Zero Dark Thirty Quotes: Rigorous and Analytical

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Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow
Written by: Mark Boal
Jessica Chastain – Maya
Jason Clarke – Dan
Joel Edgerton – Patrick – Squadron Team Leader
Mark Strong – George
Jennifer Ehle -Jessica
Kyle Chandler – Joseph Bradley
Chris Pratt – Justin – DEVGRU
Taylor Kinney – Jared – DEVGRU
Edgar Ramirez – Larry from Ground Branch
Mark Duplass – Steve
Frank Grillo – Squadron Commanding Officer
Stephen Dillane – the National Security Advisor
Fares Fares – Hakim
Harold Perrineau – Jack
Reda Kateb – Ammar
James Gandolfini – CIA director
Scott Adkins – John
Mark Valley – C-130 pilot
Ricky Sekhon – Osama bin Laden
John Barrowman – Jeremy
Christopher Stanley – Admiral Bill McCraven


Zero Dark Thirty quotes are a clinical, grim and morally complicated depiction of the CIA manhunt for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. The structure of the story is set in a matter of fact observation style where there is no real backstory or subplots to any of the characters and all we are doing is witnessing the key events in CIA analyst, Maya’s (Jessica Chastain) mission.

It’s intentionally a difficult movie to watch due to the controversial torture scenes and in particular the final sequence which is harrowing and action-packed, even though we all know the outcome.

The strengths of the movie are that it never preaches to the audience, it asks questions without giving any easy answers leaving it to the viewer to make their own decisions.

Verdict: There is very little to connect with on an emotional level and it’s only Jessica Chastain’s strong central performance that gives it the extra edge needed to watch all the way through.

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[first lines; we hear the actual recorded emergency calls made on 9/11 by World Trade Center office workers to police and fire departments after the planes struck just before the buildings collapsed, then the scene moves to 2 years later; The Saudi Group – in an interrogation room at the CIA Black Site]
Dan: I own you, Ammar. You belong to me. Look at me.
[Ammar doesn’t look at him]
Dan: If you don’t look at me when I talk to you, I hurt you! You step off this mat, I hurt you! If you lie to me, I’m gonna hurt you! Now! Now, look at me!
[Ammar is surrounded by four other CIA guards whose faces are covered with ski masks, the men start punching and kicking Ammar]
Dan: Look at me, Ammar!
[Dan turns and starts walking off and addresses one of the CIA guards standing to the side watching]
Dan: Come on.
[Dan and the CIA guard walk out the room and the other guards tie Ammar up]


[as Dan walks out of the interrogation room he orders one of the guard watching the room on the monitor]
Dan: Nobody talks to him.
Roger that.
[the guard that followed Dan, removes her mask and we see that it’s Maya; Dan addresses the guard]
Dan: Are we gonna board up these windows or what?
[to Maya]
Dan: Just off the plane from Washington, you’re rocking your best suit for your first interrogation, and you get this guy. It’s not always this intense.
Maya: I’m fine.


Dan: Well, just so you know, it’s gonna take a while. He has to learn how helpless he is. Come on, let’s get a coffee.
Maya: No, we should go back in.
[Dan looks at her for a moment]
Dan: You know, there’s no shame if you wanna watch from the monitor.
[Maya shakes her head]
Dan: Alright.
[as they move to go back to the interrogation room, Dan offers her the ski mask again]
Dan: Might wanna put this on.
Maya: You’re not wearing one. Is he ever getting out?
Dan: Never. Let’s go.


[Maya and Dan enter the interrogation room again, Ammar is restrained with ropes looking beaten and bruised]
Dan: Right now, all this is about simply, is you coming to terms with your situation. It’s
you and me, bro. I want you to understand that I know you, that l have been studying and following you for a very long time. That I could’ve had you killed in Karachi, but I didn’t. I let you live, so that you and I could talk.
Ammar: Then you beat me when my hands are tied. So I won’t talk to you.
Dan: Well, life isn’t always fair, my friend. Did you really think that when we got you I would be a nice fucking guy?
Ammar: You’re a mid-level guy. You’re a garbageman in the corporation! Why should I respect you, huh?! Why?!
Dan: And you’re a money man. Paperboy. A disgrace to humanity. You and your uncle murdered three thousand innocent people. Yeah. I have your name on a five-thousand dollar transfer via Western Union to a 9/11 hijacker. And you got popped with 150 kilograms of high explosives in your house! And then you dare question me?
[Dan stands up close to Ammar and then he laughs]
Dan: Come on, man, I’m fucking with you. I don’t wanna talk about 9/11 yet. What I wanna focus on is the Saudi group.


[Dan shows Ammar a photo]
Dan: That there is Hazem al-Kashmiri. And I know this dude is up to some serious shit. What I want from you is his Saudi e-mail.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Dan: Ammar, bro, I know that you know this dude. Just give me his e-mail, and I will…I will give you a blanket. I will give you a blanket and some solid food.
[Dan starts putting on gloves]
Dan: I know that you know him.
Ammar: I told you before, I won’t talk to you.
[Dan looks at him for a moment]
Dan: Have it your way.
[to the guards]
Dan: Let’s go. Come on.


[the CIA masked guards place a mat on the floor near Ammar]
Dan: When you lie to me, I hurt you.
[then out of nowhere, Dan shoves Ammar to the ground and smothers his face with a wet towel, as Ammar tries to resist Maya looks uncomfortable as she watches, Dan turns to Maya]
Dan: Grab me the bucket.
Maya: Huh?
Dan: Grab the bucket.
[Maya walks over to the bucket and picks it up]
Dan: Put some water in it.
[Maya turns to fill up the bucket with ice cold water]
Dan: Come on, let’s go. Come on, give it to me.
[she hands the bucket of water to Dan]


Dan: Hazem was a friend of Ramzi Yousef, you guys met in Iran back in the nineties.
Ammar: I don’t know!
[Dan looks at Maya, she shakes head ‘no’]
Ammar: Fuck you!
[Dan places a towel over Ammar’s face and then starts pouring the ice cold water onto the towel covering his face, Ammar starts thrashing]
Dan: I want the e-mails of the rest of the Saudi group. Give me one e-mail and I will stop this! Who’s in the Saudi group? And what’s the target? Where was the last time you saw bin Laden?! Where was the last time you saw bin Laden, huh?
[Dan continues to pour the rest of the water over the towel covering Ammar’s face]
Dan: You know when you lie to me, I hurt you.


[Dan throws the bucket aside and takes the towel off of Ammar’s face, who spurts out water and gasps for air]
Dan: This is what defeat looks like, bro. Your jihad is over.
[Dan stands]zero-dark-thirty-2
Dan: Get him up.
[the guards bring Ammar to his feet and tie his hands behind his back, Dan touches Ammar’s face]
Dan: Try to understand the concept here. Okay? I have time, you don’t. I have other things to do, but you don’t. It’…it’s cool that you’re strong. I respect it, I do. But in the end, everybody breaks, bro. It’s biology.
[Dan and Maya leave the room]


[in Pakistan, Islamabad at the United States Embassy Maya sit and waits in the lobby, in the background Dan and Bradley walk down the lobby staircase]
Joseph Bradley: How did it go the other night?
Dan: It was good. I mean the local cops need a little tactical help, but he’s tier-fucking-one, baby. That’s your money maker right there.
Joseph Bradley: And this is the guy that’s KSM’s nephew?
Dan: Yeah.
Joseph Bradley: And what’s his issue?
Dan: He’s being a dick.
Joseph Bradley: Well, if he’s trying to outsmart you, why don’t you tell him about your PhD?
Dan: Yeah. No, but I am gonna have to turn up the heat on this asshole. He needs to give up the Saudi group now.
Joseph Bradley: He’s gotta have that, given the family ties.
Dan: He’s tight with his uncle. He’s got his prints all over the 9/11 money. He’s got ’em in his head, he needs to disclose ’em.
Joseph Bradley: Good.
[they turn and walk up to the lobby area, Dan addresses one of the guards, referring to Maya who’s sat waiting for them]
Dan: Bill, she’s good to go. I’ll get her the right one tomorrow.


[Dan knocks on the glass window to get Maya’s attention in the lobby, then he turns to Bradley referring to how pretty Maya is]
Dan: Was I lying or what?
[the guard opens the door for Maya who comes through]
Dan: Uh…Maya, this is Joseph Bradley, our illustrious station chief. Joe and I did Iraq together.
[Maya and Joe shake hands]
Joseph Bradley: It’s nice to meet
Maya: You too, sir.
Joseph Bradley: How was your flight?
Maya: Fine.
Dan: And she’s been having a great time since she got in, isn’t that right?
Joseph Bradley: Good. How do you like Pakistan so far?
Maya: It’s kind of fucked up.
Joseph Bradley: You volunteered for this, didn’t you?
Maya: No.


[they walk up to a secure area and Bradley uses his security card the get Maya through]
Joseph Bradley: Third floor, northeast corner.
[Maya smiles and walks through, Bradley and Dan watch her walk away]
Dan: You don’t think she’s a little young for the hard stuff?
Joseph Bradley: Washington says she’s a killer.
Dan: Ah. Children’s crusade, huh?
Joseph Bradley: Well, they wanna put the next generation on the field. Listen, I’ve got a meeting with ISI in twenty minutes.
Dan: They’re slow-rolling us on Lahore, you might wanna bitch about that.


[Maya finds her desk in the CIA section of the Embassy, she cleans the dust off and sits and looks around her, then in the conference room the agents chat as they wait for the meeting to start]
Jack: Did I tell you this? That, uh…this dude in Malaysia, tells the Malaysian station that his nephew works with a guy, who knows a guy…
Jessica: Oh, here we go.
Jack: No, hold on. He goes to a big feast in Bangkok, about a year ago. Guest of honor; Osama bin Laden. I said, was Tupac there too…?
Thomas: This is worth 5 million bucks.
J.J.: You know we gonna have to chase it down.
Jack: Exactly.
Thomas: Hey, that’s me, man. No job too small.
Jack: That’s why I have a gift for you, my friend.


[Dan enters the room with Maya behind him]
Dan: Everyone, Agent Maya. Maya, everyone. Please don’t ask her how it’s going with Ammar, cause she’s not gonna fucking tell you.
Jessica: Ammar is withholding? Washington assesses Abu Faraj as officially new number three.
Dan: Well, he’s the best man for it.
[Jessica moves to the wall chart showing photos of al-Qaeda leaders and moves Faraj’s photo to number 3]
Jack: Uh…yeah, the London station’s already asking if he’s contacting anybody in the UK.
Thomas: Like we’re just keeping it from them?
Dan: Yeah.
Jessica: Uh…Jordanians are being really helpful with Ammar’s transit papers.
Dan: Any imminent threats in here?
Jessica: Oh, well, they want the Consulate, the Marriott, it’s low security. Um…and they’ve got Maj Khan talking about, uh…gas stations in the US.
Dan: And that’s a conversation?
Jessica: Honestly, there’s six hundred questions in there. I’d do Heathrow, the Saudis. Does it matter what Faraj thinks about Heathrow? How much latitude does he get to pick targets?
Dan: I think he’ll give up the Saudis, but Heathrow’s gonna be tough.


[as the meeting continues]
Dan: Anyway, uh…anything from last night?
J.J.: Quetta Base thinks they have a bead on the Arabs that escaped. They’re meeting with ISI this afternoon, hopefully set up a raid down there.
Dan: Great.
Thomas: And Lahore reporting, ISI was painfully slow last night, again.
Dan: Yeah.
Thomas: I’m beginning to think it’s not incompetence.
Dan: Okay, agree. I spoke to the chief about that. Yeah, anything on bin Laden?
reading from a report
Jessica: Uh…a farmer on the Afghan border near Tora Bora reports a diamond-shaped pattern in the hills, tall male in the center of the diamond, flanked by four guards, consistent with UBL’s movements.
Thomas: That’s supposed to be his Royal Guard?
Maya: No, that’s pre-9/11 behavior.
Jessica: We have no reason to believe he’s changed security tactics.
Maya: We invaded Afghanistan, that’s a reason.


J.J.: Hey, boss. I gotta guy, for five thousand bucks, he can set up a taxi stand and snoop around a bit.
Dan: No, don’t need him. Sorry, the diamond sighting is bullshit. Uh…see if the Paks will send someone to talk to the farmer. Anything else?
[no one raises anything]
Dan: No? Alright, let’s put some runs on the board against Faraj, okay? Talk to the case officers who didn’t see fit to make it today, and thank them.
[the meeting ends and everyone gets up, Jessica smiles awkwardly at Maya who smiles back]
Jack: Tora Bora, yeah?
Jessica: Uh-huh.
Jack: Good.


[the masked guards, along with Dan and Maya, enter Ammar’s interrogation cell, Ammar is still suspended by rope and has been deprived of sleep with heavy metal music, Dan pulls up a chair and seats Ammar in it]
Dan: Come on, here we go. Here we go. Alright, let’s just, uh…let’s take it easy today, huh?
[Dan sits in the chair in front of Ammar and hands him a bottle of fruit juice to drink]
Dan: Hungry? Food in here sucks, so I brought you some of this.
[Dan hands Ammar a bag containing food which Ammar quickly eats]
Dan: Pretty good, huh?
[Ammar looks at Dan as he eats and holds on to the bottle of juice]
Dan: Richard Reid. Oh, man, I was thinking about him. The guy gets a bomb in a shoe on a plane. Un-fucking-believable. You know him, don’t you?
Ammar: Yes.
Dan: I’m glad you said that. Okay, uh…I got an e-mail from you to him, with all your coms for years, bro. Who, um…who else is in your Saudi group?
Ammar: I just handed out some cash for them. I didn’t know who the guys were.
Dan: When you lie to me, I hurt you.
Ammar: Please.
Dan: I believe you. I do, I believe you.


[Dan takes the bottle of fruit juice from Ammar’s hands]
Dan: It’s good, huh?
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Dan: Do you want the water again, or do you want something else?
[Ammar starts crying]
Dan: Water?
Ammar: Please.
Dan: Just give me a name.
Ammar: I don’t…
[Dan jump up from his seat]
Ammar: I don’t know!
[Dan kicks the chair from under Ammar]
Ammar: I don’t know!


[to the masked guards]
Dan: Come on, let’s go! Bring him up.
[the guards walk over to the rope pulleys]
Dan: Here we go.
[he helps Ammar stand]
Dan: You see how this works? You don’t mind if my female colleague there checks out your junk, do you? No? Good.
[Dan pulls down Ammar’s pants and Maya turns her face away]
Dan: Dude, you shit your pants?
[to Maya as he and the guards walk off]
Dan: You stay here, I’ll be back.
[Dan and the guards leave the room]


Ammar: Your friend is an animal. Please, help me. Please.
[Maya walks over to him]
Maya: You can help yourself by being truthful.
[the door opens, Dan and the guards re-enter with Dan holding a dog collar in his hand]
Dan: This is a dog collar.
[Dan forces the dog collar around Ammar’s neck]
Ammar: No!
Dan: Come on.
Ammar: No!
Dan: Come on. Come on. There you go. There you go. You determine how I treat you. Huh?
[Dan unhooks Ammar’s hand]
Dan: Come on.


[as he releases Ammar’s other hand Ammar nearly collapses and holds onto Dan]
Dan: I got you.
[Ammar falls on his knees, and starts crawling on all fours with Dan holding the leash]
Dan: Come on. Come on. You’re my dog, I gotta walk you.
[Ammar stops and Dan leans down]
Dan: What the fuck do you think is going on, Ammar? Wahleed has already told me that you know, hmm?
[he makes Ammar crawl on all fours again to the corner of the room]
Dan: Here we go. There we go. There we go.
[they stop in front of a wooden box]
Dan: This box here. This box sucks. And I’m gonna put you in it.


[as Dan makes Ammar look at the box]
Dan: When is the attack?
[Ammar tries to speak]
Ammar: S…
Dan: What? What?
[Ammar mumbles]
Ammar: Sunday.
Dan: Sunday, where?
[Ammar nearly passes out]
Dan: Woh! Woh! Sunday, where? Sunday. This Sunday or next Sunday?
[Dan pulls on the leash around Ammar’s neck]
Dan: Where? Where?
[Ammar mumbles something inaudible]
Dan: What? Jesus. Come on, Ammar. Is it Sunday or Monday?
[Ammar doesn’t reply]


Dan: Partial information will be treated as a lie. Come on, let’s go. Come on, which day is it?
[the guards open the box]
Dan: Partial information! You’re gonna go in the box, huh? Partial information is treated as a lie! Let’s go!
[Dan and the guards grab hold of Ammar to drag him over to the box]
Ammar: Saturday!
Dan: In the box you go! Huh? In the box!
Ammar: Sunday! Monday!
[the guards and Dan place Ammar in the box as he keeps shouting]
Ammar: Tuesday!
Dan: Huh? Here we go.
Ammar: Friday!
Dan: Come on, let’s go! Come on!


[as the guards are about to close the box lid, Dan stops them]
Dan: Hang on! Hang on!
Ammar: Sunday. Monday. Shh… Thursday.
Dan: Ammar, which day is it?
Ammar: Tuesday.
Dan: Which day?
Ammar: Friday.
Dan: Ammar, which day?
Ammar: Thursday. Friday.
[Dan slams the box lid shut]


[May 29, 2004 – a group of terrorists start shooting at civilians in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, targeting non-Muslims and Americans, Jessica, Dan, and Maya watch the news footage in the CIA conference room]
Jessica: Don’t worry about the Saudis, they’ll take care of business.
Dan: Yeah, now.
Jessica: You warned them, they didn’t take you seriously, this is what happens. It’s not on you.
Dan: Oh, and who said that, huh? Zied? Fuck him. This is on me. Ammar is on me, and it’s on her.
[pointing to Maya]
Dan: And we do not, we cannot let this be a win-win for AQ.
Jessica: No, no, no. You had what, days, brief custody, of an unresponsive ally. The way you do this, is look ahead. London, Heathrow, mass casualties. The plan is still active.
Maya: Ammar doesn’t have a clue about what happened.
Jessica: Oh, he knows.
Maya: How?
Jessica: Oh, you have to be really careful with people in KSM’s circle, they’re devious.
Maya: He’s not gonna talk about attacks in the homeland. He’s gonna withhold operational details on the KSM network and probably bin Laden. But he’s been in complete isolation, he doesn’t know we’ve failed. We could tell him anything.
Dan: What? Bluff him?
Maya: He hasn’t slept, Dan. He’s clueless.


[Ammar is brought out of confinement, he’s seated at a table with food and his hood is removed]
Dan: You don’t remember, do you? Well, short-term memory loss is a side effect of sleep deprivation, so it should come back to you.
Ammar: I don’t know. How can I remember?
Maya: After we kept you awake for 96 hours, you gave us the names of some of your brothers, and you helped save the lives of a lot of innocent people.
Dan: Which is a smart thing to do when you’re starting to think for yourself.
Maya: Mm-hm.
Dan: Come on! Eat up, man! Some hummus, tabbouleh, don’t know what that is, some figs. You earned it.
[Ammar starts eating]
Dan: So, uh…you flew via Amman to Kabul, yeah? Hang out with your uncle. Mukhtar.
How did you know that?
Dan: I told you, man, I know you. Alright, you got me. You did, you got me.
[Dan chuckles]


Dan: Flight manifests. It must be pretty fucked up for you guys after 9/11. What did you do, um…what did you do after the invasion, before you went back to Pesh?
Ammar: After 9/11, we had to choose. Fight to protect our turf or run.
Dan: And you chose to fight, yeah?
Ammar: We wanted to kill Americans.
Dan: Yeah.
Ammar: We tried to get into Tora Bora, but the bombing was too high. We couldn’t cross.
Maya: I’m sorry, who’s the ‘we’ in that sentence?
Ammar: Me, and some other guys who were hanging around at that time.
Dan: You know, I can always go and eat with some other dude, hang you back up to the ceiling.
Ammar: Hamza Rabia. Khabab al-Masri. And Abu Ahmed.
[Maya starts making notes of the names in her pad]


Maya: Who’s Abu Ahmed? I’ve heard of the other guys.
Ammar: He was a computer guy with us at the time. After Tora Bora, I went back to Pesh, as you know.
Dan: Mm-hm.
Ammar: And they went North, I think, to Kunar.
Maya: What’s his family name?
Ammar: Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.
Maya: Abu Ahmed means ‘father of Ahmed’, it’s a kunya. Ammar, I know the difference between a war name and an Arabic name.
Dan: She got you there, dude.
Ammar: I swear to you both, I don’t know his family name. I would have never asked him something like that. It’s not how my uncle worked.
Dan: I know.
Ammar: My uncle told me he worked for bin Laden. Um…I did see him, once, about a year ago, in Karachi. He read us all a letter from the Sheikh.
Maya: A letter?
Dan: What did it say?
[Dan offers Ammar a cigarette]
Dan: Cigarette?
[Ammar takes one and Dan lights it]
Ammar: It said, “Continue the jihad. The work will go on for a hundred years.”


[Abu Ahmed – Maya watches a computer monitor and studies old interrogation tapes, looking at each of the suspects and studying their stories, on the monitor we see a hooded prisoner sitting on a chair]
Dan: You and I are gonna talk about some of the guys at the training camps, yeah?
Detainee on Monitor: Okay.
Dan: Some of these brothers have done some bad things. What I wanna do is, I wanna separate them from the people like you.
Detainee on Monitor: Definitely, yeah.
Dan: Alright, a guy called Abu Ahmed, from Kuwait.
Detainee on Monitor: Yes, I remember him. A nice guy.
Dan: How close was he? What was his relationship to the leadership?
Detainee on Monitor: I don’t know.
Dan: Did he eat with you guys? Did he eat with the good guys, or did he eat with the leadership?
Detainee on Monitor: I don’t know, sir. I have no idea about it.
Dan: That’s something you don’t need an idea about.
[Maya hits the pause button and watches another interrogation, the prisoner has his hands hooked up above his head]
Interrogator on Monitor: When you met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was this one of the facilitators?
Detainee on Monitor: Yes!
[he shows the prisoner a picture]
Interrogator on Monitor: Is this Abu Ahmed?
Detainee on Monitor: Yes.


[Maya watches another interrogation on her monitor]
Interrogator on Monitor: KSM, your boss.
Detainee on Monitor: I don’t know.
Interrogator on Monitor: Mukhta, ‘potato’, you say, ‘potahto’. I say, ‘fucking KSM’, you say ‘Mukhtar’, okay? After Mukhtar was captured, what did Abu Ahmed do?
Detainee on Monitor: Abu Ahmed. I believe…I believe, he went to work for the Sheik.
[looking more and more tired, Maya plays another interrogation, this time the prisoner is naked with his hands chained to a table, the interrogation is in Arabic with English subtitles]
Detainee on Monitor: [subtitled] In Karachi, in 2003 or 2004.
Interrogator on Monitor: [subtitled] He was carrying a letter from bin Laden?


[Maya takes a break and goes for a walk, then returns, looking more exhausted to watch more interrogation tapes, this time the prisoner is being shown a photo]
Interrogator on Monitor: Is that him?
[the prisoner nods]zero-dark-thirty-3
Interrogator on Monitor: Say it.
Detainee on Monitor: Abu Ahmed.
Interrogator on Monitor: Say it again.
Detainee on Monitor: Abu Ahmed. Abu Ahmed. Abu Ahmed.
[watching another tape, this time the interrogation is in French with English subtitles]
Detainee on Monitor: [subtitled] Who knows who works directly for bin Laden? Let’s say he’s part of the mix.
Interrogator on Monitor: [subtitled] Were there other people who carried messages from bin Laden?
Detainee on Monitor: [subtitled] Sure.
Interrogator on Monitor: [subtitled] How many other people? Let’s talk about them.
[Maya pauses the tape and stares at the screen]


[Maya takes a break to grab some food in the office kitchen when Jessica walks in]
Jessica: How’s the needle in the haystack?
Maya: Fine.
Jessica: Facilitators come and go. One thing you can count on in life is that everyone wants money.
Maya: You’re assuming that al-Qaeda members are motivated by financial rewards. They’re radicals.
Jessica: Correct. You’re assuming that, uh…greed won’t override ideology in some of the weaker members.
Maya: Money for walk-ins worked great in the Cold War, I’ll give you that.
Jessica: Thank you.


[at the CIA Black Site in Gdanske, Poland, Maya wearing a black wig, is escorted onto a warship and taken to see a prisoner, the prisoner is shown photograph and Hakim, the interpreter, translates for the prisoner]
Hakim: He says it looks like Abu Ahmed.
Maya: Who did he work for?
[Hakim asks the prisoner in Arabic and translates his answer for Maya]
Hakim: He was mostly with Abu Faraj. They were always together.
Maya: What did he do for Faraj?
[after asking the prisoner, Hakim translates]
Hakim: He carried messages from Abu Faraj to bin Laden, from bin Laden back to Abu Faraj.
Maya: We need to ask him something to see if he’s telling the truth. We don’t know if he really knew Faraj.
[Hakim speaks to the prisoner]
Hakim: He just told me the names of all of Abu Faraj’s children. I think he’s telling the truth.


[back at the American Embassy, Maya presents her report to Dan and Bradley]
Maya: Twenty detainees recognized that photo of Abu Ahmed. They say he’s part of an inner circle of guys that was hanging out in Afghanistan pre-9/11. A lot of them say that after 9/11, he went to work for KSM. When KSM was captured, he went to work for Abu Faraj. Primarily as a courier, from Faraj to bin Laden.
Joseph Bradley: Well, that’s good, But you still don’t have…
Maya: Yeah, but we don’t know if Abu’s on the outside of the network. A series of cut-outs and dead drops, or if he has a direct connection to bin Laden. I mean, does bin Laden invite him into the living room and hand him a letter directly? Or is Abu just the last guy in a long line of couriers, and that’s why everybody knows him?
Joseph Bradley: That’s not all you don’t know. You don’t have his real name, you don’t have a clue of where he is.
Maya: Yes, but we know that he’s important. The fact that everybody’s heard of Abu Ahmed, but nobody will tell me where he is, suggests that.
Joseph Bradley: Maybe. Detainees could withhold his location for any number of reasons. Perhaps they don’t know, perhaps this Abu is actually a cover story and he’s really a fucking unicorn. But the withholding doesn’t reveal what you want it to, does it?
Maya: No.


Joseph Bradley: And if you did find him, you don’t know that he’d be with bin Laden.
Dan: We don’t know what we don’t know.
Joseph Bradley: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Dan: It’s tautology.
[to Maya]
Joseph Bradley: Listen, not one single detainee has said that he’s been located with the big guy, just that he delivers messages. Am I wrong?
Maya: No.
Joseph Bradley: No. It’s still good work. Let me know when you’ve got some actual intelligence. Preferably, something that leads to a strike.


[on July 7, 2005 a bus in Tavistock Square, London explodes; Bradley watches the news report on his computer monitor]
Voice of Reporter: This is what remains of the No. 10 bus, which was traveling through Tavistock Square, near Euston station. There’d been explosions near Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations too. Dozens of the survivors were critically injured, but many of the wounded were also keen to share their stories.
[an injured victim is being interviewed at his hospital bed]
Injured Victim: We just pulled out of Edgware Road and next thing I know is a loud, um…large flash of light. Uh…I felt a burning sensation on my hands, put my hands up to my face.
[we see Maya listening to the same news in her kitchen]
Injured Victim: Uh…I was on the floor by that point. Yeah…yeah, I can’t recall anything prior to that anymore. Any noise, any bang.


[the news reporter continues]zero-dark-thirty-4
Voice of Reporter: Normal life in one of the busiest parts of the capital has now been suspended, as just a few yards down the road here, they continue to care for the injured. And all around, groups of Londoners are standing on corners, asking themselves, what has happened here, and who could possibly have done this?


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