Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz, Billy Zane, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Christine Taylor, Cyrus Arnold, Justin Bieber, Kyle Mooney, Benedict Cumberbatch



Comedy sequel directed by Ben Stiller and co-written by Justin Theroux and Stiller. The story is set 10 years after the original movie, the dimwitted male super-models Derek and Hansel (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) are now long forgotten and no longer relevant. But then an Interpol agent (Penelope Cruz) asks them to infiltrate high fashion and stop the madman Mugatu (Will Ferrell) from killing the world’s hottest people, which obviously includes Lenny Kravitz and Justin Bieber.


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Derek Zoolander: We were a joke out there.
Hansel: I guess fashion’s changed.


Hansel: Why didn’t we do this sooner?
Derek Zoolander: I thought you knew!
Hansel: I thought you knew.
Derek Zoolander: I miss not knowing things with you.


Geoff Mille: Meet the biggest supermodel in the whole world, his All.
Derek Zoolander: Are you like a male model or a female model?
All: All is all.
Hansel: Well I think he’s asking do you have a hotdog or a bun?
[All does a dainty laugh]
All: Whoops.


Montana Grosso: Derek Zoolander, I’m with Interpol, Global Fashion Division. I need your help.
Hansel: She’s hot. I trust her.


Montana Grosso: Someone’s trying to kill the world’s most beautiful people. All of them died with your signature look. This is Blue Steel, right? We need you to infiltrate the world of high-fashion.


Derek Zoolander: It’s all too confusing!


Derek Zoolander: We’re back!


Alexanya Atoz: You were amazing.
Derek Zoolander: I’m sorry. I can’t understand a word that you’re saying.


Montana Grosso: There’s only one criminal mastermind who could be behind all this.


[Derek visits Mugatu in his cell where he’s tied in a straightjacket and has a chain around his neck]
Mugatu: Derek Zoolander, I’ve been expecting you. I’ve got a nasty itch. I’d ask you to scratch it but you’d think I was just trying to trick you.
Derek Zoolander: You’re trying to make me think I shouldn’t help you, in which case I should do the opposite of that and help you.
[Derek slowly reaches his hand out to Mugatu’s shoulder when suddenly Mugatu bites his hand; next we see Derek is tied up in Mugatu’s straightjacket and chain]
Derek Zoolander: Your move.
Mugatu: You really are an idiot, aren’t you?


Mugatu: Prison changed me! I am bad to the core now!


Mugatu: Todd, where’s my goddamned latte?!
[after Todd gives him a cup, Mugatu suddenly pours it all over Todd]


Derek Zoolander: I’m out of fashion, I lost the fire.
Hansel: You’re Derek Zoolander.
Derek Zoolander: But how am I supposed to stop Mugatu?
Hansel: You stopped a Chinese throwing star with a look. Flash me that beautiful magnum.
Derek Zoolander: Wait!
Hansel: Magnum! Now!
[he throws a TV remote at Derek and it smacks him right in his face]
Derek Zoolander: Ow!
Hansel: You have this!
[he throws another item which hits Derek in the face again]
Hansel: Tequila!
[he throws the Tequila bottle which hits Derek on his head]
Derek Zoolander: Ow! Maybe we could try a washcloth?
[Hansel picks up a TV screen to throw at Derek]


Derek Zoolander: What do you know about fashion?
Montana Grosso: I was a swimsuit model.
Hansel: I’m so sorry.
Derek Zoolander: My heart goes out to you.
Montana Grosso: I was never able to transition to your world because of this.
[she pulls her coat open to reveal the top of her breasts]
Derek Zoolander: Gross.


Montana Grosso: Who says swimsuit models are useless! Take me from behind and grab me like your life depends on it.
[Derek grabs her by her waist from behind]
Montana Grosso: Not like this. Like this!
[she grabs Derek’s hands and puts them on her breasts]
Montana Grosso: For safety and buoyancy.
Derek Zoolander: Wait! What?
Montana Grosso: We’re swimming back to Rome!
Derek Zoolander: Oh. Okay.


Montana Grosso: Be careful, he’ll try to get inside your head.
Derek Zoolander: Don’t worry, it’s closed for business.


Hansel: Toss me the knife.
Derek Zoolander: You got it.
[Derek tosses his knife and it lands straight into Hansel’s thigh making him howl in pain]
Mugatu: You guys are the absolute worst.


Derek Zoolander: Why did you kill Justin Bieber?
Mugatu: Really? You’re asking me why I killed Justin Bieber?


Mugatu: You’re the most ridiculous people I have ever seen!


Hansel: Don’t do it
Derek Zoolander: When you want to go to it.


Derek Zoolander: Does being fat mean you’re a terrible person? I’m really asking you, Hansel.


Alexanya Atoz: Do you ever have feeling, where you see young teenage girl with perfect skin, and you want to kill her? And take her skin, and put it on your skin? We’ve bottled that feeling.

Total Quotes: 22




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