tech: Could be.
Larry: You got him?
Tech: Got him.
Larry: Okay, breaking off.
[Larry drives off in the opposite direction to the white car]


[back at the Embassy, Larry shows the photo of the man in the white car to Maya]
Larry: The guy you’ve been looking for, geolocated on his cell phone in his white car.
[Maya beams with happiness at Larry]
Maya: Thank you!
Larry: If you’re right, the whole world’s gonna want in on this. So you gotta stick to your guns now.
[Larry turns and walks away]


[Maya enters the office of the new Station Chief as he’s talking on the phone]
Tim: Okay. No, it’s great…it’s great to speak to you too. I’m amazed that you’re still here. Well, I can…I can do um…let me have a look. Um…
[he looks at his watch]
Tim: Why don’t we say 1:30.
[as he looks up, he sees Maya hovering over his desk, waiting for him to finish his call]
Tim: Yeah. Uh…can you just hold the line, please?
Maya: I need a picket line along the GT Highway and men spaced at intervals along the road and at every exit.
Tim: Maya, I know.
Maya: So you agree with me now, this is important.
Tim: No, I’ve just learned from my predecessor that life is better when I don’t disagree with you.


[we see the white car being kept a watch by several local men as it drives along the highway]
Maya: [voice over] Our current hypothesis is that he lives somewhere along the highway, in one of the towns, or a medium sized city called Abbottabad, or up near Kashmir. Kashmir is interesting because it’s a way station for the Tribals. Abbottabad is interesting because we know from detainee reporting that Abu Faraj stayed there, briefly in 2003. The good news is he’s driving a white SUV. SUV’s are actually pretty rare in Pakistan. If he was driving a sedan or a compact, we’d be fucked. Obviously, this assumes he doesn’t change vehicles.
[we see Maya at her desk, typing this message]


[as Maya leaves her house, two terrorists emerge and open fire on her vehicle, the bulletproof glass catches the bullets and she reverses back into her driveway while the gate closes behind her, preventing the terrorists from finishing the job and they drive off; later Maya is sat in Tim’s office]
Maya: Any American in Pakistan is a target, they don’t necessarily know I’m CIA.
Tim: Doesn’t matter. You’re on a list.
Maya: Yeah.
Tim: And you of all people, should know that once you’re on their list, you never get off. Next time there may not be bulletproof glass to save you. We’ll keep up on the surveillance as best we can.


[surveillance of the white SUV is kept up and we see Hakim watch the car enter a large gated compound; then at Predator Bay, CIA Headquarters, satellite images of the compound are on several big screens, with lots of technicians working and George standing watch over them, Maya enters the room and one of George’s managers approaches Maya]
Maya: Hey.
Steve: Alright, so tell me how I’m doing so far. Basically, we had a guy who rolled with al-Qaeda, and did services for him.
Maya: Mm-hm.
Steve: We lost him for seven years, now we find him again, and boy, does he have a really nice house. Is that it?
Maya: Pretty much.
Steve: Alright, let’s go talk to the boss.


[Steve and Maya enter a conference room, as Maya goes to take her seat at the table]
Steve: Oh. you uh…you should sit back there. Sorry.
Maya: No.
[Maya walks to the back of the room where a row of chairs are lined up against a wall and sits in one of the chairs]
Steve: So they’re gonna ask, if bin Laden is at the end of this rainbow, is the Pak military with him?
Maya: The question isn’t, ‘are the Paks protecting bin Laden?’ The question is, ‘would he allow himself to be protected by the Paks?’ I mean, why would he trust them? He tried to kill Musharaf.


[after the CIA Director, George and other high up CIA staff enter the conference room]
CIA Director: Alright, go ahead.
[pointing to the satellite map image laid out on the table]
Steve: So a little context here, if you take a right out of Islamabad, drive about forty-five minutes north, you’ll find yourself here in Abbottabad. Now it’s a mostly middle-class community, some ex-military, not particularly interesting to us.
[they move to a miniature of the compound]
Steve: Except we did find this compound, which is unique. We got a sixteen foot wall around the entire perimeter, the windows are blacked out. There’s even a seven foot privacy wall here, so, even if we got up high, we couldn’t get a vantage point. I mean it’s…it’s a fortress.
CIA Director: Well, can’t you put a camera somewhere? In these trees here, maybe? Get a look in the main house?
George: It will probably be discovered.
CIA Director: Well, we have to get a look into the house, don’t we?


[the director looks at the satellite map image]
CIA Director: Alright. What’s this? This cluster of buildings down here?
George: The PMA, it’s the Pakistani Military Academy. It’s their West Point.
CIA Director: And how close is that to the house?
George: About a
Maya: 4,221 feet. It’s closer to eight-tenths of a mile.
CIA Director: Who are you?
Maya: I’m the motherfucker that found this place, sir.
CIA Director: Really?
[he looks at Maya for a moment]
CIA Director: Right, I wanna know more about who’s inside this house by the end of the week.
[the director starts walking out of the room and the others follow]
Steve: Sir.
[to Maya after everyone leaves the room]
Steve: Motherfucker. Good.


[Maya is sat at her cubicle looking frustrated, she gets up and walks over to the glass wall of George’s office, she grabs a red marker]
Maya: Morning, George.
[she writes the number 21 on the glass]
Maya: Twenty-one days. It’s been twenty-one days since we found the house, nothing’s happened!
[she looks at George for a moment then turns and walks away]


[Maya stares at the screen showing satellite images of the compound, we then see her going to the glass wall of George’s office and writing the number 52 on the glass, George looks away, later sat in her cubicle Maya gets a call from Steve]
Maya: Yeah.
Steve: Maya, it’s Steve. Swing by, I wanna show you something.
Maya: Okay.
[Maya enters Predators Bay]
Maya: Hey!
Steve: Maya, come see.
Maya: Yeah.
[Steve shows her the satellite imagery of the compound on the large screen]
Steve: Okay. This is from a few minutes ago, okay?
Maya: Yeah.
Steve: So remember, we’ve got two males, two females and seven kids.


[she points to a shape on the screen]
Maya: What’s that?
Steve: Okay, I’m saying that’s Bushra, the brother’s wife.
Maya: Woh. How do you know the gender?
Steve: Well, look, this is a clothesline right here for laundry. Men don’t mess with the wash. Okay, now watch, it takes her about four seconds to move from there to the front door, so she’s on the older side.


[pointing to another moving image]
Maya: What’s that up there?
Steve: Uh…those are kids. They’re shuffling around, sword fighting or something with sticks. You can see their height relative to this, these are cows. So, they’re probably between seven and nine. Boys, definitely.
Maya: Wow, your female’s moving fast.
Steve: Okay, that’s what I wanted to show you. Can we pause this please? That’s not the same lady. That’s female number three.
Maya: So you found two males, three females?
Steve: That’s correct.
[Maya suddenly realizes that there must also be three males in the compound]


[George meets with the head of the National Security Advisor and his assistants]
George: So, if there are three females, there ought to be three males. Observant Muslim women live with their parents or with their husbands. We think there’s a third family, living in the house.
National Security Advisor: So, this third male that you’ve identified as possibly being bin Laden, do I give up all hope of ever seeing a photograph of him?
George: Hope? Yeah. You give up your hope, right now. We scan for heat signatures, but we can’t validate if it’s a man or a woman up there. We talked about burrowing a pinhole camera, but there’s a high risk of discovery. We found a safe house, but we can’t get a vantage point to fire a telescope over the balcony wall. We have explored the possibility of digging tunnels, of sending hot air balloons, of rerouting supply C-130s to take a peek, but that might be too alerting. We’ve looked for ways of collecting available DNA from his trash, you know, looking for his toothbrush, but they burn the trash. We started a vaccination program, sent a doctor to the house, see if he could pull blood, but that didn’t work out. We thought about sending a guy with a bucket to pull a sample from the sewer to analyze his fecal matter.
Assistant to National Security Advisor: What was wrong with that, exactly?
George: What was wrong with that? That, uh…the sample would be too diluted.


National Security Advisor: And it’s asking too much to get a voice confirmation with him on the phone?
George: They don’t make telephone calls from the compound. We pulled the cell tower nearby.
National Security Advisor: And I’m also going to give up hope that he might ever get in that white SUV, and drive around a bit and we could see him. Don’t they get groceries?
George: The unidentified third male does not get groceries. He does not leave the compound. He does not present himself for photographs. When he needs fresh air, he paces around, beneath a grape arbor. But the leaves are so thick they obscure our satellite views. This is a professional attempt to avoid detection. Okay? Real tradecraft. The only people we’ve seen behave in this way are other top-level al-Qaeda operatives.
National Security Advisor: We did a red team on your analysis.


[the NSA’s assistant opens a folder to go through the analysis]
Deputy National Security Advisor: According to them, this behavior could belong to someone other than al-Qaeda. They did give a forty percent chance that the unidentified third man is a senior al-Qaeda operative. But they also said there’s a thirty-five percent chance he’s a Saudi drug dealer. Fifteen percent chance he’s a Kuwaiti arms smuggler. Ten percent chance he’s one of the relatives of the brothers.
Assistant to National Security Advisor: Basically, we agree with you. The house screams security, it screams someone who wants privacy, it even screams bad guy, but it does not scream bin Laden.
National Security Advisor: You get the point. If you can’t prove it’s bin Laden, at least prove it’s not someone else, like a drug dealer.
[the NSA and his assistant adjourn the meeting and get up to leave]
George: You know we lost the ability to prove them when we lost the detainee program. Who the hell am I supposed to ask? Huh? Some guy in Gitmo who’s all lawyered up? He’ll just tell his lawyer to warn bin Laden.
National Security Advisor: You’ll think of something.


[we see as time passes Maya erases the number of days on the glass wall of George’s office, from 78 to 100 days; then we see George meeting with the NSA and his assistants again]
George: He’d be the first successful drug dealer never to have dealt drugs. He has no internet access to the house. He makes no phone calls either in or out. Who’s he selling to? Who’s he buying from? How’s he making his money? And if you were to say he’s retired, I’d say where’s the swimming pool, where’s the…the gold cage with the falcons? And why does he send his courier to the two cities in Pakistan we most associate with al-Qaeda, that have nothing particularly to do with heroin production?
National Security Advisor: The President is a thoughtful, analytical guy. He needs proof.


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